John Edwards for President Caucus Video
"The Adventures of Jane and Joe" - "creative instructional video, which chronicles the adventures of two precinct captains as they carry John Edwards to victory on January 3, 2008.  The video is narrated by well-known voiceover artist and Edwards supporter, George DelHoyo."  Launched Dec. 4, 2007.  Running time: 6min45sec.

[Music - sounds like something from the 1950s and continues throughout much of the video]

Male Announcer: It's Thursday, January 3rd 2008.  Joe wakes up happy because today is Caucus Day, and Joe is a precinct captain for John Edwards.  He checks the temperature.  Boy it's a cold one out there.  As his daughter leaves for school he reminds here to tell all her friends about the caucus.  Even if they aren't registered yet or if they're already signed up as Republicans or Independents, they can still caucus for John Edwards tonight.  They just have to be 18 by November 4th 2008 and show up before the doors close at 7 p.m..

On the other side of the state, another proud Edwards precinct captain, Jane, goes online to to triple-check her precinct location.  Next she zips up her jacket, puts on her John Edwards for President button and grabs her last remaining pieces of literature to give out at work.

Meanwhile Joe picks up coffee and doughnuts to bring to his local John Edwards for President office.  America is hungry for change, but right now the staff and volunteers are hungry for breakfast.  At the office he high-five's the other volunteers.  Today is going to be a great day.  The beginning of the end of the Bush administration.  Joe and the volunteers work the phones all day reminding people to come out and caucus.

After work Jane double checks her precinct captain packet and sharpens her pencil.  At 5:30 p.m. she leaves to pick up the people that need a ride to the caucus.

Joe wishes everyone good luck and heads back to his house to set his TV to record the Orange Bowl.  The caucus will only take an hour or so, and he won't miss much of the game but Joe isn't taking any chances.  He borrows his son's calculator.  He grabs some loaves of homemade bread.  He is ready.

At 6 p.m. Jane and her carpool arrive early and offer to help set up.  Jane signs in and proudly checks off her support for John Edwards.

Over at his caucus location Joe has staked out a corner of the room and put up some John Edwards signs.  His homemade bread is perfectly positioned.  Everyone can see it and smell it.  Especially the undecideds.  As caucus goers arrive, Joe directs other Edwards supporters to his corner and he makes his best pitch to his neighbors who are still making up their minds.  Then the moment we've all been waiting for.

[Big shift in music]

At 6:30 p.m. in 1,784 precincts across Iowa everyone starts to arrive.

[Main music track resumes]

They have to be there by 7 because that's when the doors close, and the caucus must begin.

The caucus chair counts the total number of caucus goers and announces the number of supporters a candidate must have in the precinct to be awarded at least one delegate.  In most precincts a candidate needs to have the support of at least 15 percent of the people in the room.

All attendees divide into groups based on who they support.  Because Jan and Joe have done such a great job, most Edwards supporters have already gathered in the John Edwards corner and boy are there a lot of them.

The chair determines which groups don't have enough supporters to earn at least one delegate and tells them to join another candidate group, move to the undecided group or go home.

Joe springs into action.  He talks to the caucus goers who are looking for a new group and asks them to join the John Edwards group because John Edwards has a vision for America.  He's the only candidate who's never taken a dime from Washington lobbyists, so he'll spend every day of his presidency fighting on behalf of regular Americans

Jane reminds an undecided caucus goer that there's another election after the primaries.  In poll after poll John Edwards is the strongest Democratic candidate against Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani or any other Republican.

Everyone is now in one of the remaining groups, and each group has enough supporters to earn at least one delegate.  The chair counts the number of people in each section and awards delegates based on how much support the remaining candidates have.  [applause]  The John Edwards corner cheers.  [cheers and applause] at the positive results, then, with precinct captains from each campaign present to verify the results, the caucus chair calls the Iowa Democratic Party and reports the delegate counts.

John Edwards' drive to the nomination and taking back the White House has begun right here in this precinct.

Joe thanks all the supporters who came out tonight and pushed John Edwards over the top.

Jane heads to her friends' house for a victory party and waits for the 10 o'clock news.  She can't help suppress a smile.  Good news is coming in...

[Music - Hail to the Chief]

...and America will never be the same.  Next January, Jane thinks to herself, she'll be watching John Edward sworn in as president of the United States.

Epilogue-No narration, just text screens.
Four Years Later...

Joe's daughter is in her final year of college and thanks to President Edwards' "College for Everyone" plan, she hasn't accumulated any debt.

Jane's parents are healthier than ever because President Edwards pushed Congress to pass universal health care within his first six months in office.  And for the first time Jane's mom and dad have affordable coverage and access to the medicines they need.

After promptly bringing our brave men and women home from Iraq, traveling the world to restore America's reputation and moral leadership abroad, and tackling all the critical issues here at home, President Edwards' approval ratings are through the roof and Americans from every region in every state are proudly saying "that's my President."