PRESS RELEASE from Republican Party of Florida
August 11, 2007

Will send a full slate of delegates to the Republican National Convention

Tallahassee—Republican Party of Florida Chairman Jim Greer announced that the RPOF Executive Board adopted its 2008 delegate selection rules that all 114 RPOF delegates will be seated at the 2008 Republican National Convention. Of the Early Primary States, Florida will lead the way in the total number of delegates that presidential candidates are competing for, making the state the lynchpin for any candidate who wants to be the Republican nominee.

“After carefully reviewing the language of the Republican National Committee rules addressing the time frame for the delegate selection process, I have determined that the actions of the Florida legislature to move the Presidential Preference Primary to January 29, 2008 does not violate RNC rules as it relates to our delegate selection process,” noted Chairman Greer. “Furthermore, we are determined that it is in the best interest of Florida and the RPOF to send a full slate of delegates to the Convention.”

In order to preserve the Party’s right to control the Florida delegate selection process, the Rules Committee and RPOF Board adopted language at the Quarterly Meeting that provides Chairman Greer with the ability to address any decision that the Convention might undertake that is converse to this position.

“Our actions today are not indicative of an ‘us versus them’ attitude when it comes to the Republican Party of Florida and the Republican National Committee,” concluded Chairman Greer. “We are all on the same team here, with the ultimate goal of electing a Republican president in 2008. At the same time, we must defend Florida’s position at the Convention as a significant and influential state, and we cannot do that if our delegate count is cut in half.”

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