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World Wide Web Updates Keep CD-ROM Timely Throughout the Election

NEEDHAM, Mass., Jan. 16

Virtual Entertainment today announced Vote America, a multimedia CD-ROM that provides a front row seat to the most up-to-date information on the 1996 Presidential Election. Vote America cuts through the noise and confusion of traditional election coverage by providing a non-partisan, one-stop guide to the candidates, issues and the election process. To keep up with the latest changes in the campaign, users can download real-time updates from Vote America's World Wide Web page.

Vote America makes it easy and fun to understand the issues and candidates by bringing the campaign to life through a variety of materials including interviews, video clips, photographic images, animation and audio. Vote America is a useful and entertaining tool to help adults become more informed voters and to educate children about the presidential election process. Interactive tests let Vote America users "put the candidates to the test" and rate their leadership attributes and positions on key political issues. Vote America compiles the results and selects the candidate that best matches the user's political philosophy.

    Vote America also includes:
    -- Issues Comparison Chart -- Users can visually compare how any combination of candidates stand on any of 14 campaign issues such as gun control, abortion and the tax system.
    -- Multimedia Candidate Biographies -- Multimedia biographies, including exclusive video clips, are included on more than 30 declared and potential candidates.  Information is also included on key political influencers shaping the debate such as talk show hosts and interest groups.
    -- Political IQ Test -- A multiple choice test lets users discover whether they are "political pundits" or "political bystanders."
    -- Election Guide -- A complete guide to the election including an animated overview of the campaign process and a timeline for the 1996 Presidential Election with dates and information on key election events.
    "Vote America is a one-stop multimedia source for the 1996 Presidential Elections with enough information to satisfy even the biggest political junkie," said Jeff Tarter, editor of Soft Letter. "Moreover, Vote America does a remarkable job of providing  insights that even sophisticated voters will find informative."
    Download the Latest Campaign News
    Vote America is easily updated with the latest campaign news via the Vote America World Wide Web home page (
Once users are connected to the home page, their software will be automatically updated with the latest campaign and candidate news and online poll results.  Users can also share their views on the candidates in Vote America's exclusive "cyberpolls" that gauge users opinions on the candidates and the issues.

    Vote America's home page has hyperlinks to more than 20 of the hottest political spots on the World Wide Web including Politics USA and Town Hall Forum.  Users can gain access to the Web through the free America Online software included on the Vote America CD-ROM. America Online will offer Vote America's guide to the electoral process and election timeline in its political forum and will provide a direct link to the Political IQ test on the Vote America home page.

    Vote America users will also have access to exclusive campaign news, images and polls through Virtual Entertainment's relationship with WMUR, a subsidiary of Imes Communications, a national media concern with network affiliates throughout the United States.  WMUR is the only network affiliate in New Hampshire the site of the first presidential primary.
    Pricing and Availability
    Vote America will be available by the end of January in the Macintosh/Windows hybrid CD-ROM format through distributors, specialty retail chains, computer superstores, mass merchandisers, mail order and via educational resellers.  Vote America has an estimated retail price of $19.95.
    System Requirements

    Window Minimum Requirements: 486 compatible, Microsoft Windows 3.1, 8MB RAM, 5MB hard disk storage, 256 color SVGA monitor, mouse, MPC sound
card and double speed CD-ROM drive.  Macintosh Minimum Requirements: Macintosh II series or equivalent, System 7.0, 8 MB of RAM, 5MB of hard
disk storage, 13" color monitor with 256 colors, and double-speed CD-ROM drive.

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