Conservatives Gather in Washington, DC
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The first thing attendees saw when they entered the exhibit hall was the Americans for Dr. Rice booth.  (Top) Jessie Jane Duff, a retired U.S. Marine, started as national chair in January 2006.  In an interview Duff, said Americans for Dr. Rice is working to build a base.  "Once we have her on the ballot, I personally believe that Condi's a true patriot and will recognize the American people want her to do this...," Duff said.  (Second) Dr. Richard Mason of Miami, FL founded the group in January 2005.  (Third) Crystal Dueker of Fargo, ND is chief enthusiast; in addition to decorating her purse she has put quite a few stickers on her Mini Cooper.  Despite Condoleezza Rice's disavowals of interest, Americans for Dr. Rice has been active in the past year, running ads and spreading the word at Republican gatherings.  (see 2005 CPAC)
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CPAC 2006
Americans for Dr. Rice
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