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In his keynote address at CPAC's Presidential Banquet, Sen. George Allen (R-VA) announced a three-point plan to bring fiscal responsibility to the federal budget process.  He called for a line item veto amendment to the Constitution, a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, and a "paycheck penalty" on members of Congress if they fail to pass appropriations measures in a timely fashion.  Allen's paycheck penalty would withhold salaries of members of Congress if they fail to pass appropriations bills by October 1, the start of the fiscal year.  Allen identified security, competitiveness and values as "three key missions for America's future."  He also mentioned his four F's -- faith, family, freedom and football, and at times he spoke in the manner of a football coach addressing his team.  ("Now team, at this conference we need to look to the future.  We need to set a game plan for this year and the years to come.")  Allen closed citing  Ronald Reagan's exhortation, "If not us, who?  If not now, when?"
Sen. Allen spoke on his political philosophy:

"There's all sorts of folks here.  There's all sorts of shapes and sizes and stripes.  There are economic conservatives and social conservatives and neoconservatives and compassionate conservatives, libertarian conservatives, constitutional conservatives.  Over [at] that table there there was somebody that only ate the soup and the salad, so I guess we got some, at least one vegetarian conservative here.  But we have all of those different stripes and different parts, but we're all conservatives.  And there's all these different labels.  I choose to call and characterize myself as a commonsense Jeffersonian conservative.  That means I trust free people and free enterprise rather than burdensome, meddlesome government."

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CPAC 2006
Sen. George Allen
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