PRESS RELEASE from Hillary Clinton for President

November 15, 2007

Contact: NH for Hillary Press Office

Kathleen Strand

NH Commissioner of Education Lyonel Tracy Endorses Hillary for President

New Hampshire for Hillary Announces 225 More Granite State Educators for Hillary

MANCHESTER, NH – Joining more than 500 Educators for Hillary, New Hampshire’s Commissioner of Education, Dr. Lyonel Tracy today announced his endorsement for Hillary for President. One week after announcing 312 Educators for Hillary, the New Hampshire for Hillary campaign today announced the names of 225 more educators from the Granite State who support Senator Clinton’s run for President.

“Senator Clinton has proven time and again that she is a leader in education,” said Dr. Lyonel Tracy. “Her work as First Lady in Arkansas to help set public school standards along with her efforts to reform No Child Left Behind put her leagues ahead of other presidential candidates. As President, she will be the advocate our nation’s educators need.”

As an advocate, First Lady, and United States Senator, Hillary has fought to raise the education standards in our nation’s schools. Hillary is committed to reforming No Child Left Behind (NCLB). In addition to fighting for full funding for NCLB, she is working to ensure the legislation supports early childhood education, improves teacher training, lowers class size, enhances parental involvement, eliminates environmental hazards in schools, and protects the programs that work for America’s children.

Senator Clinton is also working actively to secure full funding for Head Start, a program that has helped prepare children to succeed in school by providing comprehensive services addressing all the barriers children in poverty face.

Recently, Hillary proposed a plan to make college accessible and affordable for all Americans. By providing a $3,500 tuition tax credit—more than 50% of the cost of tuition at the average public institution—and increasing Pell grants, Hillary’s plan will unlock the doors to higher education for millions of young Americans. In addition, Hillary will simplify the student aid process and strengthen incentives for students interested in public service.

Hillary believes that investing in early childhood education is essential. Studies show that universal pre-kindergarten programs pay for themselves after nine years and produce a growing annual return in the years beyond. That is why Senator Clinton has proposed a plan to provide universal pre-kindergarten program to serve all of America’s four-year-olds. Her plan would expand access to the more than 3 million 4-year-olds who are not enrolled in state pre-kindergarten programs. It would provide states with matching funds to devise their own programs and requiring that classes be taught by highly-trained teachers.

“I am honored to have the support of Dr. Tracy and these dedicated men and women who have undertaken the critically important job of educating New Hampshire’s children,” said Senator Clinton. “With their help, I will continue working to ensure that Americans have access to the quality education they deserve from early childhood on.”

Dr. Lyonel Tracy was appointed Commissioner of Education for New Hampshire in 2005.  Dr. Tracy has over 20 years of experience in the field of education.  Prior to his appointment as commissioner, Dr. Tracy served as Superintendent of Schools in Portsmouth, President of the New England Association of School Superintendents and Chair of the New Hampshire Parent Teacher Association’s Education Committee.

A complete list of the 225 Educators for Hillary follows:


Joyce Adams, Nashua

Retired Educator


Rebecca Albert, Tilton

High School Librarian


Cynthia Amato, Windham

Educator, Pinkerton Academy


Eileen Amburg, Hudson

Retired Educator


Kay Anderson, Merrimack

Retired Educator


Eva Axne, Nashua

Food Service Worker, Nashua High School South


Ann Ayotte, Keene

Retired Educator


Nancy Baker, Amherst

Classical Language Teacher, Souhegan High School, Amherst


Cynthia Bannon, Manchester

Educator, Manchester


Sandra Bauer, Hampton



Margaret Beale, Bedford

Teacher, Hollis-Brookline Middle School


Susan Beere-Wilkerson, Warner



Jeanne Beland, Durham

Retired Educator


Melvin Berger, Nashua

Retired Educator


Jennifer Bicknell, Londonderry

Former Educator


Suanne Bickum, Newton



Sandra Binion, Acwroth

Educator, Stevens High School, Claremont


Lisa Blake, Brookline



Michael Blayney, Grantham

Director, Department of Environmental Health and Safety, Dartmouth College


Patricia Blumenthal, Chester

Professor, Chester College


Thomas Bonaccorsi, Lee

Educator, Oyster River Middle School, Durham


Kathleen Bonaccorsi, Lee

Educator, Oyster River Middle School, Durham


Virginia Borst, Pelham

Retired Educator, Pelham Memorial School


Elizabeth Bouchard, Pembroke

Middle School Math Teacher


Kathy Bouchard, Hudson

Librarian, Alvirne High School, Hudson


Jane Bradley, Hampton



Carol Brassard, Keene

Former Director of Counseling, Alvirne High School, Hudson


Laurie Brothers, Center Barnstead

Language Arts Teacher, Paul School, Wakefield


Deborah Browne, Campton

English Teacher, Newfound High School, Bristol


Iris Bucchino, Bow

Educator, NHTI, Concord


Misty Burrington, Bedford

Middle School Social Studies Teacher, Derry


Leslie Callahan, Manchester

Retired Educator


Sandra Chaffee, Winchester

Dining Services, Northfield Mount Hermon School, Northfield, MA


Elizabeth Chickering, Walpole

Retired Educator


Linda Chretien, Manchester

Teacher, Raymond


Stacie Chu, Dover

Speech Therapist


Susan Coburn, Bow

Music Teacher, Kearsarge Middle School, New London


Sandra Cohen, Concord

Educator, Merrimack High School


Mary Cooper, Newbury

Elementary Educator, New Boston School


Leslie Cooper, Exeter

Retired Educator


Kathleen Cotton, Dover



Patricia Cox, Newfields

Specialist, Portsmouth School District; Instructor, UNH


Nancy Crane, Nashua

Third Grade Teacher, Nashua


Elizabeth Crory, Hanover

Retired Educator


Carole Culhane, Pelham



Heather Cummings, Epsom



Sarah Curtin, Portsmouth



Stephanie Dakoulas, Manchester

Educator, Moharimet Elementary, Madbury


Elizabeth Dalton, Derry



Lisa Damren, West Lebanon

Health Teacher, Lyme School


Bernice Dangelas, Pelham



Maria Dawidoff, Francestown

Retired Educator


Barbara Dennett, Newfields



John Derosa, Salem



Barbara Deselle, Manchester

Retired Educator


Maria Di Nola, Manchester

Principal, Timberlane Regional High School, Plaistow


Melissa Dietz, Brookline



Beverly Dowdy, Hampstead



Patricia Drown, Concord

Retired Educator


Mary-Chris Duncan, Bradford

Elementary Educator, Maple Street School, Manchester


Sarah Eastman, Conway

Educator, Kennett High School


Linda Ehrlich, Lebanon

Sixth Grade Teacher, Lebanon


Beverly Ells, Orange

Substitute Teacher, Canaan Elementary School


Donna Fallon, Manchester

Life Skills Teacher, McLaughlin Middle School, Manchester


Heddy Fantl, Grantham

Retired Educator


Kimberly Farah, Danville

Professor, Lasell College, MA


Carol-Anne Finnegan, Bethlehem

Retired Educator


Lucille Finochiaro, Hampton

Retired Educator


Garypaul Flynn, Canaan



Joyce Fox, Manchester

Retred Pre-Kindergarten Teacher


Rebecca Franks, Nashua



Jen Freitas, Manchester

Special Education Teacher, Hillside Middle School, Manchester


Serita Frey, Deerfield

Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire


Janice Galloway, Newmarket

Fifth Grade Teacher, Hampton Falls


Helen Galloway, Atkinson

Retired Educator


Nancy Gati, Manchester

Educator, Hillside Middle School, Manchester


Ann Gehring, Sanbornville

Elementary Educator, New Durham School


Cynthia Gieryn, Salem

Special Edcuation Teacher, Haverhill, MA


Robin Gilson, Swanzey



Susan Gimilaro, Bedford



Stephen Gorin, Canterbury

Professor, Plymouth State University


Lillian Grant, Peterborough

Retired Educator


Dana Gray, Dover



Kristyne Groves, Dunbarton

Educator, Bartlett Elememtary, Goffstown


Brenda Haenchen, Keene

Educator, Symonds Elementary, Keene


Joy Hagstrom, Rye

Educator, Oyster River Middle School, Durham


Sandra Hall, Bartlett



Lisa Hamblin, Hudson



Abigail Hambrook, Center Sandwich

Social Studies Teacher, Brett School, Tamworth


Donna Hamel, Litchfield

Educator, Amherst Middle School


Clifford Harriman, Lebanon



Frances Harrow, Amherst



Mary Hartman, New Hampton



Linda Hartmann, Strafford

Educator, Strafford School


Susan Haver, Keene

Retired Educator


Susan Henley, Peterborough

Educator, Conval School District


Marilyn Hennessey, Concord



Cheryl Henry, Exeter

Counselor, Timberlane High School, Plaistow


Christine Hodsdon, Exeter



John Hodsdon, Exeter

Middle School Teacher, Danvers, MA


Kathleen Horan, Manchester

Retired Educator


Sheryl Horton, Durham



Anne Hostage, Nashua

Retired Educator and President of Nashua Area Retired Educators


Mary Irons, Barrington

Educator, Strafford School District


Ronald Jacques, Laconia

Social Studies Teacher, Rundlett Middle School, Concord


James Jelmberg, Durham

University of New Hampshire


Elizabeth Jipson, Goffstown

Librarian, The Derryfield School, Manchester


Lea Ann Jules, Lee

Economics Teacher, Sanborn High School


Bud Kaeppeler, Nashua



Audrey Kantargis, Merrimack



Terry Karnan, Portsmouth



Jane Kavanaugh, Dover

Counselor, Barrington High School


Brian Keaveney, Manchester

Substitute Teacher, Manchester


Virginia Kelleher, Portsmouth



Karen Kelley, Nashua

Curriculum Coordinator, Hollis Elementary School


Elaine Kennedy, Londonderry

Secretary, Londonderry High School


Marea Kerrigan, Manchester

School Counselor, Bishop Guertin, Nashua


Holly Kimball, Strafford



James Knowles, Dover

Educator, Dover High School


Linda Kroupa, Newport



Gretchen Lafaso, Manchester



Cheryl Lafond, Littleton

Educator, Pembroke Academy


Suzanne Lajoie, Manchester



Maryann Lakevicius, Concord



Estelle Landry, Bedford



Kenneth Latchaw, Dover

Retired Educator


Elaine Lauterborn, Rochester



Linda Lawson, Manchester

English Teacher, Concord High School


Susan Leach, Manchester

Retired Educator


Janice Lessard, Nashua

Educator, Nashua


Ann Lessard, Peterborough

Retired Elementary Educator


Mary Levesque, Nashua

Educator, Hudson


Kathy Link, Chesterfield



Arnold Linsky, Durham

Sociology Professor Emeritus, University of New Hampshire


Jane List, Contoocook

Educator, Hopkinton Independent School.


Maryanne Lockwood, Dunbarton

Educator, Hooksett


Celeste Ludwig, Manchester

Educator, Webster School, Machester


Robin Lurie-Meyerkopf, Silver Lake

Educational Consultant


Kathleen Maloney, Nashua



Laura Marcario, Bartlett



Susan Marshall, Manchester



Silvia Marshall, Dover



Claire Martin, Nashua

Educator, Rivier College


Elizabeth Mazzoleni, Salem

Multimedia Department, Essex Community College, MA


Deborah McConnell, Epping

Educator, Exeter


Donna McDougal, Sanbornville

Educator, Paul School, Wakefield


Deborahanne McLaughlin, Derry



Jeffrey McNish, Concord

School Psychologist, Epsom School


Valerie Merrill, Allenstown

Educator, SAU #53, Allenstown


Carol-Lee Mesmer, Manchester

Educator, Raymond Elementary School


Gabrielle Messier, Plaistow



Christine Miller, Dover



Della Mills, Plymouth



Cynthia Moniz, Canterbury

Professor, Plymouth State University


Susan Morbey, Amherst

Reading Teacher, Goffstown High School


Trudy Morris, Manchester

Educator, Londonderry, NH


Michele Mortensen, Bedford



Laura Mosconas, Newport

Educator, Newport, NH


Laurie Mower, Concord

Educator, Hillboro-Deering School District


Sandra Murray, Weare

Educator, Goffstown, NH


Nancy Nason, Contoocook

Educator, Merrimack


Christine Nelson, Bradford

Paraprofessional, Kearsarge Regional School District


Jeanne Newman, Hampstead

Educator, Salem


Lucille Normand, Deerfield



Krista Paduchowski, Hampstead

Educator, Salisbury, MA


Joy Page, Portsmouth



Debra Page, Bennington

Educator, Milford


Gloria Paicopolos, Nashua

Special Education Teacher


Nora Palmer, Lyme

Retired Principal


Daniel Pare, Nashua

American Government Teacher, Goffstown High School


Richard Parent, Bedford

Biology Teacher, Milford High School


Nancy Parker, West Chesterfield



Joanne Pepin, Somersworth

Educator, Somersworth


Heidi Perry, Hooksett

Social Studies Teacher, Hillside Middle School, Manchester


Lorraine Plourde, Nashua

Educator, Hollis-Brookline


Patricia Popieniek, Raymond

Educator, Raymond


Charles Pouliot, Hampstead

Technology Educator, Lawrence, MA Public Schools


Debra Powers, E Hampstead

Librarian, Andover High School, MA


Marilyn Prell, Atkinson



Carla Press, Troy



Susanne Price, Laconia

Retired Educator


Virginia Prive, Merrimack



Dianne Quimbly, Center Ossipee

Educator, Moultonborough


Elise Racicot, Candia



Claire Rainville, Gorham

Retired Educator


Sheila Rapalje, Alton Bay

Retired Educator


Elaine Reinitzer, Hudson

Educator, Hudson, NH


Trudee Rice, Claremont

Fourth Grade Teacher, Maple Avenue School, Claremont


John Rimas, Seabrook

Retired Educator


Jean Rimas, Seabrook

Retired Educator


John Rist, Manchester

Principal, Central High School, Manchester


Denise Rock, Nashua

Educator, Nashua School District


Mary Ross, Manchester

Educator, NH Technical College, Nashua


Jacqueline Rossier, Merrimack

Retired Educator


Romana Rozbicki, Nashua



Denise Rudman, Manchester

Foreign Language Teacher, Central High School, Manchester


Shelden Sarnevitz, Sunapee

Retired Educator


Elizabeth Schneller, Londonderry



Diana Seitz, Manchester

Teacher, Hillside Middle School, Manchester


Beverly Shaw, Bath

Retired Educator


Jennifer Shulman, Rye



Mary Signor, Northwood

Science Teacher, Hillside Middle School, Manchester


Jill Silos, Newmarket

Political Science Professor, Hesser College


Molly Stevenson, Exeter

Social Studies Teacher, Exeter High School


Roberta Stewart, Hanover



Randi Stone, Keene



Susan Takesian, Plaistow

Business Technology Teacher, Timberlane High School, Plaistow


Sue Tipton, Goffstown

Teacher, Goffstown High School


Francine Torge, Durham

Retired Educator


Denise Trombly, Nashua

Educator, Nashua School District


Christina Turgeon, Manchester

Educator, Merrimack Middle School


Betty Vandersluis, Fitzwilliam

Retired Educator


Lynn Wallace, Newbury



Lydia Wallace, Sunapee

Principal, Upper Valley Jewish Community School


Linda Walsh, Manchester

Curriculum Coordinator, Hollis Elementary School


Christy Whipple, Newport

Principal, Richards Elementary School, Newport


Martha Williamson, Amherst



Colleen Wilusz, Hooksett

Educator, Armand R. Dupont School, Allenstown


Leslie Winship, Concord



Katherine Wolff, Londonderry

American History Teacher, Hampstead Middle School


Candace Woodbury, New Boston



Stephen Woodcock, Conway

Associate Principal, Kennett High School, Conway


Kathryn Wright, Plainfield



Patricia Yosha, Exeter

Retired Educator


Jerilyn Young, Durham