PRESS RELEASE from Progressive Patriots Fund
For Immediate Release                                                          
September 5, 2006 
Contact: Trevor Miller

Feingold Announces Patriot Corps Assignments

From Wisconsin to Texas, Montana to North Carolina,
 the Patriot Corps is Heading Out This Weekend

Milwaukee, WI – U.S. Senator Russ Feingold and the Progressive Patriots Fund announced today the states and campaigns where Patriot Corps members will be working leading up to November.  In July the Progressive Patriots Fund formed the Patriot Corps - a program designed to donate 20 trained grassroots field organizers to democratic campaigns across the country.  Over the last few weeks the Progressive Patriots Fund has hired those 20 Corps members, and they are currently going through training in Milwaukee this week.  The Patriot Corps is set to travel to their designated campaigns this weekend and will be in place to start at their destinations early next week.

“If Democrats are going to win elections this November and in the future, we need to compete everywhere and I’m proud to say that the Progressive Patriots Fund is part of that effort,” Feingold said.  “Every day between now and the election matters and an extra body on the ground can make all the difference.  I’ve been able to win in Wisconsin with a strong field campaign and the Patriot Corps will play a part in that effort in races across the country.”

Here are the 16 states and 20 campaigns where Patriot Corps members are headed:

Wisconsin:  Winner of Wisconsin 8th Congressional District Primary (September 12) and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Coordinated Campaign.

Texas:  21st District Congressional Candidate John Courage, the first “Pick a Progressive Patriot” winner.

Pennsylvania:  7th District Congressional Candidate Retired Vice Admiral Joe Sestak and 6th District Congressional Candidate Lois Murphy.

Colorado:  6th District Congressional Candidate Bill Winter, another one of our “Pick a Progressive Patriot” winners.

Ohio: One Patriot Corp member will spend one month with Congressman Sherrod Brown, the Democratic nominee for Senate, and one month working at the Democratic Party of Ohio Coordinated Campaign.

Montana: The Democratic Party of Montana Coordinated Campaign.

Minnesota:  Senate Candidate Amy Klobacher and 6th District Congressional Candidate Patty Wetterling.

Missouri:  Senate Candidate Claire McCaskill.

Connecticut:  The Democratic Party of Connecticut Coordinated Campaign.

New Jersey:  The Democratic Party of New Jersey Coordinated Campaign.

Michigan:  The Democratic Party of Michigan Coordinated Campaign.

New Mexico:  1st District Congressional Candidate Attorney General Patricia Madrid.

Iowa:  5th State Senate District Candidate Rich Olive, another “Pick a Progressive Patriot” winner, and another Patriot Corps member will split time, spending one month with 1st District Congressional Candidate Bruce Braley and one month with the Democratic Party of Iowa Coordinated Campaign.

North Carolina:  11th District Congressional Candidate Heath Schuler.

California:  The Democratic Party of California Coordinated Campaign.

Nevada:  3rd District Congressional Candidate Tessa Hafen.

The Progressive Patriots Fund and the Patriot Corps were created to promote a progressive reform agenda and support candidates across the country.  More information is available at