Alabama Delegation to the 2008 Democratic National Convention

At-Large Delegates
Mrs. Tyna D. Davis of Montgomery
Mr. Grover Dunn of Bessemer
Hon. Priscilla Dunn of Bessemer
Mr. Fred D. Gray, Jr. of Tuskegee
Dr. Susan D. Parker of Rogersville

Mr. Roge Bedford of Russellville
Ms. Janet Y. Buskey of Montgomery
Ms. Doris D. Crenshaw of Montgomery
Mrs. Tamara Fleming of Montgomery
Ms. Patricia Henderson of Birmingham
Mr. Frank D. McPhillips of Birmingham

District Level Delegates

Ms. Peggy Baker of Hackelburg
Mrs. Doris A. Stallworth- Barron of Anniston
Hon. Joseph L. Battle of Huntsville
Mr. Louis Baxley of Birmingham
Senator Roger Bedford of Russellville
Mrs. Melissa F. Boyen of Cullman
Dr. Susan C. Brown of Hampton Cove
Rep. Bill Clark of Mobile
Ms. Jennifer Clarke of Birmingham
Mr. Warren Davis of Montgomery
Mr. Jack Floyd of Gadsden
Hon. Earl F. Hilliard of Birmingham
Mrs. Ann Hubbert of Montgomery
Ms. Lynda Malone of Grove Hill
Mr. Joe M. Reed of Montgomery
Commissioner Shelia Smoot of Birmingham
Ms. Pamela P. Wallace of Athens
Mr. Louise Alexander of Bessemer
Mr. Robert Avery of Gadsden
Mr. Albert Bell of Talladega
Hon. Barbara B. Boyd, Ed.D. of Anniston
Ms. Shemika D. Brown of Montgomery
Ms. Holley Camp of Birmingham
Ms. LaKeisha M. Chestnut of Bessemer
Hon. Merika Coleman of Birmingham
Mr. John N. Crenshaw of Birmingham
Hon. Laura Hall of Huntsville
Mr. Earl F. Hilliard, Jr. of Birmingham
Mr. Fred Horn of Bessemer
Hon. Thomas E. Jackson of Thomasville
Mr. Tracy Larkin of Montgomery
Ms. Patricia Lewis of Mobile
Senator Quinton Ross, Jr. of Montgomery
Dr. Richard Showers, Sr. of Huntsville

Hon. Ella B. Bell of Montgomery
Senator Linda F. Coleman of Birmingham
Hon. Ron Sparks of Montgomery

Mrs. Ginger Avery-Buckner of Montgomery
Mrs. Amy Burks of Decatur
Giles Gilpin Perkins, Esq. of Birmingham
Senator Hank Sanders of Selma

Unpledged PLEOs

Hon. Bud Cramer of Huntsville
Hon. Artur Davis of Birmingham
Rev. Randy B.. Kelley of Gadsden
Hon Yvonne Kennedy of Mobile
Dr. Joe L. Reed of Montgomery
Mr. Joseph R. Turnham of Auburn
Ms. Nancy L. Worley of New Hope

Unpledged Add-on
Mr. D. Stewart Burkhalter of Montgomery

Mayor Barbara J. Bobo of Millport
Mr. Rex G. Cheatham of Decatur

Mr. Maurice Mercer of Pelham

Mrs. Helen Camp of Gulf Shores
Dr. Jerome Gray of Montgomery
Ms. Barbara howard of Tuskegee Institute
Ms. Joyce Rice of West Blocton
Sen. Bobby Singleton of Greensboro

Ms. Katherine Baker of Birmingham

Standing Committees
Credentials: Mr. Ted A. Hosp of Birmingham  (Obama)
Platform: Dr. Earl C. Jones of Dothan (Clinton)
Platform: Ms. Isabel Rubio of Birmingham (Obama)
Rules: Mr. Clint Daughtrey of Montgomery (Clinton)
Rules: Ms. Terri A. Sewell of Birmingham (Obama)

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