Hillary Clinton-Organization, Maryland
updated February 15, 2008

Chairman Gov. Martin O'Malley
(announced May 9, 2007)   Elected governor in 2006.  Elected Mayor of Baltimore in 1999 and re-elected.  Elected to City Council seat in Baltimore’s 3rd District in 1991 and served two terms.  Narrowly lost 1990 race for the Maryland State Senate.  Worked as a prosecutor from 1988-90.  Graduate of Catholic University and the University of Maryland Law School.  While still a student O'Malley worked on Gary Hart's 1984 presidential campaign including the Iowa caucus campaign.  Raised in Bethesda and Rockville.
State Political Director Kate Geyer
Served as a legislative fellow in the office of Sen. Clinton.  Two years as legislative director for Delegate Anne R. Kaiser (D-Burtonsville) in the Maryland General Assembly and managed Kaiser's 2006 re-election campaign.  B.A. in public communications and women's studies from American University; M.A. in public policy and women's studies from The George Washington University.  Geyer served four years in the Special Operations Forces of the U.S. Army Reserve.

Supporters as of Feb. 7, 2008...

U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski  (April 24, 2007)
U.S. Rep. Dutch Ruppersburger  (June 13, 2007)
Governor Martin O’Malley  (May 9, 2007)
Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown (Sept. 25, 2007; is National Co-Chair of Veterans for Hillary)
Treasurer Nancy Kopp  (Oct. 18, 2007)
Secretary of Aging Gloriah Lawlah
Former Lieutenant Governor Kathleen Kennedy Townsend  (Jan. 27, 2008)


James Bestpitch, Activist and Delegate Candidate
Larry Kasencamp, Activist and Delegate Candidate
Cherie Krug, Administrator and Delegate Candidate


Ellen Moyer, Mayor of Annapolis and Delegate Candidate
Mary Ann Love, Delegate -
Virginia Clagett, Delegate -
Pamela Biedle, Delegate -
Zina Pierre, Reverend
J. Elizabeth (Beth) Garraway, President Emerita, Maryland Independent Colleges and University Association
Regina McNeill, Maryland Muncipal League
Charles "Chuck" Weikel, Democratic Activist
D. Brown-Sugar Stallings, Activist
Wayne Rogers, Former State Party Chair and Delegate Candidate
Carol Pensky, DNC Member
Timothy O’Malley, Activist and Delegate Candidate


Bernard C. (Jack) Young, Councilmember and Delegate Candidate
Maggie McIntosh, Delegate and Delegate Candidate -
Carolyn Krysiak, Delegate -
Catherine Pugh, Senator and Delegate Candidate -
Glenard Middleton, DNC Member
Rochelle (Rikki) Spector, Councilmember
Sandy Hillman, Activist and Delegate Candidate
Jon Laria, Executive and Delegate Candidate
H. Alexander Robinson, Activist and Delegate Candidate
Cory Ruppersberger IV, Executive and Delegate Candidate


Lorretta Johnson, President, Maryland AFT
Adrienne Jones, House of Delegates Speaker Pro Tem and Delegate Candidate -
Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, Delegate, Deputy Majority Whip -
Mary Louise Preis, Former Delegate, Executive
Marietta English, President, Baltimore AFT and Delegate Candidate
Sheila Hill, Activist and Delegate Candidate
Flo Jones, Activist and Delegate Candidate
Johnny Olszewski, Sr., County Councilmember and Delegate Candidate
Phyllis Panopoulos, Activist and Delegate Candidate


Alphonso Hawkins, Deputy Superintendent, Huntington Law Enforcement


Nancy Voss, Activist and Delegate Candidate


Charles Thomas (Tom) McMillen, Former U.S. Representative


Tracy Sampson, Councilmember, President of Women's Democratic Club


Virginia Benedict, Activist and Delegate Candidate
Rhya Marohn, Business Owner and Delegate Candidate


C. Sue Hecht, Delegate and Delegate Candidate -


Michael Eaves, Activist and Delegate Candidate
Joseph Tydings, Former US Senator
Ina Taylor, Activist and Delegate Candidate
Mary Louise Preis, Former Delegate
Dion Guthrie, Activist and Delegate Candidate


Carole Fischer, Activist and Delegate Candidate
Linda Bogard, Activist, Retired Teacher
Shane Pendergrass, Dep. Majority Leader and Delegate Candidate -
Ann Balcerzak, Activist
Anwer Hasan, Activist and Delegate Candidate


Arthur Hock, Activist and Delegate Candidate


Ana Sol Gutierrez, Delegate -   (Feb. 7, 2008)
Susan Lee, Delegate -   (Feb. 7, 2008)
Beth Wong, Activist and Delegate Candidate
Carolyn Shawaker, Mayor, Garrett Park
Peter Fosselman, Mayor, Kensington
Marilyn Goldwater, Delegate -
Jennie Forehand, Senator -
Nancy Floreen, County Councilmember and Delegate Candidate
Caroline Gonzalez, Administrator
Nancy Navarro, President of Board of Education and Delegate Candidate
Duchy Trachtenberg, County Councilmember
Patricia O’Neill, Board of Education Member
Mary Ann Keeffe, Former Deputy Under Secretary USDA Clinton Appointee, Activist, Former Democratic Central Committee
Ruth Spector, Former County Councilmember
Esther Gelman, Former County Councilmember
Valerie Palmer, Activist, Teacher
Valerie Ervin, County Councilmember and Delegate Candidate
Hadassah Thursz, Activist
Steven Van Grack, Former Mayor, Rockville
Kamala Edwards, Activist, President of Indian American Leadership Council
Walter Behr, Mayor, Somerset
Jeffrey Slavin, Councilmember, Somerset
Lesley Anne Simmons, Councilmember, Somerset
Kathryn Porter, Mayor, Takoma Park
Joy Austin-Lane, Councilmember, Takoma Park
Steven Van Grack, Former Mayor, Rockville
Michael Steed, DNC Member
Henry B. 'Hank' Heller, Delegate -
Michael (Mike) Lenett, Senator -
Benjamin (Ben), Kramer, Delegate -
Adrienne Mandel, Former Delegate, Former President of Women Legislators of Maryland
Sheila Hixson, Delegate -
Rona Kramer, Senator -
Anne Kaiser, Delegate -
Richard Madaleno, Jr., Senator -
Mary Boergers, Former State Senator and Delegate Candidate
Cheryl Kagan, Former Delegate
Susan Ness, Former FCC Commissioner and Delegate Candidate
Gene Counihan, Former Delegate
Carol Petzold, Former Delegate
Laurence Levitan, Former Senator
Pauline Menes, Former Delegate
Alvaro Cifuentes, DNC Member
Maria Cardone, DNC Member
Sam Arora, Activist and Delegate Candidate
Andrew Buffenbarger, Activist and Delegate Candidate
Shu-Ping Chan, Activist and Delegate Candidate
John Delaney, Executive and Delegate Candidate
Mark Levy, Attorney and Delegate Candidate


Jack Johnson, Prince George’s County Executive
Wayne Curry, Former Prince George’s County Executive
Richard Michalski, DNC Member
Maria Cordone, DNC Member
Maryland Secretary of Aging Gloriah Lawlah
Charlina Watson, Councilmember, Bladensburg
Todd Turner, Mayor Pro Tem and Councilmember, Bowie and Delegate Candidate
Bettyjean Bailey-Schmiedigen, Mayor, Brentwood
Margaret Terry, Councilmember, Brentwood
Marlene Robinson, Councilmember, Vice Mayor, Brentwood
Darrell Miller, Mayor, Capital Heights and Delegate Candidate
Diana Fennell, Mayor, Colmar Manor
Anne Marie Angolia, Former Commissioner, Cottage City
James Walls, Mayor, District Heights and Delegate Candidate
Tracey Farrish, Councilmember, Edmonston
Antoinette Watson, Councilmember, Glenarden
Richard Castaldi, Former Mayor of Greenbelt and Former County Councilmember
Mark Matulef, Councilmember, Hyattsville
Malinda Miles, Mayor, Mount Ranier and Delegate Candidate
Gayle Snyder, Councilmember, Laurel
Leonard Teitelbaum, Former State Senator, Silver Spring
Carolyn Howard, Delegate, Deputy Speaker Pro Tem -
Benjamin (Ben) Barnes, Delegate and Delegate Candidate -
Malinda Miles, Mayor, Mount Rainer and Delegate Candidate
Jacquelyn Gentry, Retired Psychologist
Thomas Hendershot, Former County Councilmember
Dennis Felton, Activist, Football Coach
Peggy Magee, Clerk of the Circuit Court and Delegate Candidate
Juanita Miller, Former Delegate
James Rosapepe, Former Ambassador, Senate Assistant Deputy Majority Whip -
Gloria Lawlah, Maryland Secretary of Aging
Lt. Col. Alphonso Hawkins, Deputy Director, Maryland Natural Resources Police
Partha Pillai, Activist and Delegate Candidate
Doyle Niemann, Delegate, Dep. Maj. Whip and Delegate Candidate -
Lisa Ransom, Executive
Robert E. Williams, Attorney
Daniel T. Conway
Debra Carter, Former Asst. Secretary, Department of Transportation
Ella Grimes, Executive
Richard Stewart, Executive
Thomas Senecal, Maryland Youth Council
Angela Alsbrooks, Activist and Delegate Candidate
Sylvia Bolivar, Activist and Delegate Candidate


John Donoghue, Delegate and Delegate Candidate -


Jack Hughes, Activist and Delegate Candidate
Barrie Tilghman, Mayor of Salisbury and Delegate Candidate

More Endorsements:
Prince George's County Executive Jack B. Johnson (Feb. 2, 2008)

More than 30 mayors, legislators and community leaders (announced Sept. 13, 2007)

More than 40 officials and community leaders, led by House of Delegates Speaker Pro Tem Adrienne Jones (announced  June 14, 2007)

Superdelegates (announced Feb. 10, 2008)

Governor Martin O'Malley
U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski
U.S. Representative Dutch Ruppersberger
Alvaro Cifuentes, DNC Member
Maria Cordone, DNC Member
Nancy Kopp, DNC Member, Maryland State Treasurer
Richard Michalski, DNC Member
Glenard Middleton, DNC Member
Carol Pensky, DNC Member
Michael Steed, DNC Member

Early endorsements chronologically:

On Oct. 18, 2007 the campaign announced the endorsement of Treasurer Nancy Kopp.
On Sept. 25, 2007 the campaign announced the endorsement of Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown.
On Sept. 13, 2007 the campaign announced endorsements of more than 30 mayors, legislators and community leaders.
On June 14, 2007 the exploratory committee announced endorsements of more than 40 officials and community leaders, led by House of Delegates Speaker Pro Tem Adrienne Jones.
On June 13, 2007 the exploratory committee announced the endorsement of U.S. Rep. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger.
On May 9, 2007 the exploratory committee announced Gov. Martin O'Malley as chair of the Maryland campaign.
On April 24, 2007 the exploratory committee announced U.S. Sen. Barbara Mikulski as a national co-chair.

Maryland Women for Hillary Council includes:
(announced Oct. 19, 2007)

Adrienne Dominguez, Bethesda
Adrienne Jones, Baltimore County, Maryland House of Delegates Speaker Pro Tem
Adrienne Mandel, Silver Spring, Former Maryland Delegate
Alice Brauer, Grasonville
Alice Morris, Baltimore
Allan Forte, Baltimore
Althea Henderson, Columbia
Alyson Meiselman, North Potomac
Amy Grace, Baltimore
Andrea Hernandez, Montgomery Village
Ann Balcerzak, Columbia
Ann Castaldi, Greenbelt, Former First Lady of Greenbelt
Ann Gearhart, Lutherville
Anne Marie Angolia, Former Cottage City Commissioner
Antoinette Watson, Glenarden, Glenarden Councilmember
Audrey Sheppard, Chevy Chase
Barbara Mikulski, Baltimore, United States Senator
Barbara Zelenko, Chevy Chase
Beth Ahearn, Baltimore
Beth Wong, Silver Spring
Bettyjean Bailey-Schmiedigen, Brentwood Mayor
Blanca Santelices, Silver Spring
Bonnie Garrett, Bethesda
Britt Cocanour, Takoma Park
C. Sue Hecht, Frederick, Maryland Delegate
Carol Petzold, Rockville, Former Maryland Delegate
Carol Saucier, Cockeysville
Carole Fisher, Ellicott City
Carolyn J.B. Howard, Prince George’s County, Maryland House of Delegates Deputy Speaker Pro Tem
Carolyn Shawaker, Garrett Park Mayor
Charlina Watson, Bladensberg Councilmember
Cheryl Kagan, Rockville, Former Maryland Delegate
Cheryl Manns, Upper Marlboro
Christy Macy, Baltimore
Corey Williams Green, Baltimore
Cynthia Schneider, Former U.S. Ambassador
Dawn Fitzhugh, Silver Spring
Deborah Banks, Mitchellville
Debra Carter, Bowie, Former Assistant Secretary, Maryland Department of Transportation
Diana Fennell, Colmar Manor Mayor
Donna Smith, Laurel
Doris Bim, Silver Spring
Dorothy "Dot" Wilson, Cheverly
Duchy Trachtenberg, North Bethesda, Montgomery County At-Large Councilmember
Eleanor Ferguson, Baltimore
Ella Grimes, Glenarden
Ellen Moyer, Annapolis Mayor
Emma Osong, Clarksville
Erin Mantz, Potomac
Esther Gelman, Former Montgomery County Councilmember
Gayla Stringfield, Upper Marlboro
Gayle Snyder, Laurel Councilmember
Hadassah Thursz, Rockville
Hercule Clark
Ikeita Cantu Hinojosa, Wheaton
Ina Taylor, Bel Air
Jacquelyn Gentry, Glenn Dale
Jane Lawton, Chevy Chase, Maryland Delegate
Jean Naples, Millersville
Jennie Forehand, Montgomery County, State Senator
Jennifer Mullenax, Annapolis
Jessica Davis, Chevy Chase
Jill Lemke, Baltimore
Juanita Miller, Prince George’s County, Former Maryland Delegate
Kamala Edwards, Silver Spring, President, Indian American Leadership Council
Karen Murphy, Kensington
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Former Lieutenant Governor
Kathryn Porter, Takoma Park Mayor
Kimberly Keeney, Easton
Kitty Higgins, Annapolis
Laura Cecala, Montgomery County Board of Education Member
Lesley Simmons, Chevy Chase, Somerset Councilmember
Linda Bogard, Highland
Linda Cruz-Parker
Lisa Armstead
Lisa Ransom, Bowie
Madge Henning, Chevy Chase
Mara Primosch, Rockville
Marcia Massey, Silver Spring
Margaret Terry, Brentwood, Brentwood Councilmember
Marion Ballard, Bethesda
Marlene Robinson, Brentwood Vice Mayor and Councilmember
Maru Angarita, Bethesda
Mary Ann Keeffe, Kensington, Former Deputy Under Secretary USDA
Mary Boergers, Chevy Chase
Mary Kitsos, Bethesda
Mary Louise Preis, Baltimore, Former Maryland Delegate
Maryjoel Davis, Baltimore
Melanie Miller
Merle Steiner, Chevy Chase
Monica Resa, Severna Park
Monifa Tarjamo, Waldorf
Nancy Dixon-Saxon
Nancy Floreen, Garrett Park, Montgomery County At-Large Councilmember
Nancy Navarro, Silver Spring, Montgomery County Board of Education President
Nancy Taylor, Laurel
Ocelia Pearsall, Greenbelt
Olufunke Oderinde, Greenbelt
Paige Scaperoth, North Bethesda
Pamela Guzzone, Columbia
Patricia O'Neill, Bethesda
Paula Whisted, Annapolis
Pauline Menes, Silver Spring, Former Maryland Delegate
Peggy Magee, Upper Marlboro, Prince George’s County Clerk of the Circuit Court
Pita Atala, College Park
Rachel Slomovitz, Silver Spring
Reggie Oldak, Bethesda
Regina McNeill, Former Berwyn Heights Councilmemer
Rhya Marohn, White Plains
Rochelle “Rikki” Spector, Baltimore, Baltimore City Councilmember
Rona Kramer, Silver Spring, State Senator
Ruth Conant, Potomac
Ruth Spector, Rockville, Former President of the Montgomery County Council
Sarah Farnsworth, Bethesda
Saul Clark-Braverman, Westminster
Shahin Mafi, Potomac
Shane Pendergrass, Columbia, Maryland House of Delegates Deputy Majority Leader
Sharon Ferguson
Sheila Hixson, Montgomery County, Maryland Delegate
Sherry Kinikin, Potomac
Shirley Nathan-Pulliam, Baltimore, Maryland House of Delegates Deputy Majority Whip
Song Park, Rockville
Stacey Kessel, Bethesda
Susan Cummins, Bethesda
Susan Esserman, Bethesda
Susan Ness, Bethesda, Former FCC Commissioner
Toyin Rose, Bethesda
Tracy Farrish Edmonston Councilmember
Tracy Sampson, Chesapeake City Councilmember
Valerie Ervin, Silver Spring, Montgomery County Councilmember
Valerie Palmer, Montgomery Village
Ashley Valis, Baltimore
Victor Ciuccio, Bethesda
Yvonne Gwanfogbe, Lanham
Rev. Zina Pierre, Annapolis
List in formation…
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