PRESS RELEASE from John Edwards for President
Nov 9, 2007

Caucus For Priorities Endorses Edwards For President

Coveted endorsement representing 10,000 Iowa caucus goers adds to Edwards' growing momentum in Iowa

Des Moines, Iowa Today, Senator John Edwards accepted the endorsement of Caucus for Priorities, a project of the Priorities Action Fund, a 10,000-member strong grassroots organization dedicated to educating the public about the inequities of our current federal budget. The organization, launched by Ben & Jerry's co-founder Ben Cohen, praised Edwards for his plans to root out wasteful Pentagon spending while investing in priorities like universal health care and education.

The endorsement gives Edwards another important boost heading into the Iowa Democratic Party's Jefferson Jackson Dinner.

"Caucus for Priorities proudly endorses John Edwards for president," said Priorities Action Fund Founder Ben Cohen. "For months, our members have attended his town hall meetings across Iowa and found him to be a leader who listens and always gives the straight answers Americans deserve from their president. As Commander-in-Chief, he'll do whatever it takes to keep us safe but he'll also make sure Americans have health care, strong schools, and the opportunity to get ahead. He'll eliminate billions in wasteful Pentagon spending, and put our budget back in line with our values."

"Caucus for Priorities does such important work bringing awareness to the issue of waste in our military budget and the backward budget priorities in Washington that so often leave the interests of regular families behind," Edwards said. "I am honored to accept this endorsement today, and determined to be a voice for all those who believe we can defend our country without continuing to neglect the needs of our citizens.

"The question is: will we continue to give multi-billion dollar contracts to Halliburton and Blackwater while ignoring the 47 million Americans who have no health care coverage, or the 37 million Americans who live in poverty? I believe we need to fundamentally change the broken system and backward priorities of Washington. As president, I'll end the war, stop the waste and abuse, and invest in our most important priorities."

Caucus for Priorities has over 10,000 members who have pledged to caucus for a candidate who is committed to cutting wasteful military spending and providing more money for urgent priorities like education, health care, renewable energy research, and other needs. Additionally, the organization has staff in every part of the state who will help educate caucus goers about Edwards' leadership on ending military waste and investing in priorities like education and health care.

The endorsement adds to Edwards' growing grassroots strength across the state. Today, the Edwards campaign became the first campaign to announce steering committees in all 99 Iowa counties. The committees are made up of community leaders and party activists who will lead the campaign's effort in their county. Last month, Edwards reached a milestone in his campaign: having visited and taken questions from Iowans in every county. Edwards is committed to being a voice for all Iowans, no matter where they live.