PRESS RELEASE from John Edwards for President

November 29, 2007

Dan Leistikow


At Iowa State Association of Counties Meeting, Promises To Meet Federal Obligations To Counties, Local Governments, And Property Taxpayers; More Than 50 County Elected Officials Endorse Edwards

Des Moines, Iowa – In an address to the Iowa State Association of Counties, Senator John Edwards today called for a “New Partnership” with local communities.  Edwards’ agenda represents a dramatic departure from two decades of failure by the federal government to live up to its obligations to counties and other local governments – as well as property taxpayers.

“From transportation to education funding, from health care to rural development, Washington has consistently failed local communities and taxpayers over the last two decades,” Edwards said.  “I don’t believe for a minute that Washington has all the answers, but Washington shouldn’t be making things harder on local communities either.  As President, I’ll make sure the federal government is a good partner and meets its obligations.”

At the Iowa State Association of Counties event, Edwards earned the endorsement of 52 county elected officials.

“John Edwards has spent his life standing up for America’s values – hard work, opportunity, equality,” said Johnson County Supervisor Terrence Neuzil. “With John Edwards in the White House, county officials will finally have a President who supports local communities, both rural and urban. John Edwards will make sure our local communities have the resources they need to support our citizens.”

Edwards Pledges New Partnership with Local Communities and Property Taxpayers:

Washington’s failure over the last two decades to live up to its responsibilities in education, rural development, health care and other areas has put an unfair burden on local governments as well as property taxpayers, and has contributed to the struggles faced by rural communities in Iowa and across the nation.  Today, Edwards pledged to create a new partnership with local communities and property taxpayers by:

County elected officials endorsing Edwards today include:

Mary Andrew, Decatur County Treasurer
Doug Bishop, Jasper County Treasurer
Judy Church, Clarke County Auditor
Denise Emal, Marion County Treasurer
Stephen Holmes, Story County Attorney
Bill Kerns, Clarke County Sheriff
Jerry O'Dell, Wayne County Supervisor
Jim Robbins, Boone County Attorney
Sue Ruble, Wayne County Auditor
Dennis W. Anderson, Polk County Sheriff
Ron Wheeler, Clarke County Attorney
Diane Curry, Buchanan County Recorder
Keith Dirks, Jones County Supervisor
Sandra Fowler, Tama County Treasurer
Lamoyne Gaard, Poweshiek County Supervisor
Russ Kettmann, Jackson County Sheriff
Thomas Kriz, Johnson County Treasurer
Joel Miller, Linn County Auditor
Merlin Moore, Jones County Supervisor
Lonny Pulkrabek, Johnson County Sheriff
Douglas Shutts, Poweshiek County Supervisors Chairman of the Board
Terrence Neuzil, Johnson County Supervisor
Eleanor Snook, Poweshiek County Supervisor
Gayle Tellin, Fayette County Supervisor
David Thompson, Benton County Attorney
Donald Zeller, Linn County Sheriff
Carol Copeland, Des Moines County Auditor
Esther Dean, Muscatine County Supervisor
Steve Evans, Davis County Supervisor
Louise Frymoyer, Davis County Recorder
Ron George, Keokuk County Sheriff
Monte Harsch, Davis County Sheriff
Joyce Hass, Wapello County Recorder
Dean Kaster, Appanoose County Supervisor
Kas Kelly, Muscatine County Supervisor
Greg Kenning, Wapello County Supervisor
Donald Kirkendall, Wapello County Sheriff
Paul Koffman, Monroe County Supervisor
Dennis Ryan, Monroe County Supervisor
Dennis Starling, Clinton County Supervisor
Judy Cosgrove, Webster County Recorder
Barbara Freet, Black Hawk County Treasurer
Frank Rottinghaus, Floyd County Treasurer
Pat Wegman, Chickasaw County Attorney
William Behnken, Cass County Supervisor
Marty Danzer, Carroll County Supervisor
Cecilia Fineran, Crawford County Auditor
Terry Graybill, Cherokee County Supervisor
Tena Hinkel, Monona County Recorder
Steve MacDonald, Fremont County Sheriff
Shari O’Bannon, Buena Vista County Recorder
Peggy Smalley, Audubon County Treasurer

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