PRESS RELEASE from John Edwards for President

September 29, 2007

Dan Leistikow


Innovative Outreach Plan Includes Text Messaging, Social Network Sites, Voice Messaging and a New Online Organizing Website

Des Moines, Iowa – Today, the John Edwards for President campaign launched Iowa Students for Edwards to get more young people involved in Senator Edwards’ campaign to change America.  Student leaders from colleges and universities across the state will help the campaign engage young voters and will discuss with their peers Edwards’ plans to ensure that young people, and all Americans, have the opportunity to succeed.

In addition to direct personal contact, the campaign is also using innovative online, text messaging and voice messaging tools to reach out to young people.  The campaign launched a website today ( specifically for young Iowans. The site allows visitors to read more about Edwards’ positions on issues important to young people, register to vote, purchase Edwards gear, and find ways to get involved at their schools and in their communities to help elect Edwards. Additionally, the site helps students connect more directly with the campaign by using cutting-edge tools like mobile messaging and popular social networking sites including MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube. Yesterday, for example, the campaign sent out a voice message from James Denton, who plays “Mike Delfino” on ABC’s hit series “Desperate Housewives,” to its Iowa mobile list so Iowans could hear from him why he is supporting Edwards for president.

Denton is in Iowa today and tomorrow for a campaign swing with Cate Edwards, eldest daughter of Senator John and Elizabeth Edwards, on behalf of Senator Edwards.  They will be visiting college campuses and speaking with Iowans about Edwards’ specific ideas to bring big change to our country and build One America.

“I'm here because I want people in Iowa to see my dad as I see him – as a great father, a loving husband, and most of all, someone who is deeply committed to helping regular people," said Cate Edwards.  "I also want young people in Iowa -- people in my generation -- to know that there's no one who shares their passion for change more than my dad.  And there's no one who is more committed to ending the war, passing universal health care, stopping global warming and bringing the big change America needs.  My dad doesn't buy the idea that young people won't participate in the caucuses -- and he's going to work as hard as he can to earn their support."

“We need a president who will fight to make sure young people today have a chance to achieve the American Dream,” said Eric Benson, a student at Wartburg College. “John Edwards is committed to helping young people get ahead.  He has specific plans, like his College for Everyone plan, to improve the lives of young people.”

This week, Edwards outlined a “One America” Agenda for Young People, which will restore America’s leadership in the world and fight to ensure everyone has the chance to succeed by:

Expanding opportunity for every American: Edwards has proposed a national College for Everyone program, overhauling student loans and financial aid, guaranteeing universal health care, raising the minimum wage, and fighting credit card debt and abuse.

Restoring moral leadership here and abroad: Edwards will end the war in Iraq, halt global warming and build a new energy economy, take action in Darfur and Uganda, fight poverty at home and abroad, and end the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

For more information on these issues, please visit

  John Edwards for President
Students for Edwards

Tracy Robson, Simpson College
Mike Juntama, University of Iowa
Matt Spellman, Kirkwood Community College
Ricky McCarty, Indian Hills Community College
Betsy Ratashak, Iowa State University
Melinda Jones, Indian Hills Community College
Hanna Albaugh, University of Northern Iowa
Pamela Arrowood, Indian Hills Community College
Karalyn O’Brien, University of Iowa
Jan Koszewski, Grinnell College
Kelsey Sloss, University of Iowa
Trista Jeffrey, Iowa State University
Miranda Welch, University of Iowa
Michelle Wilkening, Iowa State University
Mark Bowers, University of Iowa
Matt Horowitz, Grinnell College
Diana Kelter, University of Iowa
Nora Skelly, Grinnell College
James Bierly, Northwestern College
Kalynn Rowley, Iowa State University
Matt Hulstein, Northwestern College
Harris Gerner, Iowa Western Community College
Chellee Gomez, Iowa State University
Stephen Nilsen, Luther College
Kristina Ludtke, Scott Community College
Jill Shesol, Drake University
Brianna Rodriguez, University of Iowa
Meghan Hagensick, Wartburg College
Ben Humphrey, Drake University
Ariel Glasman, Cornell College
Aliesha Logsdon, Coe College
Jayme Ludtke, Scott Community College
Colin O'Sullivan, Morningside College
Ashlea Jurgenson, Iowa State University
Shawn Kroger, University of Iowa
Lynell Wagenman, Drake University
Kayla Douglas-Johnson, Des Moines Area Community College, Newton Campus
Flip Arkulary, University of Iowa
Ryan Crane, University of Northern Iowa
Matt Grotheer, Iowa State University
Brendan Byrne, Drake University
Jake Joseph, Grinnell College
Kailyn Heston, Drake University
Justin Novinger, Wartburg College
Alicia Simmons, University of Iowa
Eric Benson, Wartburg College
Chris Johnston, Grinnell College
Julia MacMillan, Iowa State University
Christina Reynolds, Grinnell College
Josh Betts, University of Northern Iowa
Chuck Harris, Loras College
Mike Bohm, University of Iowa
Lydia Beattie, Luther College
Aaron Baker, Grinnell College
Eric Brown, Iowa State University
John Lawyer, University of Northern Iowa
Lindsey Elliott, Iowa State University
LeeAnna Olson, Graceland University
Kailyn Heston, Drake University
Ross Eveland, Iowa State University
Jay Walton, Simpson College
Warren Miller, Iowa State University
Andrew Webber, Grand View College
Jeff Erickson, Iowa State University
Kelsey Douglas, Upper Iowa University
Alan Moss, Iowa State University
Chad Dunning, Western Iowa Tech Community College
Danielle Wain, Iowa State University

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