PRESS RELEASE from West Virginia Democratic Party


Contact: Chairman Nick Casey

WV Democrats Elect National Convention Delegates and Presidential Electors
Charleston, W.Va. – Approximately two-thousand Democrats from every county in the state gathered for the State Democratic Convention this weekend. On the agenda was the election of eighteen Delegates and three alternates for the National Convention and five representatives for Presidential Electoral College.
“The elections were very spirited and competitive,” said Chairman Nick Casey. “Good attendance and competition are signs of a healthy Party.” This year was the first time WV Democrats elected their National Convention Delegates at the State Convention. On April 12, 2008 around five-thousand Democrats met in County Conventions to elect the 1,536 representatives for the State Convention.
Presidential Electoral College representatives elected:
1st Congressional District – Oce Smith, Marion County
2nd Congressional District – Virginia Graf, Jefferson County
3rd Congressional District – Rick Staton, Wyoming County
At-large – Ken Hechler, Kanawha County
At-large – J. Franklin Long, Mercer County
National Convention Delegates (allotment by Presidential candidate was determined by vote of the people in the primary):
1st CD –    Jean Grapes, Wood County (Clinton)
            -         Marge Burke, Gilmer County (Clinton)
            -         Caprice Roberts, Monongalia County (Obama)
            -         Walt Auvil, Wood County (Clinton)
            -         Tim Miley, Harrison County (Clinton)
            -         Jon Blair Hunter, Monongalia County (Obama)
            -         Scott Sears, Marion County (Clinton-Alternate)
2nd CD – Natalie Tennant, Kanawha County (Clinton)
            - Karen Coria, Putnam County (Clinton)
            - Pearline Reardon, Jefferson County (Obama)
            - Erik Wells, Kanawha County (Clinton)
            - Jim Humphreys, Kanawha County (Clinton)
            - Steven Skinner, Jefferson County (Obama)
            - Meshea Poore, Kanawha County (Obama-Alternate)
3rd CD –    Mary Pearl Compton, Monroe County (Clinton)
            -         Audrey Love, Fayette County (Clinton)
            -         Corey Dennison, Cabell County (Clinton)
            -         Shirley Love, Fayette County (Clinton)
            -         Marshall Long, Mercer County (Clinton)
            -         Betty Cleckley, Cabell County (Obama)
            -         Cleo Matthews, Summers County (Clinton-Alternate)
National Convention At-Large Reps. (elected by the State Executive Committee):
Peter Cuffaro, Ohio County (unpledged)
Sue Hanshaw, Cabell County (Obama)
Charlene Marshall, Monongalia County (Obama)
Ted Hapney, Roane County (Obama)
Dusty Perdue, Marion County (Clinton)
Elaine Harris, Kanawha County (Clinton)
Trudy Puccio, Marion County (Clinton)
Debbie Carper, Kanawha County (Clinton)
Oshel Craigo, Putnam County (Clinton)
Ellen Cappellanti, Kanawha County (Clinton)
Jeffrey Kessler, Marshall County (Clinton)
Scott King, Kanawha County (Obama-Alternate)
Shelby Leary, Monongalia County (Clinton-Alternate)