PRESS RELEASE from Wyoming Republican Party

Monday, January 07, 2008

Wyoming Republican Party Announces Results of 2008 County Conventions

Casper - Thousands of Wyoming Republicans, hundreds braving severe winter weather, turned out in record numbers today to cast historic votes for the first 12 delegates and first 12 alternates to be elected to the Republican National Convention.

Wyoming voters chose 8 delegates for Mitt Romney, 3 delegates for Fred Thompson, and 1 delegate for Duncan Hunter. Two of Mitt Romney sons, Josh and Craig, were in the state when their father was announced as the winner.

WY GOP Chairman Fred Parady said, "Candidates that came to Wyoming did well - Romney, Thompson, and Hunter all spent time in the state. Those that didnít did not get a good result. Wyoming Republicanís voice rang out loud and clear, that the way America selects her President is broken. We want to participate in the process when it matters, not when itís settled, and thatís what we did today."

The Wyoming Republican Party will elect 16 more delegates and 16 more alternate delegates to the Republican National Convention on May 31 at the state convention in Rock Springs, WY.

The effort to move Wyoming forward in the delegate selection process was spearheaded by Tom Sansonetti, working with a committee of dedicated volunteers.