Rudy Giuliani-Organization, North Dakota
updated November 17, 2007

RUDY GIULIANI PRESIDENTIAL EXPLORATORY COMMITTEE, INC.  [Filed papers with New York State on Nov. 10, 2006 and with the FEC on Nov. 20, 2006]
Headquarters:  in Fargo.  ...officially opened Aug. 10, 2007
Executive Director Jason Stverak
(announced July 3, 2007)  Stverak served as executive director of the North Dakota Republican Party starting in 2001.  He came to North Dakota after serving as the political director of the Nebraska Republican Party.   Stverak previously worked on Capitol Hill for former South Dakota Senator Larry Pressler, and also served as legislative campaign coordinator for the South Dakota Republican Party.  Graduate of Baylor University in Waco, Texas.
Chairman Public Service Commissioner Kevin Cramer 
(announced Aug. 10, 2007)  Elected to the North Dakota Public Service Commission in Nov. 2004; Gov.  John Hoeven appointed him to fill an unexpired term on the Commission in Aug. 2003.  Prior to serving on the Commission, Cramer was the first director of the Harold Schafer Leadership Foundation.  Cramer served for eight years in the cabinet of Gov. Ed Schafer as the State Tourism Director from 1993-97 and as State Economic Development Director from 1997-2000.  Previously chairman of the North Dakota Republican Party, and at age 30 became the youngest member of the Republican National Committee.  He is also a regular host of the popular radio show “Hot Talk” on WDAY in Fargo.  Cramer is also an adjunct instructor of marketing and management and serves on the Board of Trustees at the University of Mary.  B.A. degree from Concordia College and Master’s degree in Management from the University of Mary.  Native of Kindred, ND.
Co-Chair State Auditor Bob Peterson
(announced Aug. 20, 2007)  Elected North Dakota State Auditor in 1996.  Served as the accounting and budget specialist for the North Dakota State Land Department from 1978-96.  Degree in Business Administration from the University of North Dakota. He currently lives in Bismarck.
Co-Chair Connie Nicholas
(announced Sept. 14, 2007)  Elected Republican National Committeewoman for North Dakota in April 1992.  Nicholas is part owner-operator of Nicholas Farms. She has served on the Board of Regents of University of Mary since 1984.  Active in Republican politics for years, including serving on President George W. Bush's North Dakota campaign committees in 2000 and 2004 and delegate to the Republican National Convention five times.  Graduate of North Dakota State University.
Finance Chairman Bismark Mayor John Warford
(announced July 27, 2007)  Elected as Mayor in 2002.  Warford is a cattleman and orthodontist, including the past president of the North Dakota Dental Association.  He is a former Republican National Committeeman for the North Dakota Republican Party.

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Public Service Commissioner Susan Wefald
(announced Aug. 1, 2007)  Appointed by Gov. Ed Schafer to the North Dakota Public Service Commission in 1993, becoming the first woman to serve on the Public Service Commission. She currently serves as President of the Commission.  Wefald is a licensed social worker and has worked as a certified consumer credit counselor.  Prior to her appointment to the Public Service Commission, Commissioner Wefald served for four years as an elected member of the Bismarck Public School Board, including one year as President.

State Tax Commissioner Cory Fong
(announced Nov. 14, 2007)  Elected in Nov. 2006.  Previous public service experience includes service as the Director of Elections within the Office of the Secretary of State and Deputy Secretary of State for North Dakota. He also served as Deputy Commissioner for North Dakota’s Department of Commerce.  Directed Gov. John Hoeven’s re-election campaign in 2004.  Deputy director of the North Dakota Republican Party in 2000.  Resident of Bismarck since 1994.
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