Fred Thompson-Organization, Florida
updated November 14, 2007

Headquarters: 2002 Greenwood Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32303
Lead Advisor/In-State Consultant Andy Palmer
Joined Enwright Consulting Group in June 2007.  Executive director of the Republican Party of Florida, Feb. 2005-June 2006.  72-Hour director on Florida Victory 2004.  Served in Gov. Jeb Bush's administration as a chief policy analyst for health and human services.  Held a number of positions in the Florida Legislature, including staff director for the House Health Care Regulation Committee.
Executive Director Todd Thomson
Has worked at the Enwright Consulting Group for the past four years specializing in legislative campaigns and issue advocacy.  Worked on the Redistricting Committee of the Florida House of Representatives from 1997-2002, starting as an analyst and working up to staff director.  Started his political career working as a staffer for House campaigns at the Republican Party of Florida during the 1996 election cycle.
Political Director Brandi Brown
President of Brandi Brown Events, a Tallahassee-based wedding and event planning company.  Election Day coordinator (and early vote) on Florida Victory 2004.  Served in Gov. Jeb Bush's office as director of external affairs and as deputy chief of staff at the Agency for Health Care Administration.  Worked on Jeb Bush's 1998 gubernatorial campaign.
Communications/Political Katie Gordon
Most recently served as a speechwriter for Gov. Charlie Crist.  Worked as a press aide for the Republican Party of Florida and the Crist Transition Team.
Field Operations and Volunteer Organization Jenny Robertson
Recently relocated to Florida from Columbus, Ohio.  Experience includes work as a legislative aide for a member of the Ohio Senate and as a governmental consultant for a state trade association and later for a non-profit organization.

Central Florida

Tim Buckley - Formed Orlando-based Opinion Management Group in Jan. 2001 and has served as a lead strategic consultant for many municipal, state and national elections, non-profit organizations and corporations.  Managed Jane Amero's 2000 campaign for Congress in Maine.  State director on Lamar Alexander's 1999-2000 New Hampshire primary campaign.  Worked on Jeb Bush's 1998 campaign for governor in Florida.  Worked on Bill Zeliff's 1996 campaign for governor in New Hampshire.

Miami-Dade County and South Florida

Carlos Curbelo, Danny Lopez and Roy Schultheis - Managing partners of the Coral Gables-based Capitol Gains consulting firm, will be leading Senator Thompson's efforts in South Florida and among the Hispanic communities throughout the state.  Curbelo and Lopez coordinated Charlie Crist's gubernatorial campaign in South Florida in 2006, and have worked with Representatives Lincoln and Mario Diaz-Balart. They will advise the campaign on media strategy and issues of significance to Florida's Hispanic population.  (In January 2007 Curbelo and Lopez had signed on with McCain).

North Florida

Jonathan Menendez  - A recent graduate of Florida State University.  Has worked in Gov. Jeb Bush's Appointment Office, the State Board of Administration, and as a manager in a local construction and engineering firm.

Veterans for Fred Thompson (announced Nov. 6, 2007)
Colonel Clay Ford (State Representative), Co-Chair
Sergeant Garrett Richter (State Representative), Co-Chair
Aviation Ordnance Man, 2nd Class Larry Cretul (State Representative), Co-Chair

Students for Fred State Leadership Team(announced Nov. 14, 2007)
Matthew Farrar, Florida State University
Christina Cupani, University of South Florida
Bryan Griffin, University of Florida
Patrick Stauffer, University of Central Florida
Charles Fombrun, University of Miami
Jess Lanza, Stetson University
Brandon Lind, University of West Florida
Ozzie Mutz, University of Florida
Jason Fischer, Barry University of Law
Jami Rapisarda, University of West Florida
Melissa Rapisarda, University of West Florida
Jared Granger, University of West Florida

endorsed by
U.S. Rep. Adam Putnam (FL-12) (June 5, 2007)
Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioner Natacha Seijas (Oct. 24, 2007)
Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioner Joe Martinez (Oct. 24, 2007)

also note:
National Political Director Randy Enwright
(reported by Robert Novak on July 14, 2007; officially announced Aug. 8, 2007)  Principal of Enwright Consulting Group in Tallahassee, Florida; as a consultant Enwright has been the RNC's regional political director for Florida since 2001.  Previously he served as executive director of the Florida Republican Party.  Senior advisor to President George W. Bush’s 2000 and 2004 campaigns; also a senior advisor to the re-election campaign of Florida Gov. Jeb Bush in 2002.  Executive director of the Iowa Republican Party, 1989-92.  Missouri campaign director on George H.W. Bush's 1988 presidential campaign.  Political director of the Missouri Republican Party, 1985-86.
National Spokesman Jeff Sadosky
(start Aug. 17, 2007; initially seen as Florida communications director)  Came to the campaign from his position as communications director of the Florida Republican Party.  Press secretary to Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH).  A regional press person for Bush-Cheney '04.  Worked at TNSMI/Campaign Media Analysis Group from 2001-04.  Graduate of James Madison University with a degree in international affairs.
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