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"a grassroots community supporting General Wesley K. Clark & his various endeavors!"
About the Site:
From the site: is a resouce site for the grassroots community of volunteers for General Wesley K. Clark.  We provide a wide variety of tools volunteers can utilize to satisfy their organizational and fundraising needs, as well as create materials upon request.

Registrants may download materials, and use all parts of this site subject to the Terms of Use.

"Staff": Jodie Grossman of Boston, MA (pres92) and Kelly A. Flinn of Carmel, CA (the site owner).  Grossman is also manager of The Wesley Clark WesRing (  Flinn lists herself in FEC reports as self-employed-commercial janitor.  She is a frequent poster on WesPAC's Clark Community Network.

Comments: A bit quirky.  Lots of material from WesPAC.  In an artistic touch the site includes a number "Happy Holidays eCards" with the Clark Volunteers logo [Dec. 2005], and a picture of the painted birthday card that the Clark Volunteers sent to General Clark featuring the Iguana Chef (not sure what that's all about). [Jan. 2006]
About the Site:
Initial postings of Clark biographical material July 10, 2005.

From the site, posted August 10, 2005:

About "A Wes Clark Democrat"
“A Wes Clark Democrat” is an online publishing project of one grassroots Clark supporter, who is joined by other grassroots Clark supporters in promoting the vision of General Wesley Clark.  The site's purpose is to raise General Clark's profile as a national leader, a visionary thinker, and a Democrat; to promote his endorsed political candidates; and to further his policies and plans for America.

There is no connection between this site and WesPac: Securing America or any other official Clark website, organization or campaign.  Opinions and analysis expressed on “A Wes Clark Democrat” are those of an individual.  They can in no way be construed as representative of Wesley Clark, WesPac: Securing America, or any official Clark website, organization or campaign.

“A Wes Clark Democrat” is straight up Clark 2008, because America needs Wes Clark, and now more than ever, but not all site content relates to General Clark.  An open exchange of ideas, patriotic political dissent and freedom of expression are concepts of democracy Wes Clark holds dear.

So do we.


Clark Blog
"A blog tracking the political activities of General Wesley Clark"
About the Site:
The author of the site, Al-Muhajabah ("she who wears Islamic dress"), has a fairly extensive Islamic page and runs several blogs including a Muslims for Kucinich site she started in 2003 and continues to update.

From the site:

About Me
I am an American-born convert to Islam and work in tech support in Seattle.
About Clark Blog
This blog tracks the political activities of retired general Wes Clark.  The entries are typically news reports, links to discussion and commentary, copies of emails and press releases from Clark's political action committee, and notes on Clark's media appearances.

The purpose of the site is to allow the reader to keep up to date on what Clark is doing and saying, and about what others may be saying about him.

I have another political blog, Muslims For Kucinich.  Why this blog too?  I did support Kucinich in the 2004 primaries and not Clark.  So far, it doesn't look like Kucinich will be running in 2008, while Clark probably will be.  And he has matured greatly as a candidate and a campaigner.  That was the main thing that kept me from supporting him more in 2004.

Clark's politics are surprisingly progressive and in fact similar to Kucinich's in many areas. I also like Clark's willingness to stand up for what he believes in, even if it might damage his political chances, another thing he shares with Kucinich.

Sometimes I'm reminded of the story about Adlai Stevenson that a woman said to him, "Sir, you have the support of every thinking person in America," and he replied, "Thank you, ma'am, but I need a majority." I think Clark is probably that kind of candidate!
About the Site:

This group is the sequel to the original Draft Wesley Clark group, WesleyClark2004, the father of all Clark sites, which spawned the other Clark groups as additional specialization became necessary during the 2003-04 campaign.

THE GROUP'S PRIMARY MISSION IS TO PREPARE FOR A POSSIBLE CLARK FOR PRESIDENT CAMPAIGN IN 2008, by providing resources, strategies, tactics, and information. We also support the goals of the Wesley Clark Political Action Committee.

Another mission is for Clark supporters to get to know each other, help, support, and learn from each other, and laugh and cry with each other.
About the Site:
By J. Barry Kolb of Lakewood, NJ.

Lots of material from WesPAC.  Not updated much (when viewed on June 9, 2006, last modified date was March 13, 2006).
April 5-May 11, 2006
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