Gingrich Supporters On the Web: Early Activity

(June 3, 2006 grab)
"The 21st Century Demands a New Contract With America."

About the Site:
Started by David Kralik of Northern Virginia in April-May 2006.  (In his day job, Kralik works for the National Association of Manufacturers providing technical information and Internet support for their web site.  He has a Masters in Urban Planning & Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago).

Excerpt from "Why Newt?"

...Of those considering running for President in 2008, every one of them has an inherent problem that will not allow them to address the real challenges that America faces: They are all insiders.

Insiders who have been a willing accomplice to the explosive growth in spending over the last eight years.

Insiders who have put partisanship over lack of unity on issues where large percentages of America’s natural majority agree.

We need an outsider.

We need someone who is not beholden to special interests but, at the same time, understands government well enough to get things done. We need a person of ideas.

That person is Newt Gingrich.

From earliest days in Congress, he's been a big picture thinker. And even as a member of Congress, he taught many of us to challenge the status quo. Simply put, Republicans wouldn't be in the majority today without him and we risk losing it this November. Its time to ensure that we keep this majority, win the future and thank Speaker Gingrich. Its time to Draft Newt for President.

He's a reform-minded person who, as Speaker of the House, led the charge to balanced the budget and reform welfare. And he did this with a Democrat President.

After leaving office in 1998, Gingrich took a step back and looked at Washington once again as an outsider. His credentials are strong on defense, the environment and nearly every other domestic economic policy issue.

Most recently, he's been studying health care transformation and has reached across party lines because he knows that's the way things need to get done in America.

Its been ten years since anything truly great has been accomplished in Washington. Isn't it time we desire more from the current group? Isn't it time to demand better results out of our money that we send to Washington?

Isn't it time to draft Newt?"

March 27, 2007 press release