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Draft Gore Petition with 100,000 Signatures Delivered to Gore's Office

    NASHVILLE, Tenn., July 12 -- The national petition run by Draft Gore ( asking Al Gore to run for president in 2008 reached a major milestone yesterday when the number of signatures went over 100,000.  Draft Gore treasurer Eva Ritchey delivered the petition to Vice President Gore's office in Nashville this morning.

    "This enormous outpouring of support for Al Gore is testimony both to his enduring appeal among the grassroots and to the dissatisfaction of the Democratic base with the current crop of declared candidates," said Monica Friedlander, chair of Draft Gore.

    Because of its comments section filled with personal stories and direct pleas to Mr. Gore, the petition represents a historic portrait of the reborn populist movement in this country -- and not just among Democrats.  Surprisingly, a very large number of signatures come from independents and Republicans, many of whom regret not voting for Gore in 2000:

    "Mr Gore, I'm a 13-year military vet who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Having always voted Republican, I bear responsibility for our current government.  I thank you for your 30+ yrs of service and am asking you to serve again.
    -- Ernesto Meruelo, San Diego, CA

    "I am a lifelong Republican and in 2000 I foolishly voted for President Bush.  I was wrong.  I am older and wiser now.  I wish to offer my support and help in my very GOP state of Wyoming."
    -- Philip Hritzak, Casper, WY

    Many of those who signed the petition include troops on the frontlines in Iraq and parents of young people being put in harm's way.

    "Mr. Gore, my son is going into Iraq today. P lease run and bring some reason to this world.  He is in the 3rd ID. Please help!"
    -- Sharon Pote, Booneville, AR

    Most of all, signatories by the tens of thousands plead with Al Gore to respond to the growing call to serve his country one more time.

    "There's no higher calling, than when a nation asks for you to lead.  We're asking you to lead now, and I hope you'll rise to it."
    -- Jarrett Wold, Minot, ND

    Draft Gore has also launched its national radio ad campaign this week, with the first of three spots now running on the Stephanie Miller show.  These and other actions are intended to demonstrate to Mr. Gore the groundswell of support he enjoys in the hope of persuading him to join the race for the Democratic nomination.

    Gore's growing popularity is demonstrated by a recent poll in New Hampshire showing Gore running well ahead of the entire Democratic field, leading Hillary Clinton by six points, 32% to 26%.

    The petition can be read in its entirety on Draft Gore's website ( or directly at

    Draft Gore is a grassroots political action committee promoting a Gore candidacy in 2008.  The PAC is not affiliated with Vice President Gore's office. For more information, see