PRESS RELEASE from Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee
For Immediate Release:            
Tuesday, October 9, 2007
Contact: Jeff Grappone

New Hampshire Taxpayers Support Rudy Giuliani As Fiscal Conservative Candidate

Manchester, NH – The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee today announced its New Hampshire Taxpayers for Rudy Leadership Team.

This diverse group includes families, small business owners, senior citizens and young professionals. The group has united behind Rudy because, based on the strength of his record, they know he is the candidate in the race who will keep taxes low when he gets to Washington.

“New Hampshire voters expect more than talk when it comes to taxes. They expect someone who has had real success as a tax cutter,” said Giuliani’s New Hampshire Chairman Wayne Semprini, of New Castle. “Rudy cut taxes 23 times when he was Mayor of New York City. He overcame Democrat opposition and delivered meaningful tax relief to New Yorkers. That’s real leadership on taxes, not just bluster.”

Mayor Giuliani kicked off his “Rudy Makes Cents” tour last week, highlighting his record as a fiscal conservative leader in New York City. During his eight years as Mayor, Giuliani helped stimulate the local economy by cutting taxes 23 times and turning a $2.3 billion deficit into a multi-billion dollar surplus. As part of Rudy’s 12 Commitments to the American People, the Mayor pledges to cut taxes and reform the tax code as President.

New Hampshire Taxpayers For Rudy Leadership Team:

Marybeth Alosa, Hooksett
Jude Augusta, Hampton Falls
Barbara Barrett, Concord
William “Bill” Boyd, III, Merrimack
Jay Cadorette, Manchester
Louis Cardello, Pelham
Brian Caruso, Manchester
Rob Crimmins, Webster
Bob Crossley, Wolfeboro
Rep. Russell Day, Goffstown
Mike DiBitetto, Hooksett
Joe Dion, Manchester
Jean Doolan, Bethlehem
Phil Grisafi, Greenfield
Jessica Leavey, Manchester
Charlie Magarian, Manchester
Jeanette Magarian, Manchester
Jim Martin, Hopkinton
Todd Mayo, Bow
Justin Pare, Rindge
Andrew Richardson, Pembroke
Jim Rubens, Etna
Pat Rueppel, Hooksett
Allison Scamman, Stratham
Bruce Scamman, Stratham
The Hon. Doug Scamman, Stratham
Mike Scanlon,  Bedford
Joe Smith, Manchester
Bob Steiner, Manchester
Mark Vandendyke, Concord
Charlie Vars, Amherst
Dave Whitacre, Hooksett
Councilor Ray Wieczorek, Manchester


* Title and affiliation of each individual listed for identification purposes only