Feingold Supporters On the Web: Early Activity
(June 5, 2006 grab)
(March 31, 2006 grab)

California for Feingold '08
About the Site:
Launched January 6, 2006 by Dustin Slaughter, a 26 year-old documentary filmmaker living in Reseda, CA (near Los Angeles).  According to www.RussforPresident.com, "His credits include an independent short documentary on current Iraq war veterans, as well as a project in preproduction centered on the benefits and pitfalls of electronic voting machines."  Slaughter is listed on www.RussforPresident.com as the Expansion/Outreach person [Dec. 29, 2005].

In his initial posting on January 6 Slaughter wrote, "This will be the hub for all 'draft Russ' activity in the greater SoCal area.  This blog will work in close coordination with RussforPresident.com as well as other area blogs."

# of postings in:
January - 29
February - 17
March - 17  (note: first Los Angeles Draft Russ Feingold for President Meetup held on March 23)
April - 15
May - 8