PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President


To:                   Interested Parties
From:               Mark Daley
Date:                October 3, 2007
Re:                   Iowans for Hillary Campaign September Update

Iowans for Hillary displayed the strength and depth of our organization throughout September. During the last month, over 18,000 Iowans saw Senator Clinton in-person. Senator Clinton rolled out her American Health Choices Plan in Des Moines to cover the 271,000 Iowans without health insurance. Iowans for Hillary canvassed in 83 of Iowa’s 99 counties and 11 surrogates visited 41 counties on behalf of Iowans for Hillary. Senator Clinton continues to gain momentum in Iowa as we enter October. Below is our “By the Numbers” September update.

Iowans for Hillary “By the Numbers” September Update