PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President

November 13, 2007

Contact: NH for Hillary Press Office

Kathleen Strand

NH for Hillary Announces Over 500 Veterans and Military Retirees for Hillary

MANCHESTER, NH – Hillary continues to receive widespread and diverse support throughout the Granite State, and today the New Hampshire for Hillary campaign announced the names of 527 Veterans for Hillary.

“Hillary Clinton believes that once our soldiers have fulfilled their obligation to our country, our country must fulfill its obligation to them and to their families,” said Bob Hannan, Air Force veteran and Co-Chair of Veterans for Hillary. “She has worked diligently to see that the brave men and women who serve are our nation receive the benefits they have been promised.”

Hillary Clinton has a long history of fighting for our veterans. As President, she will enact a GI Bill of Rights for the 21st Century that will offer service members, veterans and their families with expanded education, housing and entrepreneurial benefits.  In addition, as President, Hillary will ensure that all of the 1.8 million uninsured veterans in this country has access to quality, affordable health care and will establish a pilot program on homelessness prevention for veterans.  The program will provide subsidies, eviction prevention, and one-time assistance for veterans who fall behind on their rent.

“Senator Clinton has been a champion for proper treatment of our troops – while they are serving and when they return,” said State Representative and Air Force Veteran Eleanor Kjellman. “As a leader on the Senate Armed Services committee, she has successfully fought to ensure the troops receive proper training and necessary supplies, such as body armor.  Hillary has also worked to make certain that our veterans receive quality medical care, and that they have access to educational and employment opportunities.

When Hillary Clinton is president, she will end the war in Iraq. Her three-step plan would bring our troops home, work to bring stability to the region, and replace military force with a new diplomatic initiative to engage countries around the world in securing Iraq's future. Hillary has also been fighting in the Senate to force the President to change course.

“I was registered as an independent for a long time and always explore every option before making a decision. After getting a chance to meet Hillary, my choice was clear,” said John Cesana of Hudson, who served 27 years in the Army and the Army Reserve. “She will listen to you. She will talk to you. And she will answer you. I know that she will be a leader who stands up for our nation’s troops.”

The New Hampshire for Hillary campaign also released a new video featuring local Veterans for Hillary.  The video can be viewed at: .

“I am honored to have the support of these men and women from across the Granite State who have so honorably served on our country’s behalf,” said Senator Clinton. “Together we will work to finally bring an end to the war in Iraq, rebuild America’s role in the world, and deliver on the promises made to the men and women who have served our country.”

Following is a complete list of Granite State Veterans for Hillary.

North Country

Rene Bisson, Berlin; Army

Normand Bouchard, Berlin

Frank Chapell, Berlin; Army

Raymond Croteau, Berlin; Navy

Francis Delorge, Berlin; Army

Maurice Duchesne, Berlin; Army

Normand Duclos, Berlin; Air Force

Lucien Dupuis, Berlin; Navy

Nancy Ehrig, Lancaster; Army

Karen Fesler, Bath

Paul Godin, Berlin; Air Force

John Graham, Franconia; Navy

Norman Grondin, Berlin; Navy

Lloyd Honnon, Gorham

Joseph Ippolito, Colebrook; Navy

Ivan Kennedy, Gorham; Army

Antonio Laflamme, Littleton; Army

Henry Lanteigne, Berlin

Donald Lapointe, Berlin; Air Force

Linda Lauer, Bath; Navy

Harold Leath, Berlin; Army

Gerard Lepage, Berlin; Navy

Robert Litvin, Berlin; Army

Robert Mainguy, Berlin; Navy

Rep. Edgar Mears, Berlin; Navy

Frank Morin, Berlin; Navy

Raymond Paradis, Milan; Navy

Robert Pepin, Berlin; Marines

Norman Perkins, Gorham; Army

Jules Poulin, Berlin; Army

Donald Rich, Milan

Henry Riendeau, Berlin; Army

Roland Roberge, Berlin; Army

Roland Roberge, Groveton; Air Force

Denis Roy, Milan

Roland Roy, Berlin; Marines

Bradford Whipple, Sugar Hill

Paul Wilson, Groveton;

Stephen Woodcock, Conway



Robert Deline, Claremont;

Theobald Frechette, Claremont; Canadian Army

Carroll French, Langdon

Brian Johnson, Claremont; Navy

Norman Monroe, Claremont; Air Force

Eileen Skowronski, Claremont


Concord Area

Brian Bailey, Henniker

Kenneth Barrett, Concord

Roy Baum, Chichester

Joseph Belliveau, Contoocook; Navy

Norman Boudreau, Pembroke; Marines

William Brasley, Pembroke; Army, Tank Destroyers Battalion

William Campbell, New London; Navy

Norman Dennis, Henniker; Army

Roy Downes, Salisbury; National Guard

Arthur Ducharme, Greenfield; Air Force

Robert Dyment, Pembroke; Army

Stephen Enroth, North Sutton

Leonard Gilman, Pittsfield; Marines

Lane Gorton, Bennington; Army

Warren Greenough, Concord; Navy

Alan Hall, Contoocook; Navy

Dennis Hewitt, Allenstown; Coast Guard

Willis Hill, Concord; Navy

John Hoar, Concord

William Kelso, Canterbury; Air Force

Rep. Eleanor Kjellman, Henniker; Air Force

William Kuhlman, Concord; Navy, Air Force

Bruce Lebrun, Penacook; Marines

Thelma Lemire, Franklin; Marines

Murray Loss, Hillsborough

Ernest Mahar, Franklin; Navy

Richard Martell, Allenstown; Army

John Michaud, Concord; Navy

Robert Miner, Epsom; Army

Henry Mowatt, Concord; Army

Mary Mowatt, Concord; Navy Nurse

Tudor Richards, Contoocook

Paul Riel, Pittsfield; Air Force

Zach Roberts, Henniker; Marines

Terry Shumaker, Bow; JAG Corps

William Stiles, Pittsfield; Army

Frank Taylor, Hillsborough; Army

Charles Trowbridge, Bradford; Navy, Army

Walter Valley, Hillsborough; Air Force

Frederick Wolf, Concord; Army National Guard

Carl Wyss, Chichester

Arthur Zirngiebel, Chichester; Army


Dover Area

Robert Beaudoin, Somersworth; Marines

Roland Belhumeur, Dover

Raymond Bernard, Newmarket; Marine

Rep. Roger Berube, Somersworth; Navy

William Caldwell, Dover; Marines

Jay Dean, Dover; Air Force

Charles Dearborn, Newmarket; National Guard

Hector Desjardins, Dover; Navy

Dennis Flanagan, Somersworth; Army

Ronald Forbes, Dover; Navy

Armand Gagnon, Somersworth; Navy

Rep. Earle Goodwin, Dover

Ludwik Goscinski, Somersworth; Navy

Bob Hannan, Dover; Air Force

Rep. Roland Hofemann, Dover; Air Force

James Knowles, Dover

Rep. William Knowles, Dover; Air Force

Dorothy Lafont, Lee; Air Force

Edward Larrabee, Dover; Navy

Ken Latchaw, Dover; Navy

William Linchey, Dover; Navy

Robert McGloan, Dover

Albert Moreau, Dover; Army Air Corps

Philippe Morrissette, Dover; Navy

Raymond Morse, Dover; Army

Brian Murphy, Newmarket; Army

Frank Pasternak, Somersworth; Marines

Henry Pike, Dover; Army

John Rubino, Dover; Air Force

William Shaheen, Madbury

Eugene Tillock, Durham; Army

Maurice Ward, Somersworth; Army


Keene Area

Donald Anderson, Jaffrey; Army Medical Corps

Richard Beauregard, Jaffrey

David Belletete, Swanzey; Afghanistan Veteran

Paul Burnham, Jaffrey; Army

Michael Carbone, Keene

Raymond Constantine, Jaffrey

Philip Croteau, Keene

Gerald Elliott, Jaffrey; Navy

Gilbert Evans, Keene; Army

Sherwood Jackson, Stoddard; Army

Raymond Johnson, Keene; Marines

Robert Kennedy, Winchester; Navy

John Lafreniere, Jaffrey; Army

Arthur Lienhardt, Jaffrey; Army

Lionel Lortie, Keene; Army

Harry Martin, Hinsdale; Medical Corps

James Murphy, Jaffrey; Air Force

Joseph Poisson, Keene; Navy

Leo Richard, Swanzey; Army

James Rounds, Winchester; Army

Wendell Roye, Keene; Army

William Russell, Winchester; Army, Tank Destroyer Battallion

Harry Scott, North Walpole; Navy

Charles Stroble, Swanzey; Air Force

David Swenson, Keene; NSA

John Trubiano, Keene

Raymond Wallace, Jaffrey; Army

Jerome Weinrieb, Swanzey; Army Air Corps


Lakes Region

Arthur Betourne, Belmont; Navy

George Bridgeman, Laconia

Peter Casey, Gilmanton

Louis Dall, Barnstead; Marines

Duke Dawalga, Tilton; Air Force

William Donovan, Gilmanton; Army

Donald Frost, Gilford; Navy

Robert Giguere, Laconia; Navy

Eugene Greenwood, Belmont; Marines

George Houle, Laconia; Army, Air Force

Robert Meredith, Center Barnstead; Army

Philip Moreau, Gilford; Air Force

Joseph Prisco, Alton; Air Force

Richard Sanderson, New Hampton; Air Force

James Sycovaris, Gilford

Israel Willard, Gilmanton; Marines


Derry Area

Bernard Bowie, Hampstead; Navy

Gerald Brand, Derry

Vincent Callahan, Sandown

Calvin Cameron, West Chesterfield; Army

Robert Celeste, Derry; Army

George Chaloux, Derry; Navy

Milton Christian, Derry

Alberto Frasca, Derry

Donald Gagne, Derry; Navy

Frederick Gresch, Hampstead

Melvin Heidt, Londonderry; Navy

Jeffrey Jones, Derry; Marines

Mary Jones, Derry; Navy

Haigaz Krikorian, Derry; Army

Andrew Laroche, E Hampstead; Navy

Joseph Longey, Chester

William Mafera, Derry; Marines

Francis Mahoney, Hampstead

William Malatesta, Chester

Joseph Marston, Derry; Army Air Corps

Robert McRobbie, Derry

Daniel Mulhall, Sandown; Army

Norman Page, Derry; Army

Ken Putney, Sandown

Ernest Rutherford, Chester; Air Force

Joel Saren, East Hampstead; Marines

Charles Shapiro, Londonderry; Army Air Corps

Daniel Shelpman, Derry

Justin Sidley, Derry; Navy

Tim Siekmann, Londonderry

John Sullivan, Londonderry; Army

William Timledge, Sandown; Marines


Manchester Area

John Balon, Bedford

Francis Bartula, Manchester; Navy

Joseph Beauregard, Goffstown; Army Air Corps

Dennis Beer, Auburn

Edward Bellemare, Bedford

Joseph Bennett, Manchester; Army

Ronald Bissonnette, Goffstown; Navy, Army

Roger Bleau, Manchester; Army

William Block, Manchester

Roger Boisvert, Manchester

Edward Bolton, Manchester; Marines

Robert Boudreau, Manchester

Norman Bouley, Auburn; Army Reserve

Rene Bourque, Manchester; Navy

Maurice Breton, Hooksett; Navy

Richard Bruner, Bedford; Navy

Howard Bugbee, Goffstown; Army

Joan Burgan, Manchester; Navy

Peter Burkush, Manchester; Army Air Corps

Louis Buxton, Manchester; Army

William Carbone, Manchester

Hon. William Cashin, Manchester

William Cavanaugh, Auburn; Air Force

Philip Chaplain, Bedford; Army, Tank Destroyers Battalion

Andrew Cohen, Manchester; Maine Air National Guard

Floyd Colburn, Weare

Ernest Corey, Manchester

Armand Cote, Hooksett

John Coyne, Manchester

Robert Dennis, Manchester

Pierre Dezainde, Manchester; Army

Eugene Donati, Hooksett; Army Medical Corps

Maurice Doyle, Manchester; Army

Romeo Dubreuil, Manchester; Navy

Gilbert Estey, Candia; Army

Edgar Faucher, Manchester; Army

Joseph Fielding, Manchester; Army

Rene Flurey, Manchester; Marines

Melvin Fogle, Manchester; Navy

Louis Foskin, Manchester; Army

John Frain, Weare; Army

Richard French, Manchester; Navy

Hildred Gardner, Manchester

Vincent Giambartolome, Bedford; Navy

Peter Giampa, Manchester

Roland Gionet, Manchester; Air Force

Anthony Gordon, Raymond; Army Engineers

George Guimond, Manchester; Army

Donald Hartley, Bedford; Coast Guard

Richard Hayes, Manchester; Army Air Corps

Albert Heggelund, Auburn; Marines, Army

Walter Ingaharro, Candia; Marines

Bruce Johanson, Manchester; Navy

David Johnson, Manchester; Army

Walter Joyce, Manchester

Nicholas Kacavas, Manchester; Navy

Nicholas Kalipolites, Manchester

John Kapp, Manchester; Marines

Hon. John King, Manchester; Navy

James King, Manchester; Air Force

Merton King, Hooksett; Army

Thomas King, Manchester

Charles Kokkinos, Manchester; Army

Dennis Kounas, Candia; Air Force

Stanley Kuzia, Manchester

Roland Laflamme, Manchester; Army

Gerard Lagasse, Manchester

Thomas Lambert, Manchester; Army

Roger Lang, Manchester; Navy

Ralph Lavallee, Goffstown; Army

Robert Ledoux, Hooksett

Robert Legasse, Manchester; Army

Gerard Lemay, Manchester; Navy

Normand Lemay, Manchester; Air Force

Lucien Lemire, Manchester

Robert Leonard, Manchester; Army Air Corps

Menelaos Lianos, Manchester; Army

John Mahoney, Manchester; Air Force

Pete Manning, Manchester; Iraq Veteran

Patricia McCarthy, Manchester; Women's Land Army

Arthur McCloskey, Manchester; Army

Richard McDonough, Manchester

John McNally, Manchester; Navy, Air Force

Ralph Mehlhorn, Manchester; Army Air Corps

John Morakis, Manchester; Army

Angel Morales, Candia

Hugh Muir, Manchester; Marines

Franklin Neddeau, Manchester; Army

Edward Newdorf, Manchester; Army Air Corps

Denis Norton, Hooksett; Navy

Nassery Noufel, Manchester; Air Force

Frederick Oconnor, Manchester; Air Force

Felix Ostrouch, Manchester; Army Air Corps

Bertrand Ouellette, Auburn; Air Force

Thomas Padden, Manchester; Army

Edgar Paquin, Hooksett; Army

Mark Pare, Manchester

Emile Pinard, Manchester; Air Force

Marcel Pinard, Manchester; Navy

Frank Pizzutillo, Manchester; Army

Robert Platek, Manchester; Air Force

Philip Plentzas, Manchester; Marines

Eugene Prest, Hooksett; Navy

Paul Proulx, Manchester; Air Force

George Provost, Manchester; Navy

Richard Querze, Manchester; Air Force

Roger Raiche, Bedford

Alfred Ranger, Manchester; Air Force

Lionel Reed, Manchester; Air Force

Frank Reidy, Manchester; Army

David Rennie, Manchester; Navy

Alfred Richardson, Manchester

Antonio Roberge, Manchester; Army

David Roche, Manchester; Navy

Frederick Rose, Candia

Charles Rossier, Merrimack

Vincent Roukey, Manchester; Marines

Henry Royer, Manchester; Army

Bernard Rubin, Manchester; Army

Joe Saxon, Candia

George Shapiro, Merrimack; Navy

William Silakos, Manchester; Army

Arthur St Cyr, Manchester; Navy

Armand Talbot, Goffstown; Navy

Marcel Talbot, Manchester; Air Force

Barbara Allen Upton, Bedford

Napoleon Vachon, Manchester; Navy

William Watts, Manchester; Army

Francis Weber, Candia

Russell Zela, Manchester; Army


Nashua Area

Michael Atkins, Lyndeborough; JAG Corps

Raymond Barriault, Hudson; OSS

Thomas Barry, Nashua

Roland Bedard, Hudson

Gerard Belanger, Hudson

Gordon Bennett, Amherst

Frederick Bieber, Hudson; Royal Canadian Air Force

Roy Blaisdell, Nashua

Paul Bleau, Nashua; Air Force

Robert Boggis, Nashua; Army

Charles Boghigian, Nashua

Alfred Bouchard, Nashua; Army

Janice Bouchard, Nashua; Air Force

Raymond Brousseau, Hudson

Wilfred Cabana, Peterborough; Air Force

Lee Caron, Nashua; Navy and Army

Michael Cascini, Hudson; Army

John Cesana, Hudson; Army, former commander Hudson VFW Post

Robert Cloutier, Hudson; Marines

Roger Cloutier, Nashua; Air Force

Demetrios Coutsonikas, Nashua

Grant Dearborn, Hudson; Navy

Albert Desrosiers, Hudson

Benjamin Devoid, Milford

Raymond Dionne, Hudson; Navy

Paul Donovan, Peterborough; Air Force

Raymond Drouin, Hudson; Navy

Irving Dunckelman, Peterborough; Army

John Dunn, Hollis; British Navy

John Ferbert, Hudson; Army

Robert Fish, Nashua

John Galbo, Nashua; Army

David Geoffrey, Peterborough; Army

James Gorman, Nashua

Rep. Paul Hackel, Nashua

Alfred Haley, Hudson; Air Force

Paul Haskell, Hudson; Navy

Edmund Henault, Peterborough; Navy

Raymond Hewey, Nashua; Air Force

Stephen Homoleski, Brookline; Air Force

James Kearns, Hudson

Richard Keating, Milford

Laurie Keller, Nashua; Army Artillery

Keith Killgren, Nashua; National Guard, Afghanistan Veteran

Kenneth King, Peterborough; Army

Thomas Kostoulakos, Nashua; National Guard

Maurice Labrie, Nashua; Army

Peter Lachapelle, Nashua; Navy

Raymond Lafleur, Hudson; Army

Roland Lefebvre, Nashua; Air Force, Former Commander Nashua VFW Post

Joseph Lessard, Peterborough; Air Force

Theodore Lessard, Nashua; Army

Normand Loranger, Nashua; Army

Maynard Maddocks, Hudson; Marines

Peter Markiewicz, Nashua; Army

Bernard Martin, Nashua

John McKillop, Nashua; Army

Gerald McMillan, Hudson; Army

Fernand Morin, Hudson; Army

James Myers, Hudson; Navy

Julius Narkunas, Nashua; Army Air Corps

Armand Nourie, Nashua; Army

Nathaniel Ober, New Ipswich

Gerald Olsen, Nashua; Army

David Otte, Hudson; Army

Richard Ouellette, Nashua; Air Force

Richard Palmer, Hudson; Army

John Pappas, Nashua

Frank Parker, Nashua; Army

Hedley Parsons, Mont Vernon; Army, Field Artillery

David Phillips, Nashua; Air Force

Eugene Potterton, Hudson; Navy

Gary Price, Mont Vernon; Air Force

Peggy Price, Mont Vernon; Air Force

George Rancourt, Hudson; Air Force

Joseph Reid, Nashua; Navy

Hugh Roberts, Amherst; Navy

Normand Rochette, Nashua; Air Force

Victor Schulze, Nashua; Navy and Army

James Shea, Peterborough; Air Force

Donald Tharp, Hudson; Army

Gareth Vincent, Hudson

Michael Bannan, Bristol; Air Force

Charles Buhrman, Plymouth

Richard Carrara, Hebron; Air Force

Aurol Chaisson, Ashland; Air Force

Jules Doner, Campton

Rep. Carole Estes, Plymouth

Everett Jesseman, Piermont; Army Engineers

John Northrup, Campton; Air Force

John Scarborough, Plymouth; Marines

Valerie Scarborough, Plymouth; Marines

John Townsend, Plymouth; Navy



Andrew Tuttle, Bristol; Army

Robert Allen, Kingston; Navy

Guy Arno, Hampton; Navy

John Arno, Portsmouth; Army

Eugene Balthaser, Greenland

Roger Beaupre, Epping; Army

Walter Belkovicz, Brentwood

Mary Bishop, Hampton; Navy

Leeman Boston, Portsmouth; Marines

Diane Botzum, Hampton

Thomas Bridge, Hampton; Air Force

Charles Burrill, Kingston; Navy

Wesley Calder, Greenland; Marines

Robert Casazza, Hampton; Navy

Edward Cassidy, Hampton; Army

Carlos Castro, Portsmouth; Army

Manuel Chavez, Portsmouth

Thomas Conway, Hampton

Paul Cote, Exeter; Army

Louis Defazio, Seabrook

Joseph Doucette, Newton

John Duffin, Hampton; Navy

Gary Flood, Epping; Army

William French, Hampton; Marines

Rodney Gagnon, Exeter

Patricia Gormley, Portsmouth; Marines, Navy

Armand Hebert, Hampton

Richard Hollihan, Portsmouth

Jerome Jean, Epping; Army

Donald Lavallee, Hampton; Army

F Marshall, Stratham; Navy

Richard McCleary, Portsmouth; Air Force

Frank McEachern, Hampton; Navy

Robert Merrick, Kingston; Army

Vincent Michniewich, Portsmouth; Army Air Corps

Richard Mills, Portsmouth; Army

Skip Mobbs, Portsmouth; Air Force

George Novell, Epping; Army

Robert Parshley, Kingston; Army

Edwin Pecker, Kingston; Navy

Leonard Pufahl, Portsmouth; Air Force

Charles Rogers, Rye; Navy

James Schlough, Stratham; Marines

John Senter, Epping; Navy

Howard Sloan, Epping; Air Force

Roger Soucy, Epping; Army

Henry Sullivan, Hampton

Joseph Verna, Portsmouth; Army

Stuart Vogel, Exeter

Thomas Weisensee, Epping; Navy

Melvin Wilt, Hampton

Donald Yemma, East Kingston; Navy


Rochester Area

Leonard Arkerson, Middleton; Navy

Arthur Beane, Rochester; Air Force

Manuel Blattstein, Rochester; Army

Robert Breton, Rochester; Seabees

Rep. George Brown, Rochester

Richard Canney, Farmington; Army

Harry Colbath, Farmington; Marines

William Coyne, Barrington

Rep. James Cyr, Strafford

Albert Doak, Farmington; Navy

Armand Dostie, Rochester

Roland Dubois, Rochester; Navy

Claire Fabiano, Rochester; Navy

James Fabiano, Rochester; Navy

Barry Flanagan, Rochester; Navy

George Fleming, Barrington

Robin Flockerzi, Rochester; Marines, Air National Guard

Walter Goodale, Rochester; Army

Lawrence Grassi, Barrington; Navy

Bradford Harrington, Rochester; Army

Roland Lefebvre, Rochester; Army

Bernard McGlone, Farmington; Navy

Kenneth Neal, Farmington; Army

George Nichols, Rochester; Army

Wayne Perreault, Barrington

Carmel Radwan, Rochester; Navy

Eugene Risso, Barrington; Navy

Louis Ryan, Middleton; Army

Carl Stanley, Rochester; Army, Air Force

Harold Surago, Farmington; Army

Norman Talbot, Rochester; Marines

Thomas Taylor, Farmington; Navy

Valmore Vachon, Rochester; Army

Rogers Ward, Rochester; Army


Salem Area

Raymond Busta, Atkinson; Army

William Connell, Atkinson; Navy

John Cronin, Pelham; Army

Harley Featherston, Salem

Jerome Gosselin, Salem; Army

Raymond Harmacinski, Salem; Navy

William Knoop, Pelham; Air Force

Robert Leslie, Salem; Marines

Charles Mooskian, Pelham; Navy, Commander, Pelham VFW Post

Christos Payos, Salem; Air Force

Everett Smith, Atkinson; Air Force

James Thomas, Atkinson; Air Force

Jerry Burt, Plainfield

William Ellis, Grafton

Robert Ells, Orange

Hon. Ralph Hough, Grantham

Victor Kaplan, Hanover

Irving Ligeti, Lebanon; Air Force

Paul McNamara, West Lebanon; Air Force

Allan Monica, Lebanon; Marines

Eugene Seiffert, Enfield

Howard Shaffer, Enfield

John Stevens, Lebanon; Air Force