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Jan. 2011

Dear Readers,

DEMOCRACY IN ACTION has provided context and perspective on presidential campaigns on-line since May 1998 and off-line since 1993.  DEMOCRACY IN ACTION seeks to cover the key players of all ideological stripes, to point people to the best available sources of information on presidential campaigns, to document how they are conducted, and to foster understanding what works and what does not.

I have now launched www.P2012.org, which, although it still has some rough edges, will hopefully be of use.  I am also looking for contributions and sponsors for the site.

If you have any corrections or input on any of this work please e-mail or call. 

Thank you for your support and your consideration.

 Eric M. Appleman
 Democracy in Action
 P.O. Box 19007
 Washington, DC  20036-9007
 (202) 462-0145


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