December 6, 2007

Contact: Iowa Press Office

Five Democratic County Chairs Speak Out on Hillary

Clinton’s Positive Message of Real Change

DES MOINES, IA – Across Iowa today, five Democratic County Chairs in rural Iowa spoke out in support of Senator Clinton’s uplifting message of real change.  For months, Senator Clinton has withstood the negative campaigning of her opponents and maintained a positive discussion about her plans to address the problems Americans face and create real change.

“The many supporters of Keokuk County are committed to Senator Clinton because her positive message of real change is unmatched by any other candidate and is exactly what Democrats need right now,” Democratic Keokuk County Chair Mary Krier said.  “Hillary has a long track record of raising people up through her policies and plans for our future.”

“Since the first day of her presidential campaign, I’ve been so impressed with Senator Clinton’s commitment to sharing her plans for our future while maintaining a positive campaign,” said Steve Lynch, Chair of the Chickasaw County Democrats.  “Americans understand it takes a remarkably unique person to stand next to her opponents and maintain her cool while being personally attacked.”

Plymouth County Democrats Chair Jon Neunaber said, “Americans know the truth about Senator Clinton.  Not only has she clearly run the most positive campaign among anyone in the race, she personally withstood mud-slinging from her counterparts that came right out of the Republican playbook.  American’s need a President who understands the importance of staying focused on the future.  Senator Clinton is that person.”

“I believe in Senator Clinton’s uplifting voice of change and reason.  Democrats are tired of candidates who say one thing and do another when it comes to health care and education.  Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who’s been completely straightforward with us and for that reason I will do everything I can to elect her the next President of the United States,” Phyllis Weeks, Chair of Marion County Democrats said today.

“Davis County Democrats are so inspired by Senator Clinton’s courage to stand up for us, despite all the attacks against her,” Cheryll Jones, Davis County Democrats Chair said.  “It’s so encouraging to me every time she clearly defines yet another brilliant plan.  Her positive message of real change makes it easy to work that extra hour at the end of the day.”