Clinton Supporters and Opponents On the Web: Early Activity
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SUPPORT (The Hillary Clinton For President Committee)
Site launched by Peter Anthony Feddo on Oct. 2, 2005.  On Nov. 28, 2005 Feddo filed with the FEC to establish the Hillary Clinton for President committee based in Chester, VA.  (more details)
Site run by Bob Kunst, a Floridian, longtime political activist and bit of a gadfly.  In the 2004 cycle Kunst traveled widely selling "No More Bushit"stickers and promoting Hillary Rodham Clinton for president.  He was president of Oral Majority, 1980-2001; he worked for many years with Dr. Alan Rockway.  He has run for statewide office in Florida in 1982, 1986 and 2000. ran a cartoon TV ad "Hillary Cleans Up Bush's Mess" on late-night cable in Southern NH on Aug. 2-4, 2005.  According to's James Pindell the buy was $264 for 55 spots.
"A grassroots effort in the South to Support Hillary Clinton for President in 2008"
Founded by David McLaughlin.  In his inaugural Feb. 4, 2006 posting he wrote:

In mid-January a blog post titled Why The Blogosphere and the Netroots Do Not Like Hillary Clinton was posted and that got me thinkin, I support Hillary Clinton and I understand the power of the Internet as a political force.  The site is will be the “planting of Hillary’s Net Roots” in the South.

In "Why Hillary" he writes:

It often seems as if there are two Hillary Clinton's; the caricature that the right wing has created or the genuine, smart, tireless working women. If you reject the negative caricature, then the question becomes why NOT? It's our Democratic Party and how could we not support a savy leader that has lived in the Midwest, North, and our region: the South. As a United States Senator, Hillary has proven herself to be an effective diligent leader for America.

Map shows 12 Southern states from Texas to Florida and up to Virginia.  "Our goal is to have a Hillary South leader for every state by June 30th and a leader in every county by January 15th 2007."

From About the Site: is the only independent news site that provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date reports about Hillary Clinton: In the Senate, on the campaign trail in New York, and testing the waters across the country for a possible run for the White House in 2008. is "All About Her.'' has won recognition from ABC News, CNN, The Chicago Tribune, The Boston Herald, The Washington Times, the Drudge Report, Real Clear Politics, and numerous other publications, websites and blogs.

The site's "agenda" is straightforward: offering the latest news, analysis and commentary - all about Hillary. Favorable, critical and everything in between., which launched in July 2005, was created and is edited by Gregg Birnbaum, the political editor of The New York Post. Mr. Birnbaum reported extensively on Hillary's Senate campaign in 2000 before being named the Post's political editor in 2001.


Excerpts from the site:

...Those Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were the real heroes of the 2004 election.

We at the StopHillaryPAC want to do the same thing to Hillary: take her record - ever since she became a radical, America-hating lawyer at Yale Law School in the 1970's all the way through her years in Arkansas and the White House and now as a Senator - and use it against her.

...We need to raise money now to do the following:
-Film and broadcast TV and radio commercials to expose her real agenda as she runs for re-election next year. We must damage her in 2006 in order to defeat her in 2008.
-Launch a national direct mail campaign to every Republican, conservative and independent voter to educate him or her on Hillary Clinton’s real record in public life.
-Launch a mobile Truth Van that will follow her to every campaign stop and publicly challenge her on her lies and exaggerations.
-Start a national registration drive to get hundreds of thousands of new voters who dislike Hillary registered to vote in the very next election.
-Make TV and radio commercials ready to go on the air nationally the very day she announces her Presidential candidacy. And we need then to stay on the air exposing her record all the way to Election Day - just like the Swift Boat Vets did to John Kerry last year.

The principal figure behind this site is former Congressman John LeBoutillier.  LeBoutillier joined as a columnist in 2000.  Elected to represent New York's 6th CD in 1980, defeating a 16-year Democrat incumbent, and served one term.  Master's degree from Harvard Business School; undergraduate degree from Harvard College. (The Hillary Clinton Accountability Project)
"The Hillary Clinton Accountability Project is a project of the United States Justice Foundation intended to educate the public about the largest federal election campaign fraud ever reported.  Through its representation of whistleblower Peter Paul in his ongoing landmark court case, Paul vs. Hillary Rodham Clinton, William Jefferson Clinton, et al., the USJF will uncover in court and expose evidence linking Senator Hillary Clinton and then-President Bill Clinton with orchestrating a multi-million-dollar fraud against Paul, the Federal Election Commission and other Federal agencies, as well as the voters of New York, in connection with her 2000 election to the U.S. Senate."
"Why?  Because you have a hunch that she's going to run for President in 2008.

"Well, we're here to see if she's carrying out her obligations to the state of New York and not just using us to launch her very own Presidential bid in 2008.

"THE HILLARY WATCH has been formed to monitor how she votes in the Senate, what legislation she sponsors, what she says, from whom she raises money and so on. In short, THE HILLARY WATCH will make sure that she honors her promises to New York and remembers that she's there to serve us — not to be self-serving."
"Rescuing America from the radical ideas of Hillary Clinton"

"We founded a new organization, STOP HER NOW, to shed light on the REAL Hillary Clinton and the danger she and her ideas pose for America.  You know that for eight years Bill Clinton disgraced America and degraded the Presidency.  Now he's promoting his even more left-wing wife Hillary."

Launched in late April or early May 2005.  Seems largely quiescent.  Executive Director: Will Black.  Project of Arthur Finkelstein.
"Chronicling the Political Exploits of One Hillary Rodham Clinton."

First posting Nov. 9, 2004:

"Let's Get this thing Started!
Imagine waking up almost 4 years from now.  It's November 5th, 2008.  The day after the next Presidential Election.  You turn on your radio and the next thing you hear is " PRESIDENT ELECT HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON."  Sounds pretty scary doesn't it??  Fear is a great motivator, and if the thought of 4 years of Hill and Bill doesn't scare you, then I don't know what else would!  That's why I decided to create this site long in advance of that day.  The time is now, my conservative friends.  We must prepare for what is to come in the next few years.  Hillary is going to run, and with that the Clintonistas will be back in force.  This site will be dedicated to stopping them...."

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