Feingold Supporters On the Web: Early Activity
Feb. 24, 2005 April 27, 2005 March 31, 2006 Nov. 20, 2006 
From Feb. 16, 2005 through Nov. 8, 2006 www.russforpresident.com; relaunched Nov. 9, 2006 as www.runrussrun.com

Details from the About Us section of www.russforpresident.com:

  • RussForPresident.com founded on February 16, 2005 by Matthew Wallock, a Junior at  the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point.

  • He wrote:
    "I have worked on Senator Feingold's Senate campaign in Wisconsin as well as John Kerry's attempt at the White House, both as interns.  I have had the opportunity to meet the Senator a number of times as well as numerous other political icons.  I am currently a Junior at University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and began this project as soon as I found out John Kerry had lost the presidential race.  I wanted to be the first one to start a community of Feingold supporters and with your help we can become nationally known.  I, like Russ, respect everyone's viewpoints and encourage all voices to be heard."

  • A new team took over in May 2005; relaunch July 4, 2005:
  • "In May of 2005, Matt had to devote less time to the site and handed over the reigns to Ilya Sheyman and a great group of supportive volunteers.  The site was redesigned and officially relaunched July 4, 2005 - in honor of Independence Day and Sen. Feingold's independent, principled leadership."

    Current "Staff" (Thursday, 29 December 2005)

    Ilya Sheyman - Director (RussForPresident (at) gmail.com)

    I'm a university student in chilly Montreal, Quebec studying Political Science and American History and live full time in suburban Chicago. I've volunteered for Dean, Kerry/Edwards (in New Hampshire), and some local candidates. I've also worked for Illinois PIRG and was an intern for Senator Obama in the summer of 2005. If you have any site questions I'm probably the one to contact. More importantly, if you're interested in getting involved, I'm here to help you out.

    Joe Pisciotto - Site Editor, Newsletter, Media (joe (at) russforpresident (dot) com)

    I live in the cozy central Wisconsin city of Stevens Point where I'm grateful to have Russ representing me in the Senate. I do lots of writing and various other things for the site, in hopes that I can play a very small part in changing the world for the better by getting Russ to be our next President. I also sometimes fancy myself a philosopher, just to warn you all ahead of time.

    Joe Connolly -  Creative Management/Strategic Planning  (feingold2008 at peacemail dot com)

    After graduating with a business/entrepreneurship degree I have been working as a property tax assessor in Wisconsin.  Immediately  after the 2004 elections my bubble had burst.  My job takes me door to door and more often then not I saw how people were struggling with the economy and the war.  Now trying to live outside that bubble I spend much of my free time dedicated to understanding the public opinion and encouraging others to support a bid for Feingold in 2008.

    Dustin Slaughter - Expansion, Outreach

    Dustin Slaughter is a 26 year-old documentary filmmaker.  His credits include an independent short documentary on current Iraq war veterans, as well as a project in preproduction centered on the benefits and pitfalls of electronic voting machines.  He resides in smoggy southern California.

  • On November 9, 2006 www.runrussrun.org launched.



    Details from www.runrussrun.com:

    "It's accurate to call runrussrun.com the third incarnation of russforpresident.com. Most of the people involved in the production of this site were administrators at russforpresident.com. Also, most of the administrators at russforpresident.com were involved in the production of this site."
    From November 9 announcement by "hoose":
    "The new site was developed by Internet activists from 16 states and 5 national constituency groups. We looked very carefully at what worked and what didn't in our state-level organizations, our former national site, and previous presidential draft movements. Emerging technology helped us solve most of the problems we saw, emphasize what worked best, and open up what we think is a new kind of site for on-line activism.

    RunRussRun.com gives members access to a wide array of services including:a customized activism road map, interaction with other members across the country, and direct access to free tools for building local and state-level groups and activities. It also features up-to-the-minute news from the Feingold for President state and community blogs, discussion forums, and an option to pledge donations to a future Feingold presidential campaign.

    The Mission
    RunRussRun is a national campaign committed to electing Senator Russ Feingold the next president of the United States. Our site, created and run entirely by volunteers, hosts a blog and suggests ways you can get involved in promoting Russís candidacy.
    Seven person steering committee:

    Joel Clemmer - Joel is a retired college administrator in Saint Paul, Minnesota, with a background in librarianship and technology management. He founded Minnesota for Feingold in early 2006 and is active in the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party and community organizations. Joel also devotes time to Pennsylvania Dutch folk art and interplanetary travel.

    Greg Dennis - Greg is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science living in the very blue state of Massachusetts. He is the co-founder/webmaster/blogger for Mass for Feingold. He is also an active member of (and webmaster for) the Progressive Democrats of Somerville, and a board member of Organizers' Collaborative

    David Mariner - David Mariner is a community activist in Washington, DC. He has worked on a variety of HIV/AIDS and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) issues. He was a co-chair of 'Out for Dean', a network of LGBT supporters of Howard Dean. He is the founder of youthresource.com and currently maintains the websites researchadvocates.org, temenos.net, and outfordemocracy.org.

    Dustin Slaughter - Dustin Slaughter is a 26 year-old documentary filmmaker. His credits include an independent short documentary on current Iraq war veterans, as well as a project in preproduction centered on the benefits and pitfalls of electronic voting machines. He resides in smoggy southern California.

    Patrick Stansberry - Patrick is an elementary teacher in central Iowa. His political activism began during the 2004 elections. Since then he has become a member of his county Democrats, Democracy for America, was a county organizer for the Fallon for Governor campaign, and has volunteered for the Spencer for Congress campaign.

    Jerry Troiano - Jerry is a web designer and full-time lover of all things New Jersey. He was the web guy and founding member of NJ for Dean and NJ for Democracy. In early 2005 he founded NJ for Feingold, and has spent the last two years working to get Russ to run. In his spare time, he spends money he doesn't have indulging in what some consider the morbid hobby of visiting the graves of US politicians.

    T.J. "haus" Willis - T.J. Willis is an officer in the United States Merchant Marine and a Navy veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Before his mid-life crisis, T.J. was a mathematician and software engineer, having worked at nCUBE Supercomputer, Oracle, a number of startups, and as a researcher with the National Science Foundation for several years.

    Ed. notes:
    -Somewhat strangely, after the relaunch the old address, www.russforpresident.com, directed to www.cafepress.com/08feingold08 rather than www.runrussrun.com.
     In any event, on November 12, 2006, just a few days after the relaunch, Feingold announced his decision not to run.

    >Russ for President was the engine behind the "Feingold 50 Blogs Strategy."

    >In Sept. 2005 Russ for President announced the winner of a competition to produce a blog ad.  The ad had a "pop quiz" theme with four points: "1. The only senator to vote against the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act?  2. A strong leader in Congress for real campaign finance reform?  3.The only senator to offer a realistic plan for Iraq?  4. One of the most fiscally responsible Democrats in the senate?"   It was to run initially on MyLeftWing.com and SmirkingChimp.com.