Hillary Clinton-Organization, Rhode Island
updated February 29, 2008

Headquarters: 175 Broad Street, Providence, RI 02903  Phone: (401) 751-4455   ...official opening Feb. 19, 2008
State Director Roger Lau
State director on Clinton's upset victory in the Massachusetts primary on Feb.5, and assisted in the campaign's efforts in Maine and New Hampshire.  Prior to joining the campaign, Lau managed Niki Tsongas' victorious Oct. 2007 special election campaign for the U.S. House of Representatives in Mass. 5th CD.  District director for Congressman Martin Meehan.  Started in politics as an intern in Sen. Kerry’s Springfield office; served as Kerry's labor issues manager and Massachusetts press secretary, and during the 2004 presidential campaign he worked on Kerry's national advance team, Democratic National Convention staff and as director of advance in Florida.  University of Massachusetts at Amherst.
Political Director Gina Ormand
Joined the Clinton campaign in October as a regional political director, overseeing and advising the campaign's victorious operations in Tennessee, Arkansas, and Massachusetts.  Senior advisor on scheduling and operations on U.S. Sen. Jon Tester's (D-MT) staff.  Deputy director of campaign services at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Commission (DSCC) in the 2006 cycle, helping take back the Democratic majority in the Senate.
Communications Director Christine Heenan
Veteran of Rhode Island politics and media relations.  Founder and President of Clarendon Group, a communications, government relations, and public policy consulting firm based in Providence, RI.  Director of community and government relations at Brown University.  Senior policy analyst on the White House Domestic Policy Council during the first term of the Clinton Administration.  Experience as a speechwriter to President Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Tipper Gore, and Sen. Chris Dodd.  Has served in communications roles at recent Democratic Conventions.  Worked as a business strategy consultant.  B.S. in journalism from Boston University.
Deputy Communications Director Jennifer Bramley
Founder and co-owner of Vision Strategies and has spent more than 14 years working in the communications field for both public and private entities. Bramley served as press secretary, communications director, and speechwriter for Congressman Bob Weygand and Rhode Island General Treasurer Paul Tavares. She also served as an assistant deputy press secretary for Rhode Island Governor Bruce Sundlun.

U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse  (June 6, 2007)
U.S. Rep. James Langevin  (June 1, 2007)

Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts  (Nov. 15, 2007)
Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis (June 28, 2007)
Treasurer Frank T. Caprio  (Sept. 26, 2007)

State Sen. Juan M. Pichardo  (Nov. 26, 2007)
(July 12, 2007)
House Speaker Tempore Charlene Lima
State Rep. Elizabeth Dennigan
State Rep. Amy Rice
State Rep. Peter Wasylyk
State Rep. Joseph McNamara
State Rep. Grace Diaz
State Rep. Edith Ajello
State Rep. Patricia Serpa
State Rep. David Caprio  (Sept. 26, 2007)

Providence Mayor David Cicilline (June 14, 2007)

Warwick Democratic City Committee [Chairwoman Nancy Mayor] (Feb. 29, 2008)

Rhode Island Latinos endorsing Senator Hillary Clinton (Feb. 28, 2008)
Rosi Alejo, Cranston 
Maria Alvarado, Providence 
Margarita Amparo, Providence 
Nelson Amparo, Providence 
Andy Andujar, Providence 
Pastor Antonio Aquino, Providence 
Julio Cesar Aragon, Providence 
Bernardo Ardaya, Johnston 
Ingrid C Ardaya, Johnston 
Ingrid G Ardaya, Johnston 
Kennedy Arias, Cranston 
Julio "Julito" Aza, Providence 
Arys Baptista, Providence 
Dr. Antonio Barajas, Central Falls 
Carolina Bernal, Johnston 
Oddan Brito, Providence 
Melida Brito, Providence 
Marisol Camilo, Cranston 
Jorge Cardenas, Providence 
Doris Carvajal, Providence 
Doris De Los Santos, Providence 
Melba Depena, Providence 
Councilwoman Eunice Delahoz, Central Falls
Rep. Grace Diaz, Providence 
Nolda Estevez, Providence 
Emilio Estevez, Providence 
Nelson Garcia, Providence 
Ward 9 Vice Chairperson Bienvenido Garcia, Providence 
Marisol Garcia, Central Falls 
Liza Gordon, Providence 
Gloria Hincapie, Pawtucket 
Sandra Lake, Providence 
Ysa Luna, Providence 
Josefina Luna, Providence 
Belkiss Luna-Suazo, Providence 
Yana Marcelino, Providence 
Ramon "Chamo" Marte, Providence 
Carlos Martinez, Providence 
Gabriel Martinez, Providence 
Patricia Martinez, Providence 
Marta Martinez, Warwick 
Sabina Matos, Providence 
Sandra Mazo, Pawtucket 
Milagros Medina, Providence 
Alexis Mendez, Providence 
Tony Mendez de Poder 1110, Providence 
Carmen Mirabal, Central Falls 
Eloy Andres Mora, Providence 
Freddy Nunez, Providence 
Jaime Peguero, Providence 
Ramon Pegueso, Providence 
Ramon Peralta Sr., Providence 
Reynaldo Perez, Central Falls 
Judith Perez, Cranston 
Carolina Pichardo, Providence 
Sen. Juan Pichardo, Providence 
Juan Pinales, Providence 
Vivian Ponte, Johnston 
Maria Reyes, Providence 
Freddy Rosario de Poder 1110, Providence 
Maria Salavarrieta, Central Falls 
Esmerelda San Andres, Cranston 
Luca Sano, Providence 
Franklin Solano, Central Falls 
Antonio Suero "Papito Prenda", Providence 
Councilman Luis Leon Tejada, Providence 
Acelia Terrero, Cranston 
Jesus Titin, Providence 
Papo Toribio, Providence 
Sara Vazquez, Providence 
Fior Vina, Providence 


Early endorsements chronological
On Nov. 26, 2007 the campaign announced the endorsement of State Sen. Juan M. Pichardo.

On Nov. 15, 2007 the campaign announced the endorsement of Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts.

On Sept. 26, 2007 the campaign announced the endorsements of Rhode Island Treasurer Frank T. Caprio and State Rep. David Caprio.

On July 12, 2007 the exploratory committee announced the endorsements of Rhode Island House Speaker Tempore Charlene Lima and seven other state legislators.

On June 28, 2007 the exploratory committee announced the endorsement of Rhode Island Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis.

On June 14, 2007 the exploratory committee announced the endorsement of Providence Mayor David Cicilline and named him a co-chair of Clinton's Rhode Island campaign.

On June 6, 2007 the exploratory committee announced the endorsement of U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse.

On June 1, 2007 the exploratory committee announced the endorsement of U.S. Rep. James Langevin and named him a chair of Clinton's Rhode Island campaign.
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