American Solutions
for Winning the Future


Dear Presidential Candidate,

American Solutions is an organization dedicated to transformational change in American politics and government.  It is regulated under Section 527 of the Internal Revenue Code and chartered to informing the public and the candidates without regard to political party.

I am writing this letter to offer you four opportunities on a nonpartisan and open basis:

1. On July 23, 2007 American Solutions will be conducting a six hour briefing on the principles and practices of transforming government at all levels. The briefing will be at the United States Chamber of Commerce building in Washington and it will be web cast on the Internet so any citizen can watch it without charge.  You are invited to send a policy representative to the briefing and your staff and supporters throughout the country are welcome to attend the event free of charge and with no obligation.  We believe that in order to understand the requirements for transformation, we must reach out to and involve all 511,000 local state and federally elected officials (the Census Bureau’s estimate).  In fact, in a recent American Solutions poll the American people agree by a margin of 84 to 12 that fundamental change had to occur in all 511,000 elected offices and could not be focused solely on the Presidency.

2. In July we will be launching a “solutions wiki” which will be dedicated to bringing citizens from all backgrounds together in the pursuit of better solutions to help us win the future.  We invite you to assign one or more policy staff to work with us in developing this “solutions wiki.”

3. We have completed our first American Solutions nationwide poll and I am attaching the initial key results.  If your policy or polling staff would like the more detailed crosstabs for these questions please contact Matt Dabrowski at American Solutions and he will be glad to share them.  In about a week they will be posted at for anyone to see without regard to their political party.

4. On September 27th and 29th, American Solutions will host “Solutions Day” workshops across the country and on the Internet.  There are already more than 1400 site hosts signed up to participate in the web cast.  We want to invite you to participate either in person or by video or through your policy advisers in the web cast and we would be glad to let everyone who is going to participate know how they can learn your thoughts about transformational change.

American Solution is dedicated to the proposition that the current structure of government and politics is broken.  Any successful presidential campaign, whether Republican or Democrat, that accepts the principles of these structures or looks for solutions within them will have no hope of solving America’s great challenges. The result of which will be a failed presidency.

At American Solutions, we believe in three core principles:

• We must move the country away from the politically correct values of our elites back to the fundamental values of the vast majority of Americans.

• We must move the country away from increasingly ineffective and incompetent systems of bureaucratic failure and destructive government policies (the world that fails) and to the systems that work and policies that work in a 21st century that is being defined by dramatic scientific and technological change and advancement (the world that works).

• We must recognize as most Americans do that there is real danger in the world and we must be that the first obligation of government is to defend America and our allies and defeat our enemies, and to enforce the key principles of the oath of American citizenship that we will “support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Indeed, in a recent nationwide poll that we conducted, we found that Americans overwhelmingly are demanding transformation in Washington and that quick fixes and small changes are inadequate for that they see as a broken, bloated bureaucracy.

This transformation that Americans demand will not be easy; and it will not be accomplished within the current Red verses Blue context that stymies the current political process.

I hope you will seriously consider the above four opportunities as a means to begin fixing the broken political and government system.

For more information on American Solutions and Solutions Day, please contact Dave Ryan, Executive Director at (202) 420?7895 or
Thank you,

Newt Gingrich 
General Chairman


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