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Spring Blooms for Draft Newt Support, Finances
    WASHINGTON, March 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Spring is in the air and with six months until Labor Day, there are more than just flowers
blooming for Draft Newt, the official grassroots movement dedicated to encouraging former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich to run for President.
  The organization has surpassed its initial fundraising goals and brought on new leadership. Most notably, Steve Parkhurst, a professional campaign manager and a graduate from the Republican National Committee's Campaign Management College will be taking campaign founder David W. Kralik's place as leader.

    "I'm happy with the team that's been put together, the fundraising that has occurred and the growing support that Draft Newt has received. It is proof that America wants real change. I want to hand the organization off to a more experienced campaign professional to optimize that growth," said Kralik in response to his decision to move on.

    Since its inception, Draft Newt has grown from a small operation to a full grassroots movement. Aside from Mr. Parkhurst, additional staff has been brought on to represent media relations, fundraising, recruitment and political strategy.

    "Every dollar helps win the future," said incoming campaign manager Steve Parkhurst. "I'm excited about the opportunity to lead this fine organization and continue to build the support network needed to make a Gingrich candidacy possible. Gingrich has the experience and solutions that our country needs right now," Parkhurst added.

    The campaign is using contributions to aide in communications strategies to persuade Gingrich to seek and win the Republican nomination for president. The primary means by which donations are contributed to Draft Newt is via their website, After early fundraising success, Draft Newt expects to further expand its media outreach.

    Along with aspects of a traditional campaign, Draft Newt has been very savvy with modern technology using its website as a launching point for a grassroots effort, a YouTube channel and growing support and recognition in the blogosphere.

    Draft Newt is not affiliated or authorized by any candidate, party or party committee. Reporters and individuals looking to learn more about or get involved in the effort can visit