PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee

March 26, 2007

Contact: Mark Daley

Gov. Tom and Christie Vilsack Throw Support Behind Clinton
Highlight the Senator’s Experience, Strength, and Leadership

Des Moines, IA – At the Greenwood Elementary School in Des Moines, former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack and First Lady Christie Vilsack threw their support behind Senator Hillary Clinton today.

“At this critical time, Hillary Clinton has the experience, strength and vision our country needs to get us back on track and moving in the right direction,” said Governor Vilsack.  “There is no candidate who will create a stronger and better America than Hillary Clinton.”

“Hillary shares our commitment to health care, education and ending the war in Iraq,” added Christie Vilsack.  “She has a sensible and realistic plan of action for America and the know-how to get things done in Washington.”

Governor Vilsack has been named a co-chair of Hillary’s national campaign and Christie Vilsack has been named a co-chair of her Iowa campaign. The Vilsacks will join Hillary as she reaches out to rural Iowans during a tour of the four corners of the Hawkeye state next week.

“I am so deeply honored to have earned the support of one of America’s finest Governors and First Ladies,” said Senator Clinton.  “The Vilsack administration truly lifted Iowa – improving the quality of education in the state, expanding health care to thousands of children and becoming a national leader in the push for energy independence.”

Vilsack served two terms as Iowa governor and was first elected in 1998.  He honored a self-imposed term-limit pledge and did not seek reelection in 2006.  His leadership led to the creation of 30,000 new jobs, expansion of insurance coverage to more than 90,000 Iowa children and made Iowa a leader in renewable energy.