PRESS RELEASE from YouTube, Inc.

YouTube Ignites Online Campaigning With Its YouTube You Choose '08 Program
U.S. Presidential candidates leveraging the power of the digital democracy to reach the masses

San BRUNO, Calif. – March 1, 2007 – YouTube, the leader in online video, today announced YouTube You Choose ‘08, a voter education initiative that enables political candidates to easily inform millions of potential voters about their campaigns through video.

YouTube You Choose ‘08 ( is a centralized hub of candidate-created Channels that feature campaign videos, speeches, informal chats, behind-the-scenes footage and more. In addition, YouTube You Choose 2008 provides a platform for people to engage in dialogue with candidates and each other through the use of community features such as video responses, text comments and ratings.

Presidential candidates Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) and Senator John McCain (R-AZ) are among those who have embraced YouTube as a new way to interact with an influential online audience.

"As I said on my blog, I believe that the web is not only creating new forms of political dialogue but offering a new wave of opportunity for all Americans," said Senator Hillary Clinton. "Having a strong online presence at sites like YouTube, one of the most active communities on the Web, and on, allows me to use online video to share my views with Americans on important issues as part of our ongoing conversation."

“YouTube provides a unique opportunity to connect directly with voters,” said Christian Ferry, eCampaign Director for Senator John McCain's Exploratory Committee. “The ability for voters to give direct, unfiltered feedback and insight into the issues that matter most to them is an invaluable asset to the Senator.”

“Online video has quickly become an essential way for the general public to become politically informed and empowered,” said Chad Hurley, YouTube Co-Founder and CEO. “At its core, YouTube is about democracy and self-expression and we’re proud to be providing politicians with an environment where they can share information with voters.”

Other presidential candidates, including those from independent parties, are encouraged to join the YouTube YouChoose ‘08 program to reach Americans through this powerful medium.

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