PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee

Iowa State Legislators Endorse Hillary Clinton for President

Des Moines, IA -- Iowans for Hillary today announced the endorsements of 14 Iowa State Legislators.

"Hillary Clinton is well-prepared to lead our country," said State Senator Dick Dearden. "In the White House, she will lead the fight to provide good jobs for middle-class families throughout the country."

"Senator Clinton is the best person to help provide affordable health care and educational opportunities for all," said State Representative Cindy Winckler. "No candidate is better equipped to hit the ground running on day one than Hillary."

"The support of these hard-working public servants means a great deal to me and our efforts to create change in our nation," said Senator Clinton. "The campaign in Iowa is moving full-speed ahead and the talents and resources of this team of leaders will further strengthen our organization."

The 14 legislators who have announced their support for Senator Clinton are:

State Senator Staci Appel (S-37) of Ackworth
State Representative Paul Bell (H-41) of Newton
State Senator Dennis Black (S-21) of Lynnville
State Senator Dick Dearden (S-34) of Des Moines
State Senator Bill Dotzler (S-11) of Waterloo
State Senator Gene Fraise (S-46) of Fort Madison
State Senator Wally Horn (S-17) of Cedar Rapids
State Representative Mark Kuhn (H-14) of Charles City
State Representative Vicki Lensing (H-78) of Iowa City
State Representative Mary Mascher (H-77) of Iowa City
State Senator Becky Schmitz (S-45) of Fairfield
State Senator Roger Stewart (S-13) of Preston
State Representative Roger Wendt (H-02) of Sioux City
State Representative Cindy Winckler (H-86) of Davenport