Key People-Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R-NY)
updated July 13, 2006

575 8th Avenue  |  New York, NY
Senior Policy Advisor and Communications Director John Avlon
(May 2006) Columnist and associate editor for the New York Sun.  President of Prides Crossing Executive Communication.  Served as Chief Speechwriter and Deputy Communications Director for Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.  Worked on Bill Clinton’s 1996 presidential campaign.  Graduate of Yale University, 1996.  Author of Independent Nation: How Centrists Can Change American Politics (Random House, 2004).
Chief Fundraiser Anne Dickerson
(May 2006)  Dickerson served as a top aide to Bush-Cheney '04 finance chairman Mercer Reynolds and previosly was chief of staff to Reynolds when he was U.S. Ambassador in Bern, Switzerland through the first part of 2003.  She and her husband, Larry, reside in Plymouth, Michigan.

Senior Advisor/"Chief Strategist" Anthony V. Carbonetti
A founding Partner and Managing Director of Giuliani Partners LLC.  Chief of Staff to Mayor Giuliani from 1999 to 2001.  Appointed Deputy Chief of Staff in 1996; joined the Administration as Director of the Office of Appointments.  Deputy Director of Field Operations on Giuliani's successful 1993 mayoral campaign.

Chris Henick
(Joined Giuliani Partners in Spring 2003) Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy to the Senior Advisor (Karl Rove), Jan. 2001-Dec. 2002.  Deputy Director of Strategy on Bush's 2000  presidential campaign.  Managing Director and Principal at the Washington lobbying firm of Barbour Griffith & Rogers, 1995 through April 2000.  Executive director of the Republican Governors Association 1991-95.  Southern director at the RNC through 1990.  Managed Congressman Alec McMillan (R-NC)'s 1986 re-election campaign.  Worked for Congressman Trent Lott.  Executive director for Mississippi Reagan/Bush ‘84.  Political director for the Mississippi Republican Party.  Field organization director for Haley Barbour's unsuccessful 1982 U.S. Senate bid.  Field representative on the Reagan/Bush 1980 campaign.  Attended University of Mississippi )eventually received B.A. in Liberal Studies from Georgetown University).  Born and raised in Yazoo City, MS.
Spokeswoman Sunny Mindel
Press Secretary for Mayor Giuliani, announced June 7, 1999.  Director of Public Affairs at the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management.  Press Secretary on the Mayor's 1997 re-election campaign.  Spokeswoman for the NYC Department of Information, Technology and Telecommunications, 1996-97.  Reported on City Hall for WNYC Television and wrote for Lifetime Cable Television.  Worked as an advertising copywriter.  B.S. degree from the University of Pennsylvania.

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