November 7, 2007

Contact: NH for Hillary Press Office
Kathleen Strand

New Hampshire for Hillary Announces over 300 Educators for Hillary

MANCHESTER, NH –  In a yet another demonstration of the growing support Senator Hillary Clinton is receiving throughout the Granite State, the New Hampshire for Hillary campaign today announced the names of 312 Educators for Hillary.

“Hillary Clinton has a clear understanding of the improvements that need to be made in our education system,” Karen McDonough, former President of the National Education Association of New Hampshire and Co-chair of Education Leaders for Hillary. “She is actively working to establish universal pre-kindergarten, fully fund programs such as No Child Left Behind and Head Start, and make higher education accessible and affordable.”

As an advocate, First Lady, and United States Senator, Hillary has fought to raise the education standards in our nation’s schools. Hillary is committed to reforming No Child Left Behind (NCLB). In addition to fighting for full funding for NCLB, she is working to ensure the legislation supports early childhood education, improves teacher training, lowers class size, enhances parental involvement, eliminates environmental hazards in schools, and protects the programs that work for America’s children.

Senator Clinton is also working actively to secure full funding for Head Start, a program that has helped prepare children to succeed in school by providing comprehensive services addressing all the barriers children in poverty face.

“I teach in a diverse, urban school and one of my greatest concerns is the health of my students,” said Margie Moore, a teacher at Hillside Middle School in Manchester. “Senator Clinton knows that teachers will be more successful when their students are healthy. As president, she will not only improve education, she will ensure that all children have access to the health care they need.”

Recently, Hillary proposed a plan to make college accessible and affordable for all Americans. By providing a $3,500 tuition tax credit—more than 50% of the cost of tuition at the average public institution—and increasing Pell grants, Hillary’s plan will unlock the doors to higher education for millions of young Americans. In addition, Hillary will simplify the student aid process and strengthen incentives for students interested in public service.

“Senator Clinton has been working on education issues for 35 years,” said, Linda Briolat who teaches fourth grade at the Little Harbour School in Portsmouth. “Not only does she have strong and sensible plans, I believe she is the one candidate who can deliver the real change our education system needs.”

Hillary believes that investing in early childhood education is essential. Studies show that universal pre-kindergarten programs pay for themselves after nine years and produce a growing annual return in the years beyond. That is why Senator Clinton has proposed a plan to provide universal pre-kindergarten program to serve all of America’s four-year-olds. Her plan would expand access to the more than 3 million 4-year-olds who are not enrolled in state pre-kindergarten programs. It would provide states with matching funds to devise their own programs and requiring that classes be taught by highly-trained teachers.

“I am honored to the have support of these men and women who have undertaken the critically important job of educating New Hampshire’s children,” said Senator Clinton. “With their help, I will continue working ensure that Americans have access to the quality education they deserve from early childhood on.”


A complete list of Educators for Hillary follows.


George E. Ackerman, Sanbornville

Science Teacher, Spaulding High School, Rochester


Donna V. Ackerman, Sanbornville

Social Studies Teacher, Spaulding High School, Rochester


Evagelia Adami-Schirl, Deerfield

English Teacher, Central High School, Manchester


Leslie M. Adams, Lee

Professor of Botany and Ecology, University Systems of New Hampshire


Madelyn T. Ahlgren, Manchester

Retired Educator


Joann M. Aiello, Salem

Comp. Family & Consumer Science Ed.Teacher, Londonderry Middle School


Jennifer Alford, Warren



Sandra Allen, Newmarket

English Teacher, Dover High School


Ana M. Andrada, Manchester

Retired Educator, Bishop Guertin High School


Deirdre R. Angwin, Bedford

Library Media Specialist, Villa Augustina, Goffstown


Timothy J. Angwin, Bedford

Retired Educator


Janice A. Arsenault, Raymond

Comprehensive Business Education Teacher, Winnacunnet High School, Hampton


Sean P. Ashley, Strafford

Social Studies Teacher, Coe-Brown Northwood Academy, Northwood


Thomas W. Ashwell, Durham

Assistant Professor of Sports Sciences, University of New Hampshire


Maureen Gearin Asmega, Salem



Lois L. Ayer, Nashua

English Teacher, Elm Street Middle School, Nashua


Lois M. Ball, Rochester



Linda A. Barron, Grantham

English Teacher, Claremont Middle School


Ellen L. Barry, New Hampton

Social Studies Teacher, Winnisquam High School, Tilton. President, Winnisquam Regional Teachers' Association


Maura J. Bates, Lebanon

Early Childhood Educator, Enfield Elementary School


Jerald Berman, Merrimack

Math Teacher, Salem High School


Kristin Bertel, Manchester

Elementary Teacher, Wilson School, Manchester


Linda Bessette, Manchester

Social Studies Teacher, Middle School at Parkside, Manchester


Joyce E. Bewersdorf, Contoocook

Title I Teacher, Maple Street Elementary School, Contoocook


Tristan E. Blake, Plymouth



Susan A. Bliss, Contoocook

French Teacher, John Stark High School


Carol R. Blotner, Bartlett

Retired Principal, Kennett High School, Conway.


Patricia A. Bontempi, Franconia

Foreign Language Teacher, Profile High School, Bethlehem


Caren A. Bouchard, Manchester



Frances H. Boucher, Hinsdale

Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher, Vermont


Debra L. Bousquet, Gorham

Educator, Edward Fenn Elementary School, Durham


Marc A. Boyd, Bow

Principal, Maple Avenue School, Goffstown


Patricia A. Boyle-Steed, Salem

Language Arts and Reading Teacher, Timberlane Middle School, Plaistow


Marilyn B. Brannigan, Newport

Former Superintendent, SAU #43 - Newport, Sunapee, Croydon


Virginia M. Bridge, Hampton

Retired Educator and Subsititue Teacher, Center School, Hampton


Linda A. Briolat, Portsmouth

Fourth Grade Teacher, Little Harbour School, Portsmouth


Neal D. Brown, Colebrook

Elementary Teacher, Colebrook Elementary School


Annette H. Brown, Gilmanton

Retired Educator


Ruth L. Brown, Orford

Retired Educator


Bernadette Elaine Brunelle, Rollinsford

Speech and Language Assistant, Somersworth Middle School


Carmen Buford, Dover

Former Associate Dean of Students, University of New Hampshire


Patricia A. Buraczynski, Hinsdale

Special Education Teacher, Hinsdale High School


Cassandra A. Burnham, New Durham

Science Teacher, Kingswood Regional High School, Wolfeboro


Lisa A. Burton, Concord

Elementary Teacher, Beaver Meadow School, Concord


Louise R. Calkins, Hampton

Retired Educator


Nancy Fredericka Camporeale, Madison

Retired Educator


Mary C. Cantlin, Grantham

Computer Technology Educator, Plainfield Elementary School


Laura E. Carbonello, Windham



Kathy M. Card, Bedford



Rosemarie T. Carine, Somersworth

Elementary Teacher, Seabrook Elementary School


Georgia A. Caron, Stark

Adult Learning Educator


Cheryl L. Carter, Nashua

Kindergarten Teacher, Ledge Street School, Nashua


Kathleen G. Cartier, Manchester

Guidance Counselor, Pelham Memorial School


Lisa Crystal Carver, Dover

Tutor, Dover


Margaret O. Center, Wilton

Retired Educator


Eric W. Chase, Plymouth

Principal, Newfound Memorial Middle School, Bristol


Donna J. Chedekel, Salem



Bill C. Chouramanis, Mont Vernon



Amanda K. Christensen, New London

Guidance Counselor, Sunapee Middle High School


Christine L. Christiansen, Tuftonboro

Special Education Teacher, Kingswood Regional Middle School, Wolfeboro


Annie M. Ciaraldi, Salem

Associate Dean of Students, University of Massachusetts-Lowell


Madonna S. Ciocca, Concord

Retired Educator


Michael R. Clemons, Nashua

Associate Principal, Manchester Central High School


Elizabeth L. Clow, Weare

Retired Educator


Karen A. Cofferen, Rochester

Title I Teacher, Hilltop School, Somersworth


Lisa Collibee, Kingston

Elementary Teacher, Sanborn Regional Middle School


Beverly M. Conway, Alexandria

Retired Educator


Thomas Conway, Alexandria

Retired Educator


Deborah Bridges Cooper, Dunbarton

Elementary Teacher, East Rochester School


Patty Cornell, Manchester

Guidance Counselor, Middle School at Parkside, Manchester


Anne G. Corson, Wolfeboro



Tammy B. Coutts, Marlborough

Title II Teacher, Marlow School District


Patricia M. Craig, Lee



Michelina Evangelista Croteau, Dover



Tara Kathleen Crowley, Londonderry

Biology Teacher, Pinkerton Academy, Derry


Kathleen Cuddy-Egbert, Gilford

Special Education Administrator, Governor Wentworth Regional SAU, Wolfeboro Falls


Aaron Matthew Czysz, Concord

Art Teacher, Manchester West High School


Steven Andrew Daigle, Warner

Music Teacher, Concord SAU


Elizabeth Dalton, Enfield

Special Education Teacher, Canaan Elementary School


Cynthia L. Davis, Concord

Math Teacher, Concord Senior High School


Tammie E. Davis, Swanzey

Superintendent, Winnisquam Regional SAU Office, Tilton


Deborah L. Davis-Young, Keene

Special Education Teacher, Hinsdale Elementary School


Kimberly J. Degrappo, Merrimack

Behavioral Specialist, Nashua School District.


Olivia H. Delfausse, Concord

English Teacher, Manchester Diocesan


Nancy A. Dennis, Manchester

Retired Educator


Lisa Renee Desruisseaux, Manchester

Associate Principal, Lamprey River Elementary School, Raymond


Karen L. Dewey, Newport

Childhood Development and Education Teacher, Stevens High School, Claremont


June A. Deyo, Derry

Elementary Teacher, Hampstead Central School


Patricia Marie Dicarlo-Fagioli, Salem

Director of Admissions, Harvard University


Constance Lashar Dick, Derry

Retired Educator


Priscilla Didio, Littleton

Sixth Grade Teacher, Bethlehem Elementary


Barbara L. Doyle, Hampton

Retired Educator and President of New Hampshire Retired Educators Association


John J. Doyle, Conway



Barry E. Draper, New Hampton

Elementary Teacher, Sant Bani School, Sanbornton


George Drinkwater, Newfields

Math Teacher, Dover Middle School


Kathleen Drolet, Nashua

Curriculum Supervisor, Nashua SAU


Kenneth Edwards, Rye



Margo Jeanne Ewers, Nashua

Retired Educator


Patricia A. Fahey, Concord

Elementary Teacher, Beaver Meadow School, Concord


Kevin M. Fay, Marlow

Special Education Teacher, Keene Middle School


Gaye V. Fedorchak, Gilford

Education Consultant, New Hampshire State Department of Education


Linda J. Ferland, Charlestown

Elementary Teacher, Vilas Elementary School, Alstead


Joseph Michael Fiala, Weare

Program Assistant, Concord High School


Kerry Lee Finnegan, Nashua

Associate School Psychologist, Bedford SAU


Gloria C. Fluet, Candia

Title I Teacher, Northwest Elementary School, Manchester


Joan T. Flurey, Manchester

Math Teacher, Middle School At Parkside, Manchester


Patricia M. Flynn, Nashua

Elementary, Hollis Upper Elementary School


Mary Fosher, Barrington

English, Iber Holmes Gove Middle School, Raymond


Donald B. Frost, Gilford

Retired Educator


Linda R. George, Hampton

Computer Technology Teacher, Mary C. Dondero Elementary School, Portsmouth


Judy M. George, Stratham

Elementary School Teacher, Mast Way School, Lee


Kim Glaser-Taylor, Dover

Special Education Teacher, Garrison School, Dover


Stuart V. Goldberg, Henniker



Kelley A. Gordon, Nottingham

Elementary School Teacher, Nottingham Elementary School


Pamela Gore, Exeter



Angela M. Gospodarek, Kingston

Biology Teacher, Iber Holmes Gove Middle School, Raymond


Nick A. Goumas, Londonderry

Music Teacher, Ledge Street School, Nashua


Dennis R. Goyette, Danville

Mathematics Professor, Southern New Hampshire University


Brenda E. Grady, Merrimack

Biology Teacher, Nashua High School North


Eileen C. Gravlin-Dunn, Hancock

Special Education Teacher, Squannacook Elementary School, Townsend, MA


Ellen Beth Gray, Center Barnstead



Ruth D. Greenwood, Lee

Retired Educator and Former President of the New Hampshire Retired Teachers Association


Ann Gruczka, Bethlehem



Kristine Gruszcynski, Stratham

Elementary School Teacher, Epping Elementary School


Kristen N. Halverson, Concord

English Teacher, Merrimack Valley High School


Nancy Jean Hamann, Nashua

Early Childhood Educator, New Searles School, Nashua


Cynthia G. Hambrook, Sandwich

Social Studies Teacher, Kingswood Regional Middle School, Wolfeboro


Shirley A. Hammershoy, East Kingston

Retired Educator, Rockingham County House of Corrections


John Handfield, Manchester

Superintendent, Goshen-Lempster School District


Kathleen F. Harriman, Concord

Educator, Granite State College


Dennis J. Harrington, Dover

Principal, Moharimet School, Madbury


Cathryn A. Harvey, Spofford

Music Teacher, Wheelock Elementary School, Keene


Ruth A. Hawkensen, Stratham



Pauline F. Haworth, Manchester

Cafeteria Worker, Bakersville Elementary, Manchester


Ellen J. Healy, Litchfield

Retired Educator and former Manchester Education Association President


Mary Heath, Manchester

Deputy Commissioner, New Hampshire State Department of Education


Hope M. Herbst, Bethlehem



Dawn M. Higgins, Epping

ESOL Teacher, Community College


Susan C. Hillman, Laconia

Associate School Psychologist, Barnstead-Pittsfield SAU


Deborah E. Hoffman-Scoggins, Amherst

Guidance Counselor, Merrimack High School


Paul Alexander Hoiriis, Moultonborough

Paraprofessional, Inter-Lakes High School, Meredith


Shelia J. Holt, Barrington

Retired Educator


Janet L. Hornsby, Bedford

Elementary School Teacher, Grinnell School, Derry


Nancy L. Houlihan, Francestown

Francestown Elementary School


Linda E. Houston, Warner

Special Education Teacher, Sunapee Middle School


Delese A. Hovey, Hollis

Fourth Grade Teacher, Bicentennial Elementary School, Nashua


Christine A. Howe, Peterborough

Elementary School Teacher, South Meadow School, Peterborough


Kathleen A. Howshan, Seabrook

Humanities Teacher, Lawrence, MA


Elizabeth Mary Hughes, North Conway

Elementary School Teacher, John H. Fuller School, North Conway


Mary E. Ianzito, Manchester



Hope Inman, Bedford

Paraprofessional, McLaughlin Middle School, Manchester


Hilarie Ireland, Rochester



Patricia Jacobellis, Derry

Guidance Counselor, Hampstead Middle School


Georgia Mae Jarrell, Londonderry



Bradley John Jarvis, Dover

Mathematics Teacher, Coe-Brown Northwood Academy


Debra Lynn Jerauld, Hollis

Social Studies Teacher, Mascenic Regional High School, New Ipswich


Brenda Ross Jette, Bethlehem



Michele P. Johnson, Temple

First Grade Teacher, Antrim Elementary School


Deborah B. Johnson, Hollis

Middle School Teacher


Sharon G. Johnson, Concord

Social Studies Teacher, Merrimack Valley High School, Penacook


Edward F. Johnson, Dover



Verdenal H. Johnson, Dover



Cynthia L. Johnson, Sanbornton



Corinne Joly, New Ipswich

English Teacher, Mascenic Regional High School, New Ipswich.


Deborah W. Jurta, Northfield

Social Studies Teacher, Winnisquam Regional Middle School, Tilton


Cindy L. Jury, Salem

Director, Salem Family Resources


Selena E. Katz, Keene

Second Grade Teacher, Jonathan M. Daniels School, Keene


Richard S. Keating, Milford

Dean of Graduate Students, New England College


Laurel L. Keefe, Concord

Elementary Teacher, Broken Ground School, Concord


Maureen E. Kelley, Windham

Retired Educator


Lois E. Kenick, Lyndeborough

Retired Educator


Linda Kettenring, Bow

Principal, South School, Londonderry


Faith Ann Kimball, Dummer

Special Education Teacher, Milan Village School


Marcia King, Peterborough

Elementary Teacher, Great Brook School, Antrim


Wanda Kivela, Piermont

Music Teacher, Disnard Elementary School, Claremont


Linda M. Kordas, Manchester

Latin Teacher, Concord High School, Concord


Linda Jean Kramas, Northwood

Elementary Teacher, Northwood Elementary School, Northwood


Jennifer Marie Krans, Dover

Garrison Elementary School, Dover


Dorothy M. Lafont, Lee

Ethics Instructor, MacIntosh Community College


Dawn M. Lagace, Chesterfield



Patrick J. Lagace, Chesterfield



Catherine E. Laliberte, Nashua

Reading Specialist, New Searles School, Nashua


Hayley Lane-Theriault, Fremont

Health Education, Armand R. Dupont School, Allenstown


Nicole Gabrielle Lapierre, Portsmouth



Katherine L. Latchaw, Dover

Teacher, Dover Middle School, Dover


Mary Ann Lawton, Colebrook

French Teacher, Colebrook Academy, Colebrook


Nora K. Leduc, Dunbarton

Special Education Teacher, Kimball School, Concord


Maurice Leflem, Peterborough

Retired Educator


Charlotte M. Legolvan, Dover

Special Education Teacher, York Middle School, York, ME


Irene B. Lemieux, Salem

Retired Educator


Stephanie Lempel, Chesterfield



Philip Lepage, Newmarket



Peter M. Letvinchuk, Manchester

Eighth Grade Language Arts Teacher, Armand R. Dupont School, Allenstown


Laurel Anne Levesque, Hookset

Elementary Teacher, Hookset Memorial School


Carol Z. Lincoln, Portsmouth

Retired Educator


Nancy Loud, Rochester

Elementary Teacher, East Rochester Annex, E. Rochester


John Luna, Newport



Elizabeth A. Lynch, Lee

Teacher, Dover Middle School, Dover


Patricia A. Lynott, Ph.D., Manchester

VP of Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, Southern New Hampshire University


Doug Madsen, Dover



Sheila B. Madsen, Dover

Elementary Teacher, Woodman Park School, Dover


Christopher R. Marks, Franconia



Phyllis A. Marsh, North Hampton

Art Teacher


Patrice Ann Martin, Wilmot

Ceramics and Photography Teacher, Proctor Academy


Darcy Marie May, Center Barnstead

Elementary Teacher, Epsom Central School, Epsom


Susan A. McCleary, Exeter



Kathleen E. McCormack, Salem



Cheryl McDonough, Kensington



Karen McDonough, Peterborough

English Teacher, Mascenic Regional High School, New Ipswich and Former President of NEA-NH.


Dana S. McKenna, Newmarket

Speech Therapist, SAU #50, Greenland


Susan B. McLane, Portsmouth

Reading Specialist, Winnacunnet High School, Hampton


Cara Jane McNevich, Manchester



Marjorie D. Mead, Concord

Special Education Teacher, Concord High School, Concord


Margaret A. Medved, Manchester

Retired Educator


Frances Verdenal Meffen, Dover

Guidance Counselor, Dover Middle School, Dover


Kerri L. Merrill, Dover

Preschool Classroom Assistant, Woodman Park School, Dover


Jane A. Merrow, Loudon

Elementary Teacher, Rundlett Middle School, Concord


Andrea D. Milchick, Spofford

School Psychologist, Keene Middle School


Carla D. Milsop, Deering



Charles E. Mitchell, Tilton

Retired Educator


Kathleen R. Mitchell, Tilton

Retired Educator


Susan Molloy, Pelham

Elementary Teacher, Pelham Elementary School


Margie A. Moore, Manchester

Art Teacher, Hillside Middle School, Manchester.


Shelly W. Morin, Bartlett



Ronald W. Morrisette, Exeter

Exeter Region Cooperative Middle School


Ann Marie Morse, Manchester

Comprehensive Business Education, Pembroke Academy


Felicia R. Motherway, Kensington



Karen B. Mullen, Exeter

General Special Education, Exeter


Judi Blanchette Nazro, Manchester

Chemistry Teacher, Londonderry Senior High School


Judith Simpson Newcomb, Windham

Specialist in Assessment of Intellectual Functioning, SAU #28


Beverly J. O’Brien, Dover

Guidance Counselor, Dover Middle School


Sheryl L O’Neil, Auburn

Elementary Teacher, Weston School, Manchester


Nicole R. Osborne, East Kingston

Elementary Teacher, Timberlane Elementary School


Sharon R. Otterson, Washington



Elizabeth Bernadette Palchak, Hinsdale

Environmental Studies Professor, Franklin Pierce University


Barbara M. Palicki, Contoocook

Retired Educator


Donna W. Papanikolau, Hooksett

ESOL, Webster School, Manchester


Mary E. Perkins, Concord

School Counselor, The Derryfield School, Manchester


Beverly Ann Perreault, Manchester



Cecile Perretta, Manchester

English Teacher, Goffstown High School


Belinda R. Phillips, Thornton

Retired School Psychologist


Jane A. Pinard, Manchester

Social Worker


Karen C. Pollini, Ossipee

Head Cook, Tuftonboro Central School


Patricia McDonald Possee, Milford



Marymalane Ercole Pruyne, Henniker

Elementary Teacher, Henniker Community School


Deborah L. Quint, Wolfeboro



Pamela Sue Raley, Dover

Former Educator


Candace A. Raymond, Meredith

English Teacher, Newfound Memorial Middle School, Bristol


Wilhelmina B. Reed, Northfield

Retired Educator


Mary Jo Reed, Canterbury

School Nurse, Canterbury Elementary School and New Hampshire School Nurse Association Executive Board


Candis Regan, Portsmouth

Elementary Teacher, Seabrook Elementary School


Denis M. Reisch, Plainfield

Social Studies Teacher, Plainfield Elementary School, Meriden


Laurie Jean Relinski, Dover

Guidance Counselor, Portsmouth High School


Steve S. Richards, Milford

Spanish Teacher, Manchester Central High School


Charlene Linda Roberts, Center Conway

Kennett HS, Conway


Kristan Robertshaw, Derry



Melissa Ann Robinson, Newmarket

Math Teacher, Lincoln Akerman School, Hampton Falls


Kerry J. Rochford-Hague, Newport

Community Education Coordinator, Women's Supportive Services, Claremont


Lisa A. Rothman, New Boston

Elementary Teacher, New Boston Central High School


Paula M. Roy, Durham

Guidance Counselor, Oyster River Middle School, Durham


Jennifer L. Sanborn, Chichester

First Grade Teacher, Beaver Meadow School, Concord.


Sheila A. Schaefer, Derry

Special Education Teacher, Pinkerton Academy, Derry


Suzanne M. Schedin, Milford

Elementary Teacher, Heron Pond Elementary School, Milford


Susan Schlapak, Somersworth

Elementary Teacher, Garrison School, Dover


Marie G. Schnick, Manchester

Elementary Educator, Gossler Park School, Manchester


Nancy M. Scovner, Enfield



Linda Scribner, Lee

Special Education Teacher, Dover Middle School


Ann B. Silverstein, Lebanon

Reading Specialist, Enfield Elementary School


Carolyn Dansby Simon, Grantham



Michael Paul Sinkewich, Dover

Special Education Teacher, Seacoast Learning Collaborative, Brentwood


Pauline Y. St. Hilaire, Manchester



Naomi Steinberg, Nashua

Title I Teacher, Ledge Street School, Nashua


Joyce D. Stephens, Dover

English Teacher, Newmarket Elementary School


Darlene Stewart, Gilmanton Iron Works

Elementary Teacher, Pittsfield Elementary School


Victoria P. Stickney, Manchester

Reading Specialist, Matthew Thornton Elementary School, Londonderry


Elaine A. Stockbridge, North Conway

Fifth Grade Teacher, Edward Fenn Elementary School, Gorham


Joan W. Stonner, Manchester

Reading Specialist, Nottingham Elementary School


James P. Sweeney, Bennington

Art Teacher, Great Brook School, Antrim and VicePresident, NEA-NH Executive Board


Gloria-Jean Taylor, Newport



Joan M. Tazelaar, Bennington



Merrilee Ann Thissell, Goffstown

Writing Teacher, UNH-Manchester


Wendy Thomas, Merrimack

Special Education Advocate


Gina Ellen Thompson, Dover

Early Childhood Educator, Appleseeds Day School, Exeter


Sasha D. Thompson, Temple



Lise P. Tierney, Wolfeboro

Second Grade Teacher, Carpenter Elementary School, Wolfeboro


Paul Tringoson, Hollis



Emily Esther Turner, Rochester

Math Teacher, Manchester Diocesan


Donna Marie Varney, Manchester

Educator, Green Acres School, Manchester


Brenda J. Vincent, Weare

Administrator, SAU #24


Kenneth E. Voss, Rochester

Physics Teacher, Spaulding High School, Rochester


Matthew P. Wade, Manchester

Elementary Teacher, Henry J. McLaughlin Middle School, Manchester


Karen E. Wahrenberger, Hanover

Community College Teacher, former High School English Teacher


Ann Walker, Portsmouth

Retired Educator


Susan Jeanne Dora Walters, Londonderry

Former Principal, South Grange School, Derry


Jade B. Warfield, Sanbornton

Special Education Teacher, Broken Ground School, Concord


Kimberly M. Warren, Manchester

ESOL Teacher, Beech Street School, Manchester


Mitchell A. Wasserman, Alstead

Teacher, Charlestown Middle School


Marion H. Waters, Hanover

Elementary Teacher, Seminary Hill School, West Lebanon


Danielle R. Wayland, New Boston

Elementary Teacher, New Boston Central School


Betty Carolyn Weir, Hampstead

Elementary Teacher, Ellis School, Fremont


Gary E. Wells, West Lebanon

Social Studies Teacher, Mascoma Valley Regional High School, Canaan


Ben F. Werner, Shelburne

Retired Educator


Elizabeth A. Werner, Shelburne

Retired Educator


Shirley Kristen Westhead, West Lebanon



Elizabeth G. Whaley, Newmarket

Retired Educator


Maureen Wheeler, Wolfeboro

Health Educator, Kingswood Regional High School, Wolfeboro


Michelle M. Whitney, Hudson

Licensed Guidance Counselor


Susan J. Wiles, Keene

Elementary Teacher, Chesterfield Central School


Sarah A. Wisecarver, Hampstead

Elementary Teacher, Daniel J. Bakie School, Kingston


Deborah K. Woelflein, Nashua

Assistant Superintendent, Merrimack SAU Office


Denise Woodcock, Conway



Julie L. Yates, Bethlehem

Dean of Studies, White Mountain School, Bethlehem


Linda J. Zekos, Nashua

Math Teacher, Chelmsford, MA


Yitang Zhang, Dover