PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President
New Hampshire for Hillary Announces 352 Students Leaders for Hillary

MANCHESTER, NH – The New Hampshire for Hillary campaign continues to gain widespread support from voters of all ages and backgrounds throughout the Granite State and today announced the names of 352 Student Leaders for Hillary from 10 colleges and universities across the state, The announcement comes today as Hillary Clinton kicks off a national student outreach initiative at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH.

“I have been a big fan of Hillary’s for a long time because she understands the issues that are important to me.” said Christine Snively, a UNH graduate student who introduced Hillary at this afternoon’s rally. “She has strong plans to restore the Middle Class and provide universal healthcare to every American. Hillary also recognizes the importance of making college affordable and of promoting alternative means of education for kids who don’t take the college route.”

Hillary has demonstrated her commitment to the issues that matter most to America’s youth. She believes they have the right to breathe clean air, drink clean water, pursue a higher education, purchase a home, enjoy a fulfilling career, afford childcare, and live in a country that holds the same stature in the world as America did when she was growing up. Recently, she introduced plans to expand the Family and Medical Leave Act and make college affordable.

“Today’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and I am honored to have the support of so many of them throughout the Granite State,” said Senator Clinton. “I will look to them to share my vision for the future of our country and to engage their peers in the political process. Their hard work will help make this campaign a success.”

Supporters have already started 120 Students for Hillary chapters in 37 states and the campaign expects many more to begin in the coming weeks. The campaign also unveiled a new Web site,, which will serve as the principal organizing tool for students and other young voters.

A complete list of New Hampshire Students for Hillary follows.

Colby-Sawyer College
Ariana Coleman
David Mikita
Emily Birkhead
Megan O'Shaughnessy

Dartmouth College
Aaron Mihaly
Adrian Doran
Ah-ra Cho
Alexander Kaplan
Alexandra Likovich
Alexis Lim
Andrew D. Kaminski
Andrew Pollack
Angelina Laurent
Angelo Carino
Ariana Almas
Aspen Wilson
Brittany T. Coombs
Bryn M. Paslawski
Cathy Wu
Christopher Abrecht
Cory M. Cunningham
Courtney Collins
Crystal Corrilo
Dave Hollenberg
Dawn Kang
Dmitriy Gutkovich
Eliana Fishman
Elisabeth McDonnell
Ellie Chapman
Evan Lamont
Gahl Rinat
Grace D'Arcy
Grace Taveras
Heather S. Jankins
Hillary Mimnaugh
In Un Flora Ng
Jack Wang
Jacquie Pound
Jennifer C. Gaudette
Jennifer Robinson
Jennifer Zhao
Jidi Gao
Jiles Pourier
Joanna M. Pucci
John Alzate
Joie Copper
Kai Saul
Kaitlin Gallup
Katherine E. Richardson Arnould
Kathryn Fay
Kristen Vallacher
Kristin Li
Laura Calvo
Laura Cree
Lesley Gimbel
Lesley Lopez
Lizzy Hennessey
Lydia M. Chammas
Lynn Xie
Mackenzie Howell
Maria Castilla
Matther Scott
Matthew Cohn
Maura Pennington
Megan Senn
Melisa Garber
Michael Volodorsky
Michelle Gladstone
Michelle Reyf
Naomi Sosner
Natalie Corrilo
Nathan L. Bruschi
Noelle Eichenold
Rebecca Boswell
Ren Chen
Rena Mosteirin
Robert Hoffman
Ron Chavarria
Sam Cha
Samantha Gutierrez
Samuel Andrew
Sean Warnecke
Shima Dowla
Silvia Ferreira
Sophia Golvach
Stefanie Zychowski
Stephanie Han
Tara K. Wohlgemuth
Kayla Martin
Uthman Olagoke
Victoria Michelotti
Victoria Moors
Wendy Tse
Yohei Abe
Robert Lampman (Dartmouth Medical School)

Franklin Pierce University
Andrea Garcia
Caitlin Smith
Hanna Kelley
Ryan Caouthe
Shannon Force

Keene State College
Andy Gabel
Ashley Huff
Brian Howell
Caitlin Vecchio
Catherine Cadieux
Chris Thelin
Curt Martens
Dayna Desposito
Jasmyne Nall
Jeane Shaw
Jenna Welty
Jennifer Tolaro
Jessica Doyle
Justin Albright
Justin Jones
Justin Perk
Katie McMann
Kelly Nilsson
Kenny Scupp
Laura Lewis
Lauren Peckler
Lauren Savary
Lisa Henkel
Marla Stefflre
Max Despain
Melia Hall
Pearl Fernald
Renee Staudinger
Sara Cargo
Stacey Higgins
Stefanie Hostal
Steve Adams
Traci Wheeler
Tyler Coffey

Lebanon College
Keris Branch

New England College
Becca Rivard
Benjamin Worm
Darren Gutierrez
Erica Lieblich
Justin VanLeer
Kristy-Lee Belcourt
Megan McGowen
Zach Roberts

Plymouth State University
Aaron Treadwell
Adrienne Davis
Alexandra Bobolas
Ali Urella
Alyssa Hanly
Amanda Mills
Amanda Pinto
Amanda Teixeira
Amy Cassidy
Ashley Ryzewski
Athena Peterson
Bethany Luther
Brianna McGregor
Caitlin Bille
Caitlin Higgins
Cara Allen
Catherine DeLuca
Cayla Kevlik
Chelsea Cary
Chris Condike
Chris Giacubbe
Christina Peterson
Corbin Bourassa
Curtis Roddy
Dana Mohrlein
Daniel Beaulieu
Danielle Mullett
Danielle Yondow
Dominique Couture
Eric St. Cyr
Erik Berry
Erika Young
Fallon Clarke
Gene Martin
Geoffrey Bly
Hillary Larner
Holly Amato
Jaci Bergeron
Jada Moquin
Jamison Cary
Jeff Franklin
Jen Bobola
Jenna Schiavoni
Jennifer Clay-Davis
Jessica Chaves
Jessica Meadowcroft
Jessica Novak
Jordan Davis
Joseph Bouchard
Justin Cotter
Karl Helgesson
Katelyn Sargent
Katy Thurman
Keena Schoening
Kelly Bush
Kelsey Muller
Kerrin Carney
Kristopher Cere
Krystal Cummings
Kyle McKay
Laura Coulombe
Laurel Briere
Leah Gay
Liani Perez-Moscoso
Lindsay Hartzell
Lisa Busch
Maggie Granfield
Matt Prindiville
Matthew Kiley
Matthew Lear
Michael Hughes
Natan Kotlyar
Nicholas Stanton
Olivia MacDonald
Richard Burggren
Ryan Keady
Sam Taliaferro
Samantha Fand
Sarah Airozo
Shaun Dever
Stepheni Otis
Steven Kummer
Tim Butler
Tova Haley
Tracy O'Donnell
Vanessa Weego

Southern New Hampshire University
Becky Smith
Lei Zhang
Liana DiIorio
Sandra Goncalves
Sarah Gimilaro
Vincent Casciato

St Anselm College
Jen Pearl
Karen Brunette
Katelyn Kerins
Lauren Crossen
Rob Masiello
Sabrinna Maples
Sarah Ulrich

University of New Hampshire (Durham/Manchester campuses)
Abbie Dodd
Alexandra Discepolo
Alison Price
Allison Rich
Amanda Aui
Amanda Blanchard
Amanda Salemo
Andressa Martins
Andrew Vitt
Ashley Lord
Ashley Sylvester
Aubree Duplessis
Barton Gage
Bie Aweh
Bligh Reynolds
Brian Gildea
Brittany Weaver
Bryan Wood
Caitlin Bannon
Cara Gadapee
Cassy Dillon
Christine Snively
Corinne Babel
Danielle Minutelli
David Jacobsen
David Schultz
Elvia Jimenez
Emily Lovell
Emily Marro
Erica Blatt
Erin King
Erin Murray
Erin Patterson
Ewelinka Grzejka
Galen Beach
Gregory Kiker
Hannah Truslow
Heather Day
Heidi Borchers
Hillary Hendrickx
Jacqueline Elliot
Jeffrey Martinean
Jennifer Cooke
Jessica Bombaci
Jill Mulligan
Jocelyn Lubniewski
Joe Calvo
John Lacroix
Julie Navarra
Julie O'Shaughnesy
Kaitlin Johnson
Kaitlin Lutar
Kara Caputo
Kara Stone
Kari Britt
Katii Sawyer
Kayla Paydos
Kerry McHugh
Kevin Linton
Kim Goodstadt
Kristen Garufi
Laura Tobias
Lauren Chase
Lee Avallon
Lia Girhiny
Lindsay Sargent
Liz Almon
Liz North
Liza Grusso
Madeline Sadowski
Meagan Cyr
Meagan Wengrove
Melissa Mangold
Meredith Campbell
Michael Conklin
Michael Dery
Michael Phillips
Michelle Blundell
Michelle Cushing
Monika Schmuck
Najla Mohammad
Nancy Gegbe
Nicole Butuzov
Phil Delisle
Rebecca Bonnette
Ross Seavey
Ruben Lalinde
Ryan Sheehan
Rachael O'Brien
Sara Douglas
Sara Ward
Sarah Grandmaison
Sarah Hull
Sarah Narolan
Sasho Mitrevski
Sean Lucius
Shana Bouvier
Sofie Van Raan
Stefani Dotcon
Stephanie Burns
Stephanie White
Steve Robertson
Sara Fallakhayer
Tom Parisi
Tricia Rozeboom
Wilie Ford
Will MacIntosh
Xiomara Alban
Zack Leeser