PRESS RELEASES from Hillary Clinton for President
January 5, 2008

McClintock, Domenech Endorse Hillary Clinton

The Clinton Campaign today announced it has received the endorsements of Puerto Rico Senate President and Democratic National Committeeman Kenneth McClintock, and of Francisco J. Domenech, Director of the Office of Legislative Services of the Puerto Rico Legislative Assembly and the national Young Democrats Democratic National Committeeman. Senator McClintock will join as Co-Chair of Clinton’s National Hispanic Leadership Council, while Mr. Domenech will be National Co-Chair of Hillblazers, a network of young professionals and students inspired by Hillary’s historic candidacy for President.

"Hillary has been a great friend of Puerto Ricans. She supports enabling the people of Puerto Rico to determine the status of the Island. She has fought to give Puerto Rican children equal access to the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and has proposed legislation to give Puerto Rican workers with children equal Social Security tax refunds," said Senator McClintock. "In the challenging times that we live, we need a President that is ready to lead from day one, and Hillary Clinton is ready to lead."

"In this historic election there is too much at stake for my generation," said Domenech. "Hillary Clinton is the only candidate that can put our country on the right track, and that’s why I’m supporting her."

Throughout his legislative career, State Senator McClintock has been a champion of providing school-level physical and health education for children. Since January 10, 2005, Senator McClintock has presided over the Senate of Puerto Rico. Prior to his election as Senate President, he served as Senate Minority Leader from 2001 to 2004 and he chaired the most important committee of the Senate of Puerto Rico: the Committee on Government and Federal Affairs, as well as the Joint Committee for the Córdova-Fernós Congressional Internships Program from 1993 to 2000. The Senate Committees he has chaired have filed reports that have served as the ground to make radical changes in public policy, including tax legislation and proposals to help promote economic equality for Puerto Ricans.

A prominent youth activist, Francisco Domenech is the founding President of the Puerto Rico Young Democrats. In 2005 he was elected Vice President for Development of Young Democrats of America, and on July 2007 he became a member of the Democratic National Committee.

"I am grateful to receive the support of Kenneth and Francisco," said Hillary Clinton. "I look forward to their working with the campaign to help bring about the change that America needs."

January 22, 2008

Puerto Rican Leaders Roberto Prats Palerm and Ramon Luis Lugo Endorse Clinton for President

Today, Hillary Clinton received the endorsements of prominent Puerto Rican political figures, Democratic Committee Chair Roberto Prats Palerm, and Ramon Luis Lugo. The campaign named Prats Palerm Co-Chair of its National Hispanic Leadership Council and Luis Lugo as an adviser to the campaign in Puerto Rico.

“As First Lady, Hillary championed the Children’s Health Insurance Program which today provides healthcare to more than 20,000 thousand children in Puerto Rico,” said Prats Palerm. “She would work tirelessly to provide a better life for all our children and families, as she has for 35 years.”

In 2004, Prats ran as a candidate for Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner in the United States for the Popular Democratic Party. He was a member of the Puerto Rico Senate, where he chaired the Government and Public Safety Committee from 2001 to 2004. He also previously served as Federal Affairs Coordinator for then San Juan Mayor Sila Calderon; and worked for then Governor Rafael Hernandez Colon.

Luis Lugo is a leading government affairs consultant in Puerto Rico and has been a key strategist in several Popular Democratic Party campaigns.

“I’m honored to have such strong support in Puerto Rico”, Clinton said.

April 30, 2008

Puerto Rico Superdelegate, Democratic Committee Vice Chair, Luisette Cabañas Backs Hillary
Cabañas calls Hillary candidate with most conviction and character

Puerto Rico Democratic Committee Vice Chair and Superdelegate Luisette Cabañas announced her support for Hillary Clinton today at an event with Chelsea Clinton in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

"Today I endorse Hillary Clinton for President because of her strong win in Pennsylvania," said Cabañas. "She has shown a firm conviction and the character needed to lead the nation. Her proposals for Puerto Rico, particularly those related to healthcare, are the best by far of any candidate in history."

Cabañas is a successful real estate businesswoman and has been Vice Chair of the Democratic Committee in Puerto Rico since 2003.

"I am honored to have the support of Ms. Cabañas," said Hillary Clinton. "I look forward to working with Luisette and the many friends that we have in Puerto Rico on issues important to the island like health care and economic development."

May 29, 2008

Ricky Martin Endorses Hillary for President

Today, the Clinton campaign announced the endorsement of Puerto Rican artist Ricky Martin.

"These elections will have historic repercussions both in the United States and the world. Senator Clinton has always been consistent in her commitment with the needs of the Latino community. Whether fighting for better education, universal health care and social well-being, as First Lady and Senator from New York -- representing millions of Latinos --she has always fought for what is most important for our families," said the 5-time Grammy award winning artist.

"I am honored to have Ricky Martin's support," said Senator Clinton. "In addition to his great talent, Ricky is committed to improving the world through his philanthropic work, and I am grateful for his support. He is a very important voice in the Latino community and together we will work to improve the lives of families and children across the country."

Martin joins other figures -- including Madonna, Elizabeth Taylor, Eva Longoria, Jack Nicholson, America Ferrera, Barbra Streisand, Elton John, Michael Douglas, Robert Kennedy Jr., Quincy Jones and Magic Johnson, among others -- in support of Hillary Clinton.