PRESS RELEASE from John Edwards for President

July 26, 2007

Dan Leistikow


Iowa 2006 Democratic Secretary of Agriculture Nominee Highlights Edwards’ Support of Family Farmers Instead of Agribusiness

Atlantic, Iowa – During a community meeting in Atlantic today, widely respected Iowa agriculture leader and 2006 Democratic nominee for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Denise O’Brien endorsed John Edwards.

“Senator Edwards comes from rural America and obviously hasn’t forgotten where he came from,” O’Brien said.  “I am endorsing him because of his strong support for family farmers and his willingness to take on corporate agribusiness.  He has outlined a bold plan to reinvest in rural towns and communities, bring in new jobs and ensure that hard working family farmers can earn a decent living.”

“Denise O’Brien is a strong advocate for the needs of Iowa family farmers and rural communities, and I am honored to have her support,” Senator Edwards said.  “She shares my commitment to revitalizing rural America and will be a great asset to our campaign.”

O’Brien won the 2006 Democratic nomination for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture.  She is an organic farmer and well-known progressive political activist.  She is also the co-founder and coordinator of the Women, Food and Agriculture Network.  A past-president of the National Family Farm Coalition, she has advocated for the concerns of farm families and rural communities on international, national, state, regional and local levels. In 1997, she spoke before the United Nations General Assembly on behalf of the world’s farmers. Her efforts have aided the establishment of many organizations, including Rural Advocacy 2000, Iowa Fair Trade Watch, the Women’s Task Force of the Iowa Farm Unity Coalition and Progressive Prairie Alliance. O’Brien is a member of the Iowa Women’s Hall of Fame.

In her endorsement, Denise O’Brien cited Senator Edwards’ broad agenda to promote family farms and rural communities, including: