PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President


Prominent Veterans Endorse Hillary Clinton
Hillary Hosts Veterans Event In Iowa With General Eaton, Campaign Launches New Veterans Web Video

The Clinton campaign today announced the addition of 35 new national co-chairs to its Veterans and Military Retirees for Hillary Committee. Newly endorsing members of the committee include Lt. General Joseph Ballard, Lt. General Robert Gard, Lt. General Don Kerrick and Major General Paul Eaton. They join more that 1,200 veterans and military retirees have joined Senator Clinton's national and state veterans' steering committees. Hillary Clinton made the announcement at an event honoring veterans in Waterloo, Iowa, where she was accompanied by Major General Eaton. The campaign also unveiled a new video featuring a cross-generation of veterans discussing their support of Hillary Clinton for President.

"We pause today to honor all of the brave men and women who have honored us by wearing our nation's uniform," said Clinton in Waterloo. "Through their service and sacrifice, our veterans defended our country, our freedom, and our values. We could never adequately repay the debt that is owed. But what we can do and must do is ensure that veterans receive the benefits they have earned through their service and continue strengthening the country they fought for and love."

Hillary Clinton built on her long history of fighting for our veterans and announced new policies to ensure our country fulfills its obligations to those who have served and sacrificed for the nation. She announced that, as President, she will enact a GI Bill of Rights for the 21st century that will offer service members, veterans and their families with expanded education, housing and entrepreneurial benefits. In addition, as President, Hillary will ensure that all of the 1.8 million uninsured veterans in this country has access to quality, affordable health care and will establish a pilot program on homelessness prevention for veterans. The program will provide subsidies, eviction prevention, and one-time assistance for veterans who fall behind on their rent.

"I'm standing with Hillary Clinton today, because she has stood with us," said Major General Eaton, who served in the army for 33 years, most recently serving in Iraq. "No one in this race has the strength and expertise on military and veterans' issues that Hillary Clinton possesses."

The campaign also released a new minute video on its Web site of veterans and family members of veterans who support Clinton. "I served my country for almost nine years now, and I plan on doing so, you know, for as long as I can in the future," said Rose Forrest, an Iraq War veteran. "That being said like any good soldier, you know, I train for war, but I pray for peace. And I think Hillary Clinton will bring us peace." The video can be viewed at: .

When Hillary Clinton is president, she will end the war in Iraq. Her three-step plan would bring our troops home, work to bring stability to the region, and replace military force with a new diplomatic initiative to engage countries around the world in securing Iraq's future. Hillary has also been fighting in the Senate to force a course change. Clinton has visited our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan three times. In January 2007, she visited Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, stopping in Germany to visit with wounded service members at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. She also spent time with our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan in early 2005 and over Thanksgiving weekend in November 2003.

"Our next President will inherit the most difficult and challenging national security agenda in our nation's history. We need a President and Commander in Chief who will restore America's greatness, protect America by combining diplomacy and all elements of national power, provide strong leadership and make decisions based on evidence instead of ideology," said Lt. General Kerrick. "I know Hillary Clinton and her understanding of diplomacy and force will ensure that our wonderful military remains the best in the world and when deployed will be assigned winnable missions, will be adequately resourced, and will be supported with all elements of our national power."

Clinton has also been an outspoken critic of the current administration's handling of the conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. In March, Clinton visited the Center to see the conditions firsthand. During her visit, she visited wounded soldiers at the hospital and met with New York service members to hear their concerns. She then called on the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to commission a comprehensive review of the quality of care being received by wounded veterans, both past and present, at VA facilities around the country. She also asked for a review of the VA's process of evaluating wounded veterans for disability benefits.

"I strongly support Senator Clinton because I believe that she is the right person for the job - at the right time. She understands the military, both in its internal dynamics and as an instrument of policy," said Lt. General Ballard. "I believe that she will bring the right degree of concern for our all of Service members and their families. Her determination, fairness and toughness as the next Commander in Chief will enable her to make the hard but necessary decisions that will positively impact not only our military but our national security."

"I'm honored to have the support of these distinguished veterans," said Clinton. "With their help, we will finally bring an end to the war in Iraq, rebuild America's role in the world, and deliver on the promises made to the men and women who have served our country."

Clinton has a long history of working on issues important to active duty and retired military personnel. As First Lady, she helped call attention to Gulf War Syndrome. As a Member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, Hillary has championed legislation to improve the lives of our veterans and their families. She worked to provide access to TRICARE for National Guard and Reserve members. She authored the Heroes at Home Act that will begin to help service members struggling with post traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury. She worked with others in the Senate to pass legislation to increase the military survivor benefit from $12,000 to $100,000. She represents bases such as Fort Drum, home of the 10th Mountain Division, West Point, Watervliet Arsenal, Fort Hamilton, the Rome Air Force Research Laboratory, Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station and four other Air National Guard bases. She is also the only Senator to serve on the Joint Forces Command Transformation Advisory Group.

New National Co-Chairs are:

General Wesley Clark, Ret.
Four Star General
Supreme Allied Commander, NATO

Lt. General Joseph Ballard, Ret.
Three Star General
Chief of Engineers and Commander, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Lt. General Robert Gard, Ret.
Three Star General
President Emeritus of the Monterey Institute for International Studies.

Lt. General Donald Kerrick, Ret.
Three Star General
Deputy National Security Advisor
Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Lt. General Frederick Vollrath, Ret.
Three Star General
Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel, Headquarters Department of the Army

Major General Roger Blunt, Ret.
Two Star General
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Last Command: 97th Army Reserve Command (ARCOM), Ft. Meade Chairman, President, & CEO of Blunt Enterprises, LLC

Major General Edward L. Correa Jr., Ret.
Two Star General
Adjutant General of Hawaii

Major General Paul Eaton, Ret.
Two Star General
Office of Security Cooperation in Iraq, Commanding General
Rear Admiral Connie Mariano, MD, Ret.
Two Star Rear Admiral
Navy White House Physician for three Presidents

Major General Paul D. Monroe, Jr., Ret.
Two Star General
Adjutant General California National Guard

Rear Admiral Alan Steinman, M.D., Ret.
Two Star Coast Guard Admiral
Past Director of Health and Safety of the Coast Guard

Rear Admiral David Stone, Ret.
One Star Rear Admiral
Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for the Transportation Security Administration President & CEO, Alacrity Homeland Group

Brigadier General Michael Dunn, Ret.
One Star General
Clinical leader of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Interoperability Project. Commanded the Walter Reed Health Care System in Washington, DC

Brigadier General Belisario Flores, Ret.
Assistant Adjutant General, Texas Air National Guard

Brigadier General Evelyn "Pat" Foote, Ret.
One Star General

Brigadier General Keith H. Kerr, Ret.
One Star General
Commanding General, Northern Area Command, California National Guard

Brigadier General Virgil Richard, Ret.
One Star General
Recipient of the Distinguished Service Medal

Brigadier General Preston Taylor, Ret.
One Star General
Assistant Secretary for Veterans Employment and Training

Brigadier General Dr. Jack Yeager, Ret.
One Star General
Assistant Adjutant General of West Virginia

Honorable Anthony Brown
Veteran, Maryland Lt. Governor
Past member of the Maryland House of Delegates
Served with distinction in Baghdad, Fallujah, Kirkuk and Basra, Iraq.

Honorable Harold Naughton
Massachusetts State House Representative
Veteran, US Army Reserves, JAG, 8 months in Multinational Force Iraq

Honorable Steven Hobbs
Washington State Senator
Veteran, Tours of duty in Iraq and Kosovo with the US Army and Army National Guard

Mr. Roscoe Brown
Veteran, Tuskegee Airman, WWII

Honorable Louis Caldera                  ed. note Caldera endorsement announced Oct. 1, 2007
Veteran, Secretary of the Army
President of University of New Mexico

Honorable Edward Chow, Jr.
Veteran, Past Vice President of Vietnam Veterans of America
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy, U.S. Veterans Administration

Honorable Jimmy Dean
Veteran, Past National Commander of the American Legion

Honorable Ron Dellums
Mayor of Oakland, CA
Former Chair of the House Armed Services Committee

Honorable Herschel Gober
Veteran, Acting Secretary & Deputy Secretary, Veterans Affairs

Honorable Steven Honigman
Veteran, Navy Retired, Former Naval General Counsel (Iraq)

Mr. Thomas Keefe
Veteran, President of The Keefe Group
Nationally known Veterans Advocate

Honorable Robert Jones
Veteran, Deputy Secretary of Defense for POW/MIA Affairs

Mr. Maceo May
Board member, Swords to Ploughshares *For identification purposes only

Honorable Robert Perreault
Director, Medical Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs

Joseph "Jake" Simmons IV
Veteran, Commander, White House Communications Agency

Honorable Todd Weiler
Veteran, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Manpower and Reserve Affairs

They Join Current National Co-Chairs:

U.S. Senator Daniel Inouye
Veteran, World War II Combat Veteran, Recipient: Medal of Honor

U.S. Congressman Charlie Rangel
Veteran, US Army, 1948-52

U.S. Congressman Joe Sestak
Veteran, Retired US Navy Admiral
Commanded Aircraft Carrier Battle Group, Afghanistan

U.S. Congressman Ed Towns
Veteran, US Army, 1956-58

U.S. Congressman Jose Serrano
Veteran, US Army, 1964-66

U.S. Congressman Maurice Hinchey
Veteran, US Navy 1956-59

Honorable Togo West
Secretary of Veterans Affairs
Secretary of the Army
North Carolina Native

Lt. General Claudia Kennedy, Ret.
Three Star General
First Woman in the U.S. Army to Hold a Three Star Rank
Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence

General George Buskirk, Ret.
Adjutant General, Indiana Army and Air National Guard

Honorable Eleanor Glynn Kjellman
New Hampshire State House Representative
Veteran, US Air Force Officer
Son served in Iraq

Mr. Joe Wynn
Veteran, US Air Force, Viet Nam
Leader of the National Association of Black Veterans
President, Vets Group

Mr. Bill White
President, Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund
Nationally Known Veterans Advocate