PRESS RELEASE from the Partnership for Public Service


October 1, 2008
Contact: Sarah Howe


Roadmap to Reform Report Lays Out Critical Government Management Reform Recommendations for the Next President and Transition Teams

WASHINGTON – The health of the federal government is eroding and unless the next president moves past piecemeal reforms there will be serious consequences for the nation, according to Roadmap to Reform: A Management Framework for the Next Administration released today by the Partnership for Public Service.

According to the report, the focus federal leaders place on policy at the expense of operations has led to serious management challenges. Symptoms of erosion noted in the report include the federal government’s failure to connect the dots pre-9/11; the need for reorganization of FEMA after Katrina; and the Consumer Product Safety Commission makeover and budget increase after 30 million toxic toys were recalled.

“There’s nothing like a crisis to help people realize that having an effective government matters,” said Max Stier, Partnership for Public Service President and CEO. “The bailout package is the beginning, not the end, of addressing our nation’s financial crisis. Key to success will be the government’s operational management of the bailout in the months to come.”

Roadmap to Reform was released in concert with key government reform groups including the National Academy of Public Administration, the Council for Excellence in Government, the Coalition for Effective Change, the IBM Center for The Business of Government, CNA, and the Center for the Study of the Presidency.

The report lays out key management priorities for the next president that center on improving the federal government by focusing on its greatest asset – its people. To improve the organizational performance of the federal government, the next president should focus his human capital management plan on three key elements: the right talent, an engaged workforce, and strong leadership. However, according to the report there are a number of challenges the next president will face in each of these areas:

According to the report, the core component of the next president’s management reform efforts should be to engage public support for the federal workforce.  Key to successful operational management reform will be getting Americans to value and support the importance of having good people in the federal government.

The report provides recommendations for the next president that include:

The federal government is the nation’s largest employer, with 1.9 million career civil servants and about 4,000 presidential appointees who hold key leadership and management positions.

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