PRESS RELEASE from Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee via

January 25, 2008
For Immediate Release                                                             Contact: Jarrod Agen

Giuliani Announces Colorado Leadership Team

New York City –The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee today announced the members of Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s Colorado leadership team. The team will be chaired by House Minority Leader Mike May and includes several distinguished Republicans who have been organizing grassroots support for Rudy across the state.

“There is no question in my mind having Rudy as the Republican nominee will do more to help elect Colorado Republicans than any other candidate,” said May. “Rudy’s positive and optimistic message of growing our economy, staying on the offense in the Terrorists’ War on Us and reducing the cost of health care will broaden Republican turnout and performance. He will boost the chances of other Republicans in Colorado and around the country.”

"It is imperative that we nominate a candidate that not only has the best chance of winning the presidency, but also one who is the strongest person to lead the Colorado Republican ticket to victory.  Rudy's the one!" said Ted Halaby, Former State Party GOP Chair.

“We are excited to have a strong team in Colorado that has been building grassroots support for Rudy for several months,” said Giuliani Campaign Manager Michael DuHaime. “ Mike May has done an outstanding job organizing our operation on the ground leading into the caucuses.”

Colorado Leadership Team

Mike May, State Minority Leader and State Chair

Don Marostica, State Representative

Tom Massey, State Representative

Bob McCluskey, Former State Representative

Bill Artist, Former State Representative

Elise Lacy, Former State Senator

Sandy Hume, Former State Senator and Boulder County Chair

Ted Halaby, Former State Party GOP Chair

Marc Holtzman, Former Colorado Technology Secretary

Pete Hautzinger, 21st Judicial District Attorney

Carolyn Metzler, Former Denver County GOP Chair

Joel Midkiff, Former Chairman of the Colorado Association of Commerce and Industry

Mary Smith, State Finance Chair

Eric Morgan, Statewide Grassroots Chair

Steve Truebner, Statewide Grassroots Chair

Fred Ramirez, Statewide Hispanic Chair

Steve Ritchie, Statewide Veterans Chair

John Anderson, El Paso County Chair and Statewide Law Enforcement for Rudy Chair

Joy Bowman, Adams County Chair

Lynne Cottrell, Arapahoe County Chair

Bo Cottrell, Arapahoe County Chair

Beth Skinner, Broomfield County Chair

Mario Nicolais, Jefferson County Chair

Bill Ramsey, Montrose County Chair

Michael Salardino, Pueblo County Chair

Harley Brooke-Hitching, San Miguel County Chair

Colin Campbell, Weld County Chair

Carol Meny, Weld County Chair

Matthew Cowling, Students for Rudy

Bill Ford, Students for Rudy

Jay Baker, Students for Rudy

Nathan Gorman, Republican Activist

Virginia Morrison Love, Republican Activist

Totsy Rees, Republican Activist

Howard Siegel, Republican Activist

Brendon Sullivan, Republican Activist

Sandee Walling, Republican Activist