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                            For Immediate Release: October 16, 1996


CD-ROM Field Guide to the 1992 Presidential Campaign Released

A Timely Survey of the Presidential Selection Process


“An abundant cornucopia of relevant, reliable information presented in an attractively arranged format which is easily accessible and comprehensible to the average reader.  The Field Guide allows users access to detailed information about the candidates, organizations and groups that took part in the ‘92 presidential campaign.”

                               --Christopher Arterton

                               The Graduate School of Political Management


Democracy in Action is pleased to announce the release of The Field Guide to the 1992 Campaign, a CD-ROM reference work.  The Field Guide seeks to provide a framework for understanding presidential campaigns and to establish a benchmark: this is how presidential politics were conducted in 1992.  The Field Guide starts with hundreds of images of original campaign communications and contains texts of key speeches, results and a wealth of original source material.  The result is a unique picture of the overall communication environment in which the 1992 campaign was conducted.  This work celebrates the best of the 1992 campaign, drawing attention to the creative ideas and work of thousands of individuals in the campaigns, news organizations, interest groups and other interested parties.


A CD-ROM for PC compatible computers.


Table of Contents:


Selected Themes: Campaign Communications--An Overview; The Media; Interest Groups; Political Parties; Campaign Finance; Voter Discontent; Year of the Woman; Reapportionment, Redistricting and Retirement; Senate Campaigns; Register and Vote; Books and Other Useful Accounts.

By Time Period: Context--The Historical Moment; Pre-primary Period; New Hampshire Primary; The Rest of the Primaries; Conventions; Fall Campaign; Election Day; Transition Period; Inauguration.

By Candidate: Brown; Bush; Buchanan; Clinton; Harkin; Kerrey; Perot; Tsongas; Others



The Field Guide is priced at $25.00 which includes shipping and handling (checks payable to Democracy in Action).  For more information, please write, call or fax.



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