PRESS RELEASE from Chris Dodd for President


Rising Star Community Leader Cites Dodd’s Ability to Produce Results, Calls Dodd “Most Electable and the Best Qualified”

For Immediate Release
DECEMBER 22, 2007


Colleen Flanagan

Taylor West

IOWA CITY – City Councilman Matt Hayek, a rising star in the community leadership of Iowa City, announced last night that he is endorsing Chris Dodd for President.  Hayek cited Dodd’s ability to produce results, international experience, and electability in a speech introducing Senator Dodd at a holiday party in Iowa City.

“Once every four years, we get to go into a gymnasium or a church or someplace and vote our conscience,” said Hayek.  “And you go in there, and you look at all the candidates you could support, and hopefully by then you’ve made a decision to go with the person you think is the most electable and the best qualified for the job, and you vote with your heart and your mind.  And my conscience leads me to Chris Dodd, and that’s why I stand before you today.”

Hayek is a sixth-generation Iowa City native and, like Senator Dodd, a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.  Hayek served for two years in the mountains of Bolivia.  He praised Dodd’s international experience and reputation.

“Whether it’s brokering peace accords in Central America, helping bring about peace in Northern Ireland, or working with various parties in the Middle East, he’s done it,” Hayek said.  “He’s been there, he’s done it. He’s been a leader. He’s highly respected across the globe within these leadership positions and in the Congress itself. He’s respected, and I think that’s what appeals to me most.”

Hayek also praised Dodd’s leadership on restoring American security by restoring the Constitution and the rule of law here at home.

“Chris Dodd is better than anybody to protect our interests, and go after terrorists, and not forfeit our rights. And that’s critical, because that’s what’s happening in Washington today. Even when he probably missed some campaign events here in Iowa, and others weren’t joining him back in Washington, there he was. He went right back to Washington to fight that good fight because he knows it matters.”

Hayek was named to the Corridor Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” list in 2005 for promising business and community leaders in the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids corridor, and to the Iowa City Press-Citizen’s “Ten to Watch in 2005” list of community leaders.  He is also an experienced Democratic activist, having served as a member of the Johnson County Democrats Central Committee, a 2004 presidential delegate to the county, district, and state conventions, the chair of his 2004 presidential precinct caucus, and a volunteer voter protection attorney for the Democratic National Committee in 2004.

“Matt Hayek has proven time and again to the people of Iowa City and Johnson County that he is a strong, principled, and capable leader,” said Senator Dodd.  “Having his support is a huge asset to my campaign in a very important part of the state.  I am honored to have earned his endorsement.”