PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee

April 23, 2007

Contact: Kathleen Strand


State Sen. DeVries to Co-Chair NH Women for Hillary

CONCORD, NH – On the day before Equal Pay Day 2007, State Senator Betsi DeVries, who was the first woman firefighter in Manchester, today announced that she and over 500 New Hampshire women have decided to support Senator Hillary Clinton for President. Citing Clinton’s leadership and experience, Devries is the first New Hampshire State Senator to endorse Senator Clinton and will serve as a Co-Chair of “Women for Hillary” in New Hampshire.

“Tomorrow is Equal Pay Day, and it is on days like tomorrow that women across this country need to stop and think about what is at stake in this election. Senator Clinton understands the challenges all women face and that’s why so many incredible and diverse women are a part of this campaign,” said Senator DeVries. “We need an experienced, strong and qualified leader who can get this country back on track. The person best equipped to take this job is absolutely Senator Clinton.”

Senator DeVries was joined today by former Massachusetts Lt. Governor Evelyn Murphy, President of the WAGE Project, which is a national organization working to end wage discrimination against working women and women supporting Clinton from across the state. The more than 500 women represent the first women signing on in support of Senator Clinton. They include educators, seniors, healthcare workers, mothers, community activists and business leaders from 118 towns across the state and all 10 New Hampshire counties.

Today, the WAGE Project and the National Committee on Pay Equity announced the results of a nationwide survey of over 700 working women that provided valuable information about how working women of America see themselves treated and paid. In 2005, New Hampshire women made 71.1 cents for every dollar that a man made. To access a wage gap calculator and learn how to get involved with “Women for Hillary” please visit

“Senator Clinton is leading the way to ensure there are strengthened laws that will guarantee working women and employers can achieve gender pay equity,” said Murphy. “The health of the United States economy and the health of American families will be strengthened when women finally get paid like men. I commend Senator Clinton and her Paycheck Fairness Act that aims to address and correct these inequities.”

The WAGE Project’s report findings showed that 70 percent of women surveyed reported recent experiences with unfair, inequitable treatment and pay. Two thirds of them said gender bias and discrimination accounted for the inequities. In addition more than half of the women who reported inequitable treatment and pay took no action for fear of retaliation or convinced their chance to improve their situation was hopeless.

Senator Clinton’s Paycheck Fairness Act builds on the promise of the Equal Pay Act and helps close the pay gap. The bill will take critical steps to empower women to negotiate for equal pay, to create strong incentives for employers to obey the laws that are in place, and to strengthen federal outreach and enforcement efforts. As a whole, the Paycheck Fairness Act will prevent, regulate and reduce pay discrimination for women across the country.

Senator DeVries’ experience includes a 12-year career as the first woman to serve on the Manchester Fire Department. After her retirement in 2001, Betsi served three terms on the Manchester Board of Alderman. In addition to her elected positions, DeVries also serves on the board of directors of the Heritage United Way, and the Manchester YWCA, and is past president of the Manchester Area League of Women Voters. She lives in South Manchester with her husband Walter Becht. She has two step children and one three year old grandchild.

In 1986, Dr. Murphy was elected Lt. Governor and became the first woman in the state’s 210 year history to hold constitutional office. Prior to that, despite the state’s progressive image, no woman had ever been elected Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, Auditor, or US Senator in Massachusetts.

A list of New Hampshire Women for Hillary follows:


 Gladys Renoe, Alexandria

 Marie Slugaski, Alexandria

 Laura Honey, Alstead

 Dale Woodruff Kong, Alstead

 Andrea Amodeo-Vickery, Amherst

 Donna E. Burke, Amherst

 Beverly Melle, Amherst

 Francine Naidus, Amherst

 Tami Shartrand, Amherst

 Susan West, Amherst

 Kathleen Gualco, Atkinson

 Linda Steir, Atkinson

 Kathy Curran, Barrington

 Ann Dupuis, Barrington

 Angela Foote, Barrington

 Cheryl A. Huckin, Barrington

 Mary Irons, Barrington

 Jo MacNair, Barrington

 Melissa Rebirds, Bartlett

 Tracy Therrien, Bartlett

 Alexis Gates, Bedford

 Catriona Beck, Bennington

 Lise Lemieux, Bennington

 Lorraine Bisson, Berlin

 Annette Bisson, Berlin

 Lillian Colbeth, Berlin

 Barbara Demers, Berlin

 Betty Fortier, Berlin

 Sue Gallant, Berlin

 Carole Hockmeyer, Berlin

 Velma Lavoie, Berlin

 Kris Martin, Berlin

 Kathryn McKenna, Berlin

 Eleanor McLaughlin, Berlin

 Kimberly Williams, Berlin

 Arianne Kraft-Lund, Bethlehem

 Mary Lou Krambeer, Bethlehem

 Karen Bemis, Bow

 Barbara Bennett, Bow

 Danealle Bittle, Bow

 Julia Cotter, Bow

 Marilyn Dennison, Bow

 Polly Shumaker, Bow

 Veronica Vahsen, Bow

 Kate Whitegiver, Bow

 Jacqueline Pehrson, Bradford

 Melanie Levesque, Brookline

 Erika Clyons, Campton

 Carol Lenahan, Campton

 Cynthia Moniz, Canterbury

 Marcia Kimball, Center Harbor

 Allycia Kimball, Center Harbor

 Patricia Jordan, Center Tuftonboro

 Sandra C. Harris, Claremont

 Genevive Johnson, Claremont

 Ruth Joly, Claremont

 Valerie Mahar, Claremont

 Janet Arvin, Concord

 Christy Bartlett, Concord

 Monique Cesna, Concord

 Monica Ciolfi, Concord

 Karen Cox, Concord

 Sandy Dagnese, Concord

 Karen Davies, Concord

 Victoria Disarro, Concord

 Nancy Greenwood, Concord

 Mary Louis Hancock, Concord

 Kelly Holmes, Concord

 Dorothy Hunt, Concord

 Katrina Kindel, Concord

 Mary Ann Lakevicius, Concord

 Kristina Levine, Concord

 Virginia MacIntosh, Concord

 Sara Minette, Concord

 Jessica Pickard, Concord

 Joanne Poulliot, Concord

 Kerry Russell, Concord

 Mary Schuh, Concord

 Erin Stewart, Concord

 Virginia Syvinski, Concord

 Jennifer Telesco, Concord

 Anna Vlacich, Concord

 Mary Jane Wallner, Concord

 Amy Wright, Concord

 Suzette Murdock, Danville

 Josephine Panasci, Danville

 Laurie Taylor, Danville

 Helena Digiovanni-Hagenau, Derry

 Melissa Glassman, Derry

 Kimberly Plourde, Derry

 Linda Svitak, Derry

 Joni Ahlquist, Dover

 Marie Bartlett, Dover

 Jennifer Blankenship, Dover

 Erica Blatt, Dover

 Cheri Booth, Dover

 Annie Bresnahan, Dover

 Maura Byrne, Dover

 Lynn Carey, Dover

Michelle Champagne, Dover

 Lynda Douglas, Dover

 Beth Downs, Dover

 Dana Gray, Dover

 Betty Hannan, Dover

 Ginny Hermann, Dover

 Lindsay Humphreys, Dover

 Jane Kavanaugh, Dover

 Carrie Keech, Dover

 Aviva Meyer, Dover

 Natalie Moran, Dover

 Linda Varney, Dover

 Jessica Vassillion, Dover

 Valerie Vuk, Dover

 Louise White, Dover

 Gina Whitehead, Dover

 Janet Yusko, Dover

 Susan Kilday, Dover

 Patricia Davis, Dublin

 Maureen Luksza, Dunbarton

 Jolanta Sweson-Shea, Dunbarton

 Lisa Allison, Durham

 Joan Ashwell, Durham

 Ally Cheney, Durham

 Anne Courtney, Durham

 Liza De Angelis, Durham

 Melanie Drogseth, Durham

 Audrey Drogseth, Durham

 Katie Floyd, Durham

 Lori Hopkins, Durham

 Roni Slavin Pekins, Durham

 Alison Sweatt, Durham

 Veronica Abbott, East Wakefield

 Rachel Clermont, Epsom

 Diane Doheny, Exeter

 Robin Gorman, Exeter

 Stephanie Marshall, Exeter

 Sally Martin, Exeter

 Karen Noonan, Exeter

 Marynia Page, Exeter

 Joan Robinson, Exeter

 Annette Leel, Fitzwilliam

 Lois Ray, Fitzwilliam

 Catherine Dowd, Franconia

 Martha McLeod, Franconia

 Linda Roberts, Franklin

 Dawn Alexander, Freedom

 June Gordon, Fremont

 Lindsey Bickford, Gilford

 Ann Swett, Gilford

 Christine Spaulding, Gilmanton Iron Works

 Nancy Marquis, Glen

 Vilma Burnett, Goffstown

 Janine Chancey, Goffstown

 Ruth Gage, Goffstown

 Carolyn Gordon, Goffstown

 Kathy Ireland, Goffstown

 Teresa Kyriacos, Goffstown

 Carol Linehan, Goffstown

 Judith Logan, Goffstown

 Merrilee Thissell, Goffstown

 A. Jean Benner, Gorham

 Beverly Barney, Grantham

 Kathryn Waterman, Grantham

 Sue Kim, Greenfield

 Karen Bailey, Greenland

 Beverly Hurst, Greenland

 Beth Sharp, Greenland

 June Casey, Hampton

 Virginia A. Collins, Hampton

 Ann Connors, Hampton

 Brenda Conroy, Hampton

 Andrea Cook, Hampton

 Jean De Zarn, Hampton

 Carol Douglas, Hampton

 Carol W. Doyle, Hampton

 Michelle Draeger, Hampton

 Harriet Goff, Hampton

 Michele Haberman, Hampton

 Aimee Kent, Hampton

 Sylvia Lavallee, Hampton

 Lisa Maes, Hampton

 Mary Maher, Hampton

 Deborah Makowsky, Hampton

 Marynia Martin, Hampton

 Caitlin McEachern, Hampton

 Paula Munch, Hampton

 Mary Peterson, Hampton

 Wendy Rega, Hampton

 Kathleen Richards, Hampton

 Ann-Marie Serewicz, Hampton

 Brenda Shepard, Hampton

 Marie Stefan, Hampton

 Sandra Taube, Hampton

 Pam Tiberia, Hampton

 Jane Gallagher, Hampton

Linda S. Leary, Hampton Beach

 Elaine Ahearn, Hampton Falls

 Lorraine D. McGlinchey, Hancock

 Ruth Subers, Hancock

 Victoria Boggiano, Hanover

 Ashley Cartagena, Hanover

 Marion Copenhaver, Hanover

 Hilary Owen, Hanover

 Joanna Pucci, Hanover

 Nora Wijn, Hanover

 Megan Caft, Harrisville

 Sara Cawthon, Harrisville

 Eleanor Kjellman, Henniker

 Frances Boucher, Hinsdale

 Robin Shaink, Hinsdale

 Gail Koutroubas, Hudson

 Lisa Lyon, Hudson

 Mary Beth Theisen, Jaffrey

 Alison Brodee, Keene

 Nancy Brown, Keene

 Annie Callaway, Keene

 Claire Casey, Keene

 Vivica Duffield, Keene

 Shannon Feeley, Keene

 JoAnn Fenton, Keene

 M.J. Forbes, Keene

 Joan Freedman, Keene

 Rebecca Holland, Keene

 Edwina Carr-Jangarathis, Keene

 Cheryl Kahn, Keene

 Rose LaPalme, Keene

 Susan Lucia, Keene

 Glenna Mercure, Keene

 Pat O'Connell, Keene

 Kelly O'Connell, Keene

 Miriam Olken, Keene

 Marcia Passos Duffy, Keene

 Catherine Peterson, Keene

 Helen Peterson, Keene

 Janet Fuering Russell, Keene

 Mary Sherwin, Keene

 Cynthia Sieracki, Keene

 Pamela Russell Slack, Keene

 Linda Stavely, Keene

 Michelle Swenson, Keene

 Linda Walker, Keene

 Barbara Carpenter, Kensington

 Cheryl McDonough, Kensington

 Sandy Mitchell, Kensington

 Catherine Cardillo-Bragg, Kingston

 Susan Gobeil, Kingston

 Audrey Goyette, Laconia

 Tammi Anthony, Lebanon

 Deborah Liddy, Lebanon

 Bonnie Rivard, Lebanon

 Meghan Ricker, Lee

 Karen Ricker, Lee

 Christa Ricker, Lee

 Gwendolyn Howe, Littleton

 Tammy Siekman, Londonderry

 Katie Wolff, Londonderry

 Lisa Crossman, Loudon

 Carla Kimball, Loudon

 Stacey Bellabona, Madbury

 Molly Shaheen, Madbury

 Janet G. Wall, Madbury

 Madalyn Ahlgren, Manchester

 Angelique Amadeo, Manchester

 Stavroula Bakolas, Manchester

 Margaret Batchelder, Manchester

 Denise Bauer, Manchester

 Brandy Bergeron, Manchester

 Susan Boet, Manchester

 Doreen Boutin, Manchester

 Rosanne Breault, Manchester

 Samantha Calhoun, Manchester

 Jessica Chau, Manchester

 Doris Cintron, Manchester

 Jane Clayton, Manchester

 Xiomara Colon, Manchester

 Kenisha Colon, Manchester

 Susan Colwell, Manchester

 Patricia Cornell, Manchester

 Daisy Cruz, Manchester

 Taina Cruzado, Manchester

 Tammy Davis, Manchester

 Christina Day, Manchester

 Heidi Decato, Manchester

 Betsi DeVries, Manchester

 Kelleigh Domaingue, Manchester

 Sophia Dongas, Manchester

 Shari Duclos, Manchester

 Tara Fairweather, Manchester

Michelle Farrell, Manchester

 Suzanne Felde, Manchester

 Joan Flurey, Manchester

 Mariana Gasis, Manchester

 Gina Gasis, Manchester

 Polly Gasis, Manchester

 Donna Guillemette, Manchester

 Kathleen Howard, Manchester

 Roberta Jache, Manchester

 Lindsay Johnson, Manchester

 Florence Johnston, Manchester

 Betty Kacavas, Manchester

 Mindy Kacavas, Manchester

 Aphrodite Kalampalikis, Manchester

 Rika Kalampalikis, Manchester

 Peggy Kalampalikis, Manchester

 Theohare Kapellakis, Manchester

 Katelyn Kerins, Manchester

 Robin Kinney, Manchester

 Catherine Kowalczyk, Manchester

 Melissa Labrie, Manchester

 Susan LaBrie, Manchester

 Suzanne Lajoie, Manchester

 Laura Lawler, Manchester

 Christine Mable, Manchester

 Helena Malik, Manchester

 Kelly Marin, Manchester

 Patricia Massey, Manchester

 Olivia McQuade, Manchester

 Maggie Moore, Manchester

 Patricia W. Morris, Manchester

 Ann Marie Morse, Manchester

 Katherine O'Loughlin, Manchester

 Tara O'Neil, Manchester

 Celia O'Neil, Manchester

 Theresa Petrello, Manchester

 Danielle Pixley, Manchester

 Vera Prough, Manchester

 Vilma Ramos, Manchester

 Nildairis Ramos, Manchester

 Judy Reardon, Manchester

 Wanda Rosario-Caraballo, Manchester

 Denise Rudman, Manchester

 Frances Shaine, Manchester

 Barbara Shaw, Manchester

 Maria Spirou, Manchester

 Pat Spirou, Manchester

 Kelly Spirou, Manchester

 Sara Stanton, Manchester

 Mary Sysyn, Manchester

 Aneta Theodosopoulos, Manchester

 Chrysa Tsatsopoulos, Manchester

 Melba Velez, Manchester

 Luz Velez, Manchester

 Emily Walsh, Manchester

 Judy Wenners, Manchester

 Carol Williams, Manchester

 Tammy Winchell, Manchester

 Kathleen Brooks, Marlborough

 Andi Johnson, Marlborough

 Marge Shepardson, Marlborough

 Deborah Southwell, Marlborough

 Shirley Bickford, Marlow

 Gail DiGangi, Merrimack

 Mary Moriarty, Merrimack

 Mona Movafaghi, Merrimack

 Wendy Thomas, Merrimack

 Jennifer Webster, Merrimack

 Lucia Castonguay, Milan

 Kimberly Hockmeyer, Milan

 Jessica Burbank, Milford

 Karen Clark, Milford

 Heather Cox, Milford

 Mary Ireland, Milford

 Tami Rivas, Milford

 Jane Clemons, Nashua

 Josephine Clemons, Nashua

 Kathleen Drolet, Nashua

 Christine Fleet, Nashua

 Patricia Gorman, Nashua

 Angeline A. Kopka, Nashua

 Bette Lasky, Nashua

 Lori Movsesian, Nashua

 Tina Munroe, Nashua

 Debora B. Pignatelli, Nashua

 Brenda Quinney, Nashua

 Nicoleta Roebling, Nashua

 Mary Stamas, Nashua

 Jill Stanfield, Nashua

 Jodi Sutherland, Nashua

 Yvonne Theriault-Wilkinson, Nashua

 Amber Wilmot, Nashua

 Susan Wright, Nashua

Amethyst Wyldfyre, Nashua

 Jane Schofield, New Boston

 Pat Schlesinger, New Hampton

 Jayne Powers Leary, New London

 Polly Spaulding, New London

 Jean Donohue, Newfields

 Donna Finley, Newfields

 Miriam Holmwood, Newfields

 Judy Ford, Newmarket

 Doreen Howard, Newmarket

 Adrian Major, Newmarket

 Nicole Belisle-Briggs, Newton

 Carolyn Kelly, Newton Junction

 Stephanie Roach, North Conway

 Gale Rosenberger, North Hampton

 Debra Scheyer, North Hampton

 Patti Cohen, North Sutton

 Ricia McMahon, North Sutton

 Diann Ross, Northfield

 Deborah Wheeler, Northfield

 Susan Harden, Pelham

 Marcia Sweezey, Pelham

 Leigh Tango, Pelham

 Katherine Laplante, Pembroke

 Maureen Rogers, Pembroke

 Erika Thorsell, Penacook

 Margaret Grubbs, Pennacook

 Nell Conkright, Peterborough

 Christine Howe, Peterborough

 Jill Shaffer Hammond, Peterborough

 Diane Rivet, Pittsfield

 Jody Carson, Plaistow

 Nancy Dipirro, Plaistow

 Carole J. Estes, Plymouth

 Lori Barrett, Portsmouth

 Susan Chamberlin, Portsmouth

 Linda Conti, Portsmouth

 Linda Dibernardo, Portsmouth

 Stacey DiSimone, Portsmouth

 Kate Eckert, Portsmouth

 Susan Everest, Portsmouth

 Jane Fithian, Portsmouth

 Samantha Fleisher, Portsmouth

 Anita Freedman, Portsmouth

 Nancy Gentile, Portsmouth

 Anna Gentile, Portsmouth

 Jody Gittell, Portsmouth

 Mary Clifton Horrigan, Portsmouth

 Amy Howell, Portsmouth

 Ruth Kenick, Portsmouth

 Miranda Leveille, Portsmouth

 Sara Marchessault, Portsmouth

 Shannon Marcus, Portsmouth

 Cynthia Mingear, Portsmouth

 Virginia Patnaude, Portsmouth

 Nancy Pollock, Portsmouth

 Stefany Shaheen, Portsmouth

 Susan Tober, Portsmouth

 Billie Tooley, Portsmouth

 Ingeborga Wyman, Portsmouth

 Yvonne Jenkins, Randolph

 Jamie Aresnaut, Raymond

 Rachel Beckhardt, Raymond

 Deborah Fernandez, Raymond

 Renee Prince, Raymond

 Shelia J. Burnham, Rindge

 Shannon Force, Rindge

 Pauline Gosselin, Rindge

 Berta Vasseur, Rindge

 Loretta Alty, Rochester

 Candy Cable, Rochester

 Stephanie Cable, Rochester

 Irene Creteau, Rochester

 Donna Desjardins, Rochester

 Yvette Frost, Rochester

 Pamela Heckman, Rochester

 Sandra Keans, Rochester

 Zulma Saavedra-Franco, Rochester

 Lee-Anne Sanfacon, Rochester

 Christine Westcott, Rochester

 Jane Wright, Rochester

 Deanna Rollo, Rollinsford

 Deb Crapo, Rye

 June Walsh, Rye

 Mary Ann Sullivan, Rye Beach

 Deb Fauth, Salem

 Maina Julian, Salem

 LuAnn Speikers, Sanbornton

 Katherine Picard, Sandown

 Kimberley Rusch, Sandown

Molly Bagley, Seabrook

 Joan Chamberlin, Shelburne

 Denise Ambrose, Somersworth

 Carol Golding, Somersworth

 Beatrice Lane, Somersworth

 Amy Michaels, Somersworth

 Rita Middleton, Somersworth

 Ann Symonds, Spofford

 Deb Zuber Lyons, Stoddard

 June A. Cyr, Strafford

 Shelley Shaw, Strafford

 Kathleen "Trinka" Russell, Stratham

 Rebecca Brown, Sugar Hill

Veronica Farrington, Sugar Hill

 Mary V. Smith, Sunapee

 Chelsey Goff, Suncook

 Cheryl Kitsis, Suncook

 Brenda Rodier, Swanzey

 Leola O'Connor, Tilton

 Carol Jones, Troy

 Marcia Press, Troy

 Carla Press, Troy

 Doris Goguen, Walpole

 Merry Lake, Walpole

 Sheila Rabow, Walpole

 Amy Wistreich, Walpole

Merry Lake, Walpole

Sheila Rabow, Walpole

 Amy Wistreich, Walpole

Donna Chagnon, Warner

 Mary Evans, Weare

Carol Friedrich, Wentworth

Sally Caltrider, West Chesterfield

Lynn Rubino, West Lebanon

Jean Etter, Westmoreland

Lisa Allard, Wilton

Sandra Gillis, Winchester

Jodi Germano, Windham

Betsy Walton, Windham