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DNC Winter Meeting, Washington, DC, Feb. 1-3, 2007
Of the ten candidates to address the meeting, Gov. Bill Richardson probably did the most to advance his cause.  The introduction he provided was a bit different from those of the other hopefuls.  He opened his speech with several dashes of humor and a pitch for a positive campaign.  Richardson summed up his qualifications thusly, "Now, I could tell you also, in a positive way, that we need a Democratic nominee who's brokered international agreements, understands the Middle East, has fought global warming; a nominee who's served as a Governor, balanced budgets, created jobs, covered people with health care, and turned an economy around."  He talked about his accomplishments in New Mexico as well as his recent activities in the international arena, moved on to Iraq, and closed with a bit more humor, urging the audience to "stay loose; we've got a year to go."
DNC members from California applaud Gov. Richardson's speech.

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