PRESS RELEASE from Dodd for President


For Immediate Release
October 9, 2007

Hari Sevugan

Colleen Flanagan

(Washington) The campaign of Presidential candidate Chris Dodd announced today that it would be making significant additions to its senior leadership and field operations in Iowa.  Julie Andreeff Jensen, John Kerry's former Iowa political director in 2004 and current Dodd National Field Director, was named Iowa State Director. In addition, Steve Gerencser, a veteran New Hampshire political operative, was named Caucus Director.  In a major expansion of its field operations in the state, the campaign also announced the addition of 17 new field organizers.

"We are excited about the additions to our already-strong Iowa team," said Dodd Spokesperson, Colleen Flanagan. "Julie Andreeff Jensen brings even more in-state experience to the campaign, and these additions are another sign of the growing strength of the Dodd campaign in Iowa."

Andreeff Jensen served as John Kerry's Iowa Political Director in 2004, and ended the campaign running 'Get Out The Vote' efforts in Cleveland, Ohio, where she oversaw the largest Democratic turnout in Ohio presidential history.

The additions to field staff build on Dodd's already-strong organization, bringing the total number of organizers to 60 spread over 11 regional offices.

"With these additions, and with the help of Iowa's fire fighters, Chris Dodd is going to successfully bring his message of getting results to Iowa caucus-goers and turn out support on caucus night," said Andreeff Jensen.

In another sign of the growing strength of the Dodd campaign in the state, state Senator Tom Hancock announced earlier in the day that he is endorsing Chris Dodd for President.  In addition to representing Delaware, Dubuque, and Jones County in the Iowa Senate, Hancock is also past president of the Iowa Fireman's Association, a 15,300-member organization of Emergency Service providers throughout the state.