Feingold Supporters On the Web: Early Activity
(March 31, 2006 grab)

Mass for Feingold
About the Site:
About Us [June 11, 2005]

MassForFeingold.com is a home for Massachusetts citizens committed to electing Senator Russ Feingold the next president of the United States.  Our site, created and run entirely by volunteers, hosts a blog and suggests ways you can get involved in promoting Russ’s candidacy.  We can be reached at info@massforfeingold.com

MassForFeingold.com was started by three cool guys: Greg, Alex (aka “Leveller”), and Andy. Greg lives in Somerville and moonlights as the site administrator.  Alex lives in Medford and runs a nonprofit in Waltham.  Andy is also from Somerville and runs the blog Mass Revolution Now!.

The major national site pushing for Russ Feingold’s presidential candidacy is RussForPresident.com.  We are not directly affiliated with that site, but we strongly support their efforts and encourage you to check them out."

First posting by Greg on Feb. 28, 2006.

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Greg Dennis - Greg is a Ph.D. student in Computer Science living in the very blue state of Massachusetts. He is the co-founder/webmaster/blogger for Mass for Feingold. He is also an active member of (and webmaster for) the Progressive Democrats of Somerville, and a board member of Organizers' Collaborative