Campaign Reactions on the Feb. 5, 2008 West Virginia Republican Convention
Ed. Note: Paul and McCain supporters switched to Huckabee in the second round.

PRESS RELEASE from WVGOP Presidential Convention, Inc.

For Immediate Release
February 5, 2008

Contact: Virginia Davis

Attn: Political Editors and Reporters

WVGOP CONVENTION UPDATE: Huckabee Wins WVGOP Presidential Convention

Charleston, WV – Because a majority of votes was not received by any of the Republican presidential candidates in the first round of voting at today’s WVGOP Presidential Convention, a second round of voting was conducted between the top three vote-getters: Mike Huckabee, John McCain and Mitt Romney.

Here are the results from the second round of voting:

MIKE HUCKABEE           567 VOTES (51%)

JOHN McCAIN          12 VOTES (1%)

MITT ROMNEY               521 VOTES (47%)

“Congratulations to Mike Huckabee who is the winner of 18 of West Virginia’s 30 delegates to the Republican National Convention,” said Bob Fish, CEO of the convention.

This year’s WVGOP Presidential Convention was the first-ever convention held to select West Virginia’s nominee to the Republican National Convention.  Today’s convention determined 18 of West Virginia’s 30 national convention delegates.

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PRESS RELEASE from Romney for President [Feb 5, 2008 3:08 PM]

February 5, 2008

CONTACT: Kevin Madden


Boston, MA – Today, Romney for President Campaign Manager Beth Myers issued the following statement regarding the outcome of West Virginia's Republican Party convention:

"Unfortunately, this is what Senator McCain's inside Washington ways look like: he cut a backroom deal with the tax-and-spend candidate he thought could best stop Governor Romney's campaign of conservative change.

"Governor Romney had enough respect for the Republican voters of West Virginia to make an appeal to them about the future of the party based on issues.  This is why he led on today's first ballot.  Sadly, Senator McCain cut a Washington backroom deal in a way that once again underscores his legacy of working against Republicans who are interested in championing conservative policies and rebuilding the party."

PRESS RELEASE from Ron Paul 2008 Presidential Campaign Committee   [Feb 5, 2008 4:26 PM]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                   CONTACT: Jesse Benton

February 5, 2008

Ron Paul Secures Three Delegates in West Virginia State Convention

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – In today’s West Virginia Republican State Convention, Republican candidate Ron Paul’s campaign secured three of the 18 national delegates up for grabs.

“Our goal is to secure as many delegates to the national GOP convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul as possible,” said Ron Paul 2008 campaign manager Lew Moore.  “Securing three delegates in West Virginia is an important step in that direction.  We plan on locking up more delegates before the day ends.”

In an agreement first reported by West Virginia television station WSAZ, the three Ron Paul delegates were secured through an agreement with the Mike Huckabee campaign.

Ron Paul delegates to the state convention swung their support to Huckabee – putting Huckabee over the top – after Congressman Paul was eliminated in the first round of voting.  With three national delegates, Ron Paul secured 20 percent of the 18 delegates that were decided at the State Convention.


PRESS RELEASE from Huckabee for President [Feb 5, 2008 5:03 PM]

Tuesday, February 5, 2008
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West Virginia Conservatives Reject "Conviction-less" Romney, Embrace Huckabee
  Whining about his loss, Romney breaks his own "rules of politics" – just one more flip-flop

LITTLE ROCK-$86 million dollars later, Mitt Romney takes another hit from conservatives and flips again.

"Once again, conservatives have rejected Romney's conviction-less campaign," said Chip Saltsman, National Campaign Manager for Mike Huckabee.  "No amount of Mitt's money is going to overcome what a growing number of Americans – and the Wall Street Journal – are seeing first hand: Mitt has no convictions at all."

In suggesting Mike Huckabee's win was a back room deal, Romney continued his weather-vane candidacy by breaking his own "rules of politics:"  "one, no whining; two, you get them to vote for you."

"Whining about his loss is Romney's latest flip-flop," said Saltsman, "add this to his record of supporting abortion and gay marriage, supporting gun control, raising over $700 million in taxes – he called fees – and leaving his state with a billion dollar deficit."

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PRESS RELEASE from Huckabee for President [Feb 5, 2008 7:47 PM]

Tuesday, February 5, 2008
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                                                                                           Alice Stewart


Mike Huckabee Wins First Super Tuesday Contest
Former Arkansas Governor Wins All of West Virginia's 18 At-Large Delegates

Little Rock, AR – Former Arkansas Governor and Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee decisively won the first victory of Super Tuesday 2008 by winning West Virginia's 18 at-large delegates this afternoon.

Earlier today, Huckabee spoke at the West Virginia Republican Convention, emphasizing his positive message of family, life, and freedom which he said "triumphed in the Mountaineer State " and will continue to resonate in numerous Super Tuesday states, from Alabama to Alaska .

"Two days ago, the New York Giants pulled off the greatest upset in Super Bowl history. Today, as pundits write my political obituary, we won a key Super Tuesday victory.  Time and time again, my campaign has defied conventional wisdom. We did so in Iowa , after being outspent 20:1, and we did so today by winning what I hope will be the first of many Super Tuesday victories."

"Our campaign is testament that the American dream is alive and well," said Huckabee.  "Running for President isn't about who spends the most money or who has the most support on Wall Street or on K Street. If that was the case, the nomination picture would look vastly different.

"This victory was a triumph of Main Street, sending a message that becoming President of the Unites States is about message not money, principles not politics, and courage not convenience. Luckily for America, in places like Iowa and West Virginia , voters lead example and do the right thing regardless of what the pundits might say," said Huckabee.

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PRESS RELEASE from the West Virginia Republican Party


Thursday, February 14, 2008 304-641-1205

GOP chair says convention was successful on every level

McKinney urges unity as Republican Party marches toward victories in November

West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Doug McKinney said today the recent GOP presidential convention was “a tremendous success on all counts,” and created excitement and participation by Republicans around the state.

“Hundreds of Republicans who have not been actively involved in our party became motivated because of the convention,” said McKinney. “We drew three top-tier candidates to our state, drove the national news cycle for almost an entire day, and had a financial boon when it was all said and done.”

McKinney praised convention CEO Bob Fish for his volunteer efforts to make the convention successful, as well as state party staffers and volunteers who worked tirelessly for a common goal. He also praised the staffs and supporters of the various presidential campaigns who contributed to the success of the convention.

“Through this process, we have obviously learned a lot, and we’ll study every aspect of the process to improve it for the future,” said McKinney.

McKinney added, “Supporters of the various candidates for president were passionate and devoted to their respective causes, and the energy and hard work they displayed was amazing to watch. Now, it’s time for everyone to rally around the Republican nominee for president, unite toward our common goal of victory in November, and march forward in unison to bring about a better West Virginia and a greater America.”

The chairman asked that all West Virginia Republicans follow the lead of former candidate, Governor Mitt Romney, who today endorsed Senator McCain, the Republican frontrunner, in uniting behind the eventual Republican nominee for president and all other candidates in West Virginia. It is clear that the impediment to “Unleashing Capitalism…” is the Democrat party and that the key to prosperity is electing more Republicans to our legislature. The Party will be seeking to continue the momentum and excitement of its recent Convention with a series of rallies, training sessions and meetings throughout the spring and summer.