Rudy Giuliani-Organization, Iowa
updated October 8, 2007

RUDY GIULIANI PRESIDENTIAL EXPLORATORY COMMITTEE, INC.  [Filed papers with New York State on Nov. 10, 2006 and with the FEC on Nov. 20, 2006]
Headquarters: 7700 University Avenue, Suite B, Clive   ...National campaign manager Michael DuHaime officially opened on June 7, 2007
Iowa City Office: 349 E. College St., Iowa City   ...reported by the Press-Citizen on Aug. 29, 2007
Chairman former Cedar Rapids Mayor Paul Pate
(announced June 7, 2007)  Currently runs Pate Asphalt Systems in Marion, Iowa.  Mayor of Cedar Rapids, 2002-05.  Unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for governor in 1998.  Secretary of State of Iowa, 1995-98.  Served in the State Senate.  Former chairman of the Linn County Republican Central Committee and the Iowa Young Republican Party.
Executive Director  K.C. Jones
(initially the campaign's Midwest regional political director)  Campaign manager for Rick O'Donnell's 2006 campaign in Colorado's 7th CD.  RNC's 72 Hour Director in Virginia.  Deputy Associate Director in the Office of Presidential Personnel at the White House.  Served the Bush-Cheney 04 campaign in Iowa as field director and in Minnesota as deputy executive director.
Political Director Tony Delgado
(reported by the DMR Feb. 28, 2007) Absentee/Early Vote director at the RNC in the 2006 cycle.

Regional Field Directors
Southwest Nicole Barrett

Northwest Michael Carpenter

East Central Jeff Daker

Northeast James Garcia, Jr.

North Central Alex Gehring

Southeast Tracie Gibler

Central Brenna Wieker

Coalitions Director Bruceanne Phillips
Executive coordinator on Rep. Jim Nussle's 2006 gubernatorial campaign.
Communications Director Jarrod Agen
Started with the campaign in New York as a regional press secretary.  Previously deputy press secretary at the Department of Homeland Security.  Experience also includes spokesperson for New York City Department of Parks & Recreation.

>Des Moines Register's Tom Beaumont reported in the "Iowa Caucuses: Backstage" blog on June 19, 2007 that over a period of two weeks top national staff "will camp out in Iowa to train volunteers and staff."  Further Beaumont reported that K.C. Jones "has spent most of her time in Iowa since joining the campaign this year" and "will take up permanent residence in Iowa, starting this week."

State Co-Chairs  (announced June 11, 2007)
Jeff Angelo - State Senator from the 48th district (Creston)   (first reported May 4)

Joy Corning - Lieutenant Governor of Iowa, 1991-99.  State Senator for six years.  Taught school in Greenfield and Waterloo and served on the school board.   B.A. in elementary education at the University of Northern Iowa.  Originally from Bridgewater, Iowa, lived in Cedar Falls for many years, now lives in Des Moines.

Jim Kersten - former State Senator from Fort Dodge.  Associate Vice President of Development and Government Affairs at Iowa Central Community College.  President of Golden Dome Strategies, LLC., a public policy consulting firm.

Mary Lundby - State Senate Minority Leader from the 18th district (Marion)    (first reported May 4)

Jack Rife - former State Senate Minority Leader (Durant)

Caucus Chair  (announced June 11, 2007)
Russ Cross - Story County Republican Chairman

Regional Chairs  (announced June 11, 2007)
Leah Adams, East Central Region ...Johnson County
Theresa Hammond, Northwest Region ...from Sioux City
Ann Jorgensen, Northeast Region
Loren Knauss, Southwest Region  ...Pottawattamie County Supervisor
Gene Maddox, Central Region  ...former state Rep. from Clive
Maggie Tinsman, Southeast Region ...former state Senator from Davenport
County Chairs(announced June 11, 2007)
Jim Lind, Black Hawk County
Ann Jorgensen, Benton County
Joseph Isenberg, Boone County
Sharon Smith, Butler County
Keeley Sinnard, Carroll County
Roger Bang, Cerro Gordo County
Saundra Orth, Clinton County
Nancy Thompson, Dallas County
John Adams, Dickinson County
John Hulsizer Jr. , Dubuque County
Karen Butler, Emmet County
Joan Samp, Hardin County
Colin Sandberg, Iowa County
Dick DeAngelis, Jefferson County
Leah Adams, Johnson County
Deborah Acuff VonSprecken, Jones County
Craig Nelson, Linn County
Stan Gustafson, Madison County
Ruthi Rogers, Mahaska County
Max Halsted, Marshall County
Carolyn Williams, Muscatine County 
Eric Branstad, Polk County
Loren Knauss, Pottawattamie County
Joan Luchtel, Sac County
Steve Balk, Scott County
Suzanne Kmet, Warren County
Michael Kramme, Washington County
Theresa Hammond, Woodbury County
County Co-Chairs  (announced June 11, 2007)
Samantha Barry, Butler County
Ronald Seathoff, Butler County
Marlys Seathoff, Butler County
Peggy Bang, Cerro Gordo County
John Schmaltz, Cerro Gordo County
John DeAngelis, Jefferson County
Carol Christiansen, Johnson County
Will Gries, Linn County
Jacob Nieuwsma, Linn County
Nicholas Pottebaum, Linn County
Josh Bronsink, Polk County 
Brad Buck, Polk County
Jeffrey Crabtree, Polk County
Mikel Derby, Polk County
Daniel Forcey, Polk County
Steven Garman, Polk County
Benjamin Haldeman, Polk County
Linda Henderson, Polk County
James Mahony, Polk County
Scott Mikkelsen, Polk County
Dory Stevens, Polk County
Troy Johnson, Pottawattamie County
Janet Burroughs, Scott County
Gary Koos, Scott County
Barbara Park, Scott County
Richard Sipple, Scott County
Lee Brinning, Washington County
Dennis Hill, Woodbury County
Tom Ullrich, Woodbury County

The campaign has been making regional announcements:
Southwest (July 12, 2007)
Loren Knauss, Southwest Iowa Regional Chair and Pottawattamie County Chair 

Dennis Bloom, Montgomery County Co-Chair
Bloom was the Montgomery County Attorney for 12 years. He is currently a co-owner and vice-president of Red Oak Greenhouses.

Edward Martin, Former Mayor of Decatur City
Martin is the former Mayor of Decatur City and currently retired. He served in the Army for 21 years.

Northwest (July 16, 2007)
Theresa Hammond, Northwest Regional Chair and Woodbury County Chair

Terry Lutz, Mayor of Fort Dodge

Former State Senator Jim Kersten, State Co-Chair

Former Sloan Mayor Tom Ullrich, Woodbury County Co-Chair

Charese Yanney, Woodbury County Small Business Owner

Dennis Hill, Woodbury County Co-Chair

Shirley Grant, Calhoun County Chair

Keeley Sinnard, Carroll County Chair

Brian Jannssen, Cherokee County Co-Chair

John Adams, Dickinson County Chair

Karen Butler, Emmet County Chair

Joan Luchtel, Sac County Chair

Jay Dorschner, Sioux County Chair

Southeast (July 25, 2007) 

Maggie Tinsman, former State Senator, statewide Co-Chair & Southeast Iowa Regional Chair 

Nicholas Roggentien, Iowa County Sheriff

Robert Brennan, Mayor of Deep River

Nathan Eichorst, Veteran, United States Air Force

Saundra Orth, Clinton County Chair

Colin Sandberg, Iowa County Chair

Richard DeAngelis, Jefferson County Chair & State Chair of Italian-Americans for Rudy 

John DeAngelis, Jefferson County Co-Chair

Leah Adams, Johnson County Chair 

Carol Christiansen, Johnson County Co-Chair

William Lemmon, Johnson County Co-Chair 

Deborah Acuff VonSprecken, Jones County Chair 

Ruthi Rogers, Mahaska County Chair 

Carolyn Williams, Muscatine County Chair 

Steve Balk, Scott County Chair 

Marlene Nelson, Scott County Co-Chair

Richard Sipple, Scott County Co-Chair 

Janet Burroughs, Scott County Co-Chair 

Barbara Park, Scott County Co-Chair 

Kirk Whalen, Scott County Co-Chair

Linda Greenlee, Scott County Co-Chair

Lee Brinning, Washington County Co-Chair

Michael Kramme, Washington County Chair & Washington County GOP Chair

Central (Aug. 1, 2007)

Gene Maddox, Central Iowa Regional Chair

Central Iowa Leadership Team: 

Russ Cross, State Caucus Chair

Joseph Isenberg, Boone County Chair

Nancy Thompson, Dallas County Chair

Linda Robel, Dallas County Co-Chair

Stan Gustafson, Madison County Chair

Max Halsted, Marshall County Chair

Polk County Co-Chairs
Jim Mahony

Brad Buck

Josh Bronsink

Mikel Derby

Jeffrey Crabtree

Eric Branstad

Steve Garman

Daniel Forcey

Scott Mikkelsen

Linda Henderson

Benjamin Haldeman

Suzanne Kmet, Warren County Chair


Chair of Iowa Farmers for Rudy Sen. Thurman Gaskill (District 6-Corwith)
(announced June 26, 2007; also named a National Co-Chair of Agriculture for Giuliani)  Has owned and operated a grain farming operation near Corwith, Iowa since 1958, and has served in the State Senate since 1998 (announced in April 2007 that he will not seek re-election in 2008).  Gaskill previously served as the President of the Iowa and National Corn Growers Associations, Chairman of the U.S. Feed Grain Council, and President of the Iowa Farm Business Association. He is a former Commissioner of the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.  Gaskill has been a key agriculture supporter on five presidential campaigns, including Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.
Chair of Iowa Business Leaders for Rudy Charese Yanney
(announced Aug. 24, 2007)  Partner at Guarantee Roofing, Siding and Insulation Company in Sioux City.

Iowa Firefighters for Rudy (announced Sept. 7, 2007)
Chair:  Brian Seymour, Indianola Fire Chief
Co-Chair: Brad Buck, Clive Firefighter

Iowa Law Enforcement for Rudy Co-Chairs (announced Sept. 7, 2007)
Michael Brown, Scott County Chief Deputy
Rick Lynch, Floyd County Sheriff

Iowa Taxpayers for Rudy Leadership Team (announced Oct. 8, 2007)
John Adams, Arnolds Park
Josh Bronsink, Des Moines
Jeff Crabtree, Clive
Jay Dorschner, Orange City
Dan Forcey, Urbandale
Dennis Hill, Sioux City
Marlene Kay Nelson, Davenport
Clint Nielsen, Waterloo
Keeley Sinnard, Carroll
Nancy Thompson, Perry
Paul Vogtlin, Manchester
Benjamin Wade Haldeman, Johnston

Key Supporter and Advisor former Rep. Jim Nussle
(announced by the exploratory committee on Jan. 16, 2007; announced as President Bush's choice to be Director of the OMB on June 19, 2007)  Had just opened with his former chief of staff Navigating Strateges, L.L.C, a Cedar Rapids based consulting firm.  2006 Republican nominee for Governor.  Elected to Congress in 1990 and served 16 years.  Delaware County Attorney, 1986-90.  Lawyer in private practice.  B.A. from Luther College (Decorah, Iowa), 1983; J.D. from Drake University, 1985.  Born in Des Moines.
Executive Director Joe Jarabek
(announced May 9, 2007)  In 2006, Jarabek managed Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito (WV-2)'s re-election campaign.  District outreach representative for Congressman Steve LaTourette (OH-14).  Political director on LaTourette's 2004 re-election campaign.  Jarabek also managed successful campaigns for State Representative Geoff Smith (24th Ohio House District) and Butler County (Ohio) Commissioner Mike Fox.

(also note: Maria Comella, who is the exploratory committee's national deputy director of communications served as communications director on the Nussle campaign.)
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