TEXT OF LETTER sent to RNC Members on November 25, 2008

Dear RNC Member,

Republicans faced a perfect storm in 2008, and the results reflected more than just record spending by liberal interests, the public's unhappiness with the direction of our country and a demand for change. Our losses were a direct result of a loss of public faith in our commitment to stand up for the ideals and values we all share. Now we must pick ourselves back up, learn from our mistakes, boldly stand for our core principles and regain the trust of the American people. We are are ready to launch our comeback with Saul Anuzis as our leader. That's why we're proud to endorse Saul's bid to become the next chairman of the Republican National Committee. Standing shoulder to shoulder, from coast to coast, we'll do more than just remake the GOP, we'll renew America with common sense, conservative ideas.

There are many good candidates in this race, but we're backing Saul because from day one, he'll not only articulate that clear conservative message, but he'll take on the Democrats, the liberal special interests and the media. Our party needs a fighter like Saul who grew up on the streets of Detroit and who became a Republican in a union hall because he believed in our ideas and our commitment to the American dream. We believe he is the right candidate to take our message of lower taxes, smaller government, fiscal responsibility, peace through military strength and traditional family values to every corner of this country.

Saul Anuzis understands, as we do, that the key to Republican success nationwide lies in our respective states. In particular, it is Republican governors who are solving problems and connecting with the concerns of middle class voters, and he is right on target with his emphasis on looking to the states for solutions, not Washington.

As the leader of one of the biggest, best run, most transparent and most technologically savvy state party organizations in America, he is a perfect fit to take on the challenge of leading the RNC. Saul's vision of putting new social marketing techniques and communications tools to work, bypassing the media, engaging both donors and voters and mobilizing the grassroots is exactly what our party needs to compete for young voters and others, as over 70% of Americans now depend on the Internet for information.

Finally, we are concerned that some pundits and talking heads are trying to divide our party between so called "traditionalists" and "reformers." We know that Saul understands that is a false choice and that our real mission must not be on whether our party moves left or right, but that we stand up for our center-right principles and promote real solutions for real problems that effect every American. He's served at the helm of a unified party in Michigan and will keep us united as we move swiftly to restore and renew our Grand Old Party. He will also help us move into the 21st century as members of the Grand "Opportunity" Party with innovative solutions based on our conservative principles.

We're ready to go to work, so that the Republican comeback can start now!

Chris Healy, Chairman

Mark Quandahl, Chairman

Sue Lowden, Chairman

Tom Wilson, Chairman

Herbert Schoenbohm, Chairman